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Requirements: No addons required

Version: RC42
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This adds different versions of the UH-60 A3.

Date: 2021-03-10 20:30

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UH-60 A3 Pack


- Removed an error message from the loading screens
- Possibly got the tail elevator to move. After tests it doesn't seem to move much but is correct with the model.cfg entry

NOTE: To ensure that the co-pilot uses the weapons on the Blackhawks, the mission designer must edit the loadout in order for this to work due to a game glitch, every pylon. If you do not do this, the right M134 gunner will be able to fire the weapon system. SImply place a helicopter down, and even if its the same loadout, it must be re-selected. Any new loadout will enable the co-pilot to fire which is what the intent is, especially for guided weapons. For now the ASRAAM, and Macer glitch as well, scalpels work fine as well as other ordnance. Additionally it can be done through ACE3 in the Zeus interaction menu as well.

AH-96 picture courtesy of bars91

I also don't work for you, just so you know. I'm only bound by the two EULAs and that's it. So I'm under no obligation to do anything for anybody, so I do take requests, but I have the final say in whether or not it gets implemented in the pack. If you have issues with that then go to this link:

Or find somebody else to do it for you if I tell you as No means NO. I only have so much interest anyway and can't do everything, nor do I need to.

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To install the UH-60 A3 Pack you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

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Changelog: (10-03-2021 - updated as it happens, displayed in news once every week)
- Removed an error message from the loading screens
- Possibly got the tail elevator to move. After tests it doesn't seem to move much but is correct with the model.cfg entry

- HK416 can now use basic STANAG magazines
- Requires game version 1.92
- Tailwheels now extend when flying on all helos that have them
- Possibly added rolling wheels on all the helos that have wheels

- MQ-17 and MQ-17C have an appropriate wreck model
- HK416 can now use Desert C-Mags

- HK416 can use additional BIS magazines
- HK416 can use 30-round, 60-round, 100-round, and 150-round magazines
- Fixed an error message

- Updated RPM of the M230 for a setting of 620 rpm
- Changed the sound of the M230

Fixed MH-60M/L (Insertion) FFV positions

- Added an Australian Defense Force skin. To access the skin put a UH-60M (NATO) in the Editor, and select "ADF" when editing vehicle appearance.
- Fixed some graphically glitched out helicopters

- AH-96 and variants supports pylons.
- Updated the Knighthawks to use the pylon system, removing the MH-60S (DAGR/Hellfire) from the pack
- Updated the MH-92F DAP with the pylon system

- Requires Game version 1.84
- Added sensors to the MH-92s
- Updated some of the DAPs with better geometries
- Added realistic sound to the UH-60s courtesy of MAC.
- Fixed DAP FMs, making it smoother in pitch
- Fixed the MH-60L, and M FFV positions

- Again fixed missing Hellfires on 4-pylon DAPs
- Fixed a FlIR Ball geometry on the DAGR/HF DAP.

- Fixed various memory points on various helicopters to prevent the control sticks going into the top of the cockpit or moving with the hand inputs
- Fixed camo selections on the MH-60M
- Added more incremented updates to the DAP and SOAR MH-60Ms
- Fixed missing Hellfires on the MH-60M DAP 4-pylon (HF/DAGR)

- Added more updated external differences of the MH-60M and DAP versions, with the MH-60M showing the start of the update phase (Still incremental)
- Fixed FLIR balls mainly on the USN helos, replaced them with correct models

