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Date: 2008-04-20 16:55

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F/A-18E/F Super Hornet

This is a port of the F/A-18E/F that was originally made for Operation Flashpoint. It has some new features and
modifications but is essentially the same core aircraft that was presented in Flashpoint. As such, this readme is
a rehash of the original readme presented with some corrections and additions. The addon is in a BETA state and may
not be fully functional or completely bug-free.

This package represents two F/A-18 airframes:
    - F/A-18E Super Hornet
    - F/A-18F Super Hornet
The F/A-18E/F Super Hornet is the Navy's primary multirole fighter currently in service. It was designed as a potential
successor to the F/A-18C/D Hornet, with improvements in range and payload. While the F/A-18A-C was to replace light
strike aircraft such as the A-7 Corsair II, the F/A-18E/F was to serve as a heavy fighter capable of taking over roles
left behind by the A-6 and F-14. It featured greater range, increased payload, and enhanced attack capabilities over
legacy Hornets, coupled with being on the front of engineering and design.

A highly unpopular design with Grumman aircraft fans (even more so since the retirement of the F-14), the F/A-18E/F is
often criticized as being too slow, too short ranged, and too complex. But in an era of budget cuts and dwindling defense
procurement, the F/A-18E/F is the best solution to hold the line until more advanced aircraft are brought to operational

Both the versions of the Super Hornet have the following features:
- Advanced arming system - capable of loading more than 70 combinations of weapons!
- Can employ the following weapons: AIM-9M/X, AIM-120C, AIM-7M, Mk82, Mk83, Mk84, Mk20, CBU-78, GBU-10, GBU-12, GBU-16,
AGM-65E, AGM-88, AGM-154A, AGM-84D, and AGM-84H.
- Real functioning cockpits - see your fuel level in the cockpit, aircraft status on MFDs, your location on the map,
and more!
- Aircraft damage - take hits and be prepared to hear "WARNING: AIRCRAFT DAMAGE" as your computer lists the various
systems damaged or destroyed by enemy fire!
- Aerial refueling: both aircraft come with capability to refuel from a F/A-18F with a buddy pod.
- Advanced multirole capability - Super Hornet can perform CAP, interception, strike, CAS, ground attack, and more -
without having to return to the carrier!

Extract the file fz_f18.pbo and fz_f18.pbo.fzf18beta.bisign to your ArmedAssault\Addons directory. Extract the files in
"Missions" to your ArmedAssault\Missions directory. Extract the folder "MPMissions" to your ArmedAssault\ directory.
That's it!

Optional: extract the folder "fz_f18aws_tst.Intro" to your My Documents\ArmA Other Profiles\username\missions\ directory.

Use mod folders to keep your mods organized and prevent errors.
Check our FAQ for a clear explanation.

Included files:

Read the included readme for important info.

Known issues:
- Only one shadow LOD.
- Various shadow issues.
- Cockpit modeling glitches.
- MP starts in aircraft can result in initial errors. These should not cause issues.
- F/A-18F - AI commander is useless.
- Aircraft reliability on dedicated server are questionable.
- Various texture issues.

Change log:
- Modified wreck scripting: aircraft no longer deleted. Deleting aircraft caused performance issues.
- Added switches for wreck script control: fz_f18_nowreck and fz_f18_nowrecksmoke
- Added basic static aircraft types for scenery objects. These are just aircraft with all scripts replaced by a simple
one with basic parameters set. Still classed as aircraft, so will explode when destroyed. Wings can be folded in the same
method as with the standard versions.
- Modified Mk80 drop mode text to display which mode has been selected.
- More bug fixes.
Credits & Thanks:
Franze (modeling, texturing, scripting)
EricJ (revised modeling, weapon modeling, texturing)
Hellfire (weapon texturing, testing)
Nodunit (testing)

Special thanks:
RockofSL - fixed the bug I had with cannon firing point.

Scripts borrowed/based/enhanced upon scripts from the following:
Colonel Klink
And anyone else I may have forgotten.

This addon is not intended to treat or cure any disease. It is not FDA approved.
If anything totally outrageous occurs to you while using this addon, you cannot hold MAS responsible.
Use at your own risk!

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