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Aussie released an updated version of his Australian Map on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Welcome to Australia island addon for Arma 3. This is a Work in Progress but I have decided to release to the Public to get some feedback on How to improve your playing experience. The version is now 2.0

    This island took many years to complete, Ive worked on it when I have had free time, I hope you like it, The island is 8 times larger than Altis and is 1600Km2 compared to Altis 270Km2.
    I've left areas in the cities for RPG players to add their own buildings, there are police stations but they are not open (as I didnt receive the scripts from the maker).
    Hopefully I can get them so you can use those buildings. I also had to remove some custom buildings as they were causing game glitches.

    Island Facts:
    The Island is 40km x 40km which is 1600Km squared, to give you a comparison Altis is 270Km squared. Tasmania is the same size as Stratis.
    It takes approx 40 mins to cross the island in a BIS hatchback and approx 25 mins to drive from Perth to Darwin along the west coast road. There are 3 different types of desert ground textures from Red desert sand (which slows cars down) to dry riverbed textures which are good for hiding vehicles in.

    Australia Island features 9 large airports with Green Map Icons showing Airports that have Autolanding features enabled. Blue map Icons display Manual landing features. The map screen also shows police station Icons and Hospitals.
    Each capital city has a large Hospital we may build our own later. There are also plenty of fuel/service stations as fuel does become an issue after a while.

    • fixed the plane hangars to stop them tipping over, updated buildings.pbo

Written on 2017-01-20 08:47 by Armaholic  

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