Author: Kolmain
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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Altis
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.2

Date: 2015-06-29 19:02

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Evolution-A3 is a remake of the popular Armed Assualt (ArmA) mission, Evolution Blue by KilJoy. Evolution-A3 features all of the original gameplay mechanics, either in their original form, redesigned by myself, or with similar community content replacing the functionality of the original outdated code.

  • All features can be disabled/enabled via mission parameters.
  • AI units can be recruited via bon_recruit_units at the staging base via action menu, and airdropped in the field via BI's communication menu.
  • Dynamic view distance settings with CHVD can be set via action menu in the staging base.
  • HALO insertions using ATM_airdrop via action menu in the staging base.
  • Player loadout saved to user profile and modified via BI's Virtual Arsenal.
  • The original Evolution sounds!
  • BI's dynamic groups interface can be used via action menu at the staging base or at anytime by pressing 'U'.
  • Meatball's randomWeather2 generates random, MP-sync'd weather throughout the game.
  • Quiksilver's cleanup and BI's wreck and corpse management keeps the mission running smooth throughout the entire game.
  • Overall unit management moved to UPSMON with minor script modifications.
  • CHHQ provides a mobile HQ transport option.
  • Headless Client implementation automatically detects and offloads AI to your HC.
  • Player Persistence keeps players at their last known locations with their last known loadout in the event of a disconnect and rejoin of the same session.
  • Pilot loadout requirements enforced to fly aircraft, includes auto-switching of loadout if you're in the base.
  • Modular sidemissions that provide bonus points to all players, and extra bonus points to the players responsible for completing the task, including: CSAR, Defend, Attack, Defend the Base, Ambush, and attack AAA.
  • Officer Capturing in every area of operation for bonus points!
  • OPFOR support assets may be available at the AO including mortar, anti-air, CAS, and sniper support.
  • Build structures in the field using R3F Logistics.
  • All powered by vanilla ArmA 3 content.
  • The overall goal of this project is to bring Evolution Blue up to ArmA 3 standards while preserving as much original gameplay as possible. Minor additions such as Revive and Support Assets that delineate from the original concept should be added with optional parameters.

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.

  • [NEW] AO's completed from past session get BLUFOR marker.
  • [BUGFIX] Mission no longer gets stuck in error loop.
  • [CHANGE] Removed OPFOR snipers until I find alternative to broken BIS_fnc_Overwatch.
  • [CHANGE] Added OPFOR CAS to INIT arrays for customization/mod usage.

  • v1.1
  • [NEW] Difficulty mission parameter.
  • [NEW] Radio Tower now uses composition instead of just a radio tower.
  • [NEW] Player's now have access to AI-driven support assets, depending on rank.
  • [NEW] CROSSROADS plays radio squelch while transmitting.
  • [NEW] Staging Base has vehicle servicing area for auto rearm/refuel/repair.
  • [NEW] GAIA or UPSMON available to control OPFOR AI via mission parameters.
  • [NEW] Units can have on-hit and on-death SFX via mission parameter.
  • [NEW] AO may contain infantry minefields.
  • [NEW] AO may contain AT minefields.
  • [NEW] OPFOR mortars will deploy flares at night.
  • [CHANGE] AOs can have a random number of OPFOR mortar camps.
  • [CHANGE] Basic respawn moved to Iceman's script.
  • [CHANGE] MHQ is now repair-respawned, and must be repaired in the field to continue transporting units.
  • [CHANGE] GAIA is now default AI commander.
  • [CHANGE] Reverted scoring to vanilla ArmA 3. AI won't count towards players, but player gunners will share points with player drivers/commanders.
  • [CHANGE] BIS ambient combat sounds added to parameter list instead of being forced.
  • [CHANGE] OPFOR CAS no longer continues being reinforced once the radio tower is destroyed.
  • [CHANGE] Each AO has a randomized number of active squads, influenced by difficulty and progression.
  • [CHANGE] Reduced OPFOR AAA accuracy.
  • [BUGFIX] OPFOR infantry reinforce again.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed OPFOR Armor bug where it continuously respawned.
  • [BUGFIX] Briefing correctly populates rank restrictions.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed wonky scoring issues with change to vanilla a3 scoring.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed player MASH/FARP deployment.
  • [BUGFIX] Side mission selection is fixed.
  • [BUGFIX] Offroads respawn fixed.
  • [BUGFIX] MASH owners now receive points for auto-healing BLUFOR units at the MASH.

  • v1.0
  • [NEW] Added Debug Mode parameter for bug hunting.
  • [BUGFIX] MHQ now respawns properly
  • [BUGFIX] PRIVATE weapon items are now available.
  • [BUGFIX] RandomWeather error fixed.
  • [BUGFIX] Players no longer receive double points.
  • [BUGFIX] Players no longer get stuck in negative points.
  • [CHANGE] CHHQ removed and swapped to rudimentary EVO MHQ.
  • [CHANGE] New loading screen added.
  • [CHANGE] More OPFOR infantry by default.

  • vRC8
  • [BUGFIX] You can capture villages/cities again.
  • [BUGFIX] You can now deploy FARPs/MASHs anywhere. Becareful where you do, there is currently no check for space!
  • [BUGFIX] You can capture Officers again.
  • [BUGFIX] Notifications for objectives fixed.
  • [BUGFIX] You can now properly complete sidemissions.
  • [CHANGED] Map and task indicated which village/city will be reinforcing your AO.
  • [CHANGED] OPFOR squads are proper ArmA3 groups and no longer two fireteams.
  • [CHANGED] HALO insertions cost 3 points unless you are a PRIVATE.
  • [NEW] Leftover OPFOR units in AO randomly decide to surrender or continue fighting once you capture the AO. Bring them back to base for bonus points.
  • [NEW] SetSkill of all OPFOR AI- no more laser kills!
  • [BUGFIX] Briefing correctly formatted.
  • [CHANGE] Slightly lowered altitude that BLUFOR AI Paradropped in from to increase chance of survival in AO.
  • [CHANGE] Removed PRIVATE vehicle and weapon notifications.[BUGFIX] You can now recruit AI again.
  • [BUGFIX] Each rank adds new types of AI to recruit.
  • [BUGFIX] OPFOR heli's now leave AO.
  • [BUGFIX] You can now enable full arsenal access.
  • [NEW] OPFOR AI now reinforce your target AO from the next AO.
  • [CHANGE] Removed armored/mechanized squads.
  • [CHANGE] Armor parameter now includes all vehicles.
  • [CHANGE] Infantry parameter now includes paradrops.

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