- USMC Faction has a proper icon for that element of the US Navy
- Added a "Squad Leader" position on the MH-92, with a monitor to see the FLIR feed from the copilot.
- Added a Black River PMC specific configured UH-60M
- ASRAAMs show up properly on the wing rails of the AH-96s
- AH-96 CP/G controls the gun now.
- Removed the "AH-6" and "MH-6", as it's recommended for quality versions see the MELB by Diesel5187 and SykoCrazy
- Added a Prowler (Repair) and (Medevac) versions to support Armaverse 160th SOAR assets while forward deployed. Due to lack of art assets they look like Prowler (Unarmed) until templates are available to make distinguishing differences.
- Added a specific "Squad Leader" position on the MH-92, allowing that designated person to see what the CP/G sees (when used), allowing various units to use the recon capabilities of the FLIR system.
- Tweaked FFV firing spots for all aircraft and added positions to the UH-60M/NATO/Unarmed/Unarmed ESSS as well as the UH-92/NATO versions
- Added FFV positions for the Black River PMC UH-60M and tweaked the Raven PMC UH-92 arcs of fire
- Updated ACE3 seeker code for the Hellfires and Rattlers.
- Fixed the missing texture error for the now renamed "Multicam Flight Suit", classname will remain the same, as well now allows "clan sign" on the right shoulder patch area
- Fixed apparently a missing cargo proxy, now regular UH-60Ms can carry a full 12 people
- Fixed the dyslexic setup for the UH-92 (RWG)
- Fixed AH-96 Gunner FLIR MFD, now views correctly (FLIR) and properly tracks the gun/sighting system movement)
- Adjusted the USMC textures, in lieu of the AH-1Z mod.
- Tweaked main rotor radius values to account for real world lengths, ducted fan helos can now get in tighter areas
- AH-96s now have faction specific models. USMC and US Army will have Falchions, while NATO versions will have ASRAAMs.
- Improved View and fire geometries of all aircraft.
- Added incremented visual SOAR MH-60s and MH-92 updates to reflect real world appearances as well as future additions for the MH-92s
- Tweaked MH-60M DAP and Insertion FMs to be slighly heavier and takes more effort to get to speed (still WIP) in response due to real world upgrades
- Enabled Co-Pilot ability and allowed ACE3 Self-Designation for a few DAPs
- SOAR MH-60 pilots can see CP/G FLIR view through an MFD page as well as FLIR equipped MH-60S helos.
- Fixed Hellfire and Rattler inaccuracy issues
- Tweaked XX-92 TADS systm animation
- Tweaked aircraft textures, mainly the XX-60, XX-92, and S-94 textures
- Enabled Fast roping via ACE3 menu commands. Note only specific military aircraft can use this (transport versions only).
- Fixed "ghost weapons" on S-94s, now completely unarmed (and it's own class).
- Added a requested simple black scheme for the S94s and UH-92s
- Removed military equipment from the S-94s, giving a more distinct appearance to the models
- Tweaked RVMATs to reduce some unneeded rendering inside and outside
- Improved UH-92 cockpits using some Ghost Hawk textures to update them a bit as well as removing unneeded geometries
- Cleaned up flare launching points on the XX-92s
- Added a new UCAV, the MQ-17 for now. It is flyable and can do things, but so far is intentionally untextured, and is a UAV (thanks to firewill for helping me get it coded right)
- Rattler and Hellfire kinematics improved
- Also added a pure Cargo version of the MQ-17, able to lift 500kg of equipment. Like the armed version is untextured intentionally
- Slowed down the Blackhawks and XX-92s to represent more of a military "feel", i.e. more hardware and so on.
- Fixed the Collision Lights on the XX-92s as well as the S-94s

- Changed the 160th HK416 optic, removing the ARCO- and replacing it with an ERCO (Black). Note this affects ONLY the ones stored in the helicopters, and not the generic classname
- Tweaked the Multicam uniform for the 160th pilot uniforms
- Added a 160th Crew Member unit type
- Improved Hellfire performance as well as Rattler performance for 1.64
- Fixed the launch points for the MH-60M (DAGR/Hellfire), DAGRs now fire correctly from their respective positions
- Added a requested "SEC-FOR" (Avatar RDA PMC portion) skin for the UH-92 (NATO) as well as setup for the UH-60M (NATO) as well.

- Fixed various AH-96 versions, now shows up properly in the appropriate positions in the Eden Editor, as well as Zeus.
- Faction specific AH-96s now have the appropriate skin when spawned in or placed via Eden or Zeus
- Adjusted various geometries to make the skin names (MARINES, UNITED STATES ARMY) look better on the external textures.
- Cleaned up more textures and reduced some texture requirements.
- Fixed various selections and tweaked some geometries, adding some detail in various places.
- Removed some unused files, reducing filesize somewhat.
- Improved glass geometries using the UH-80 textures in lieu of the old A2 textures, improving the look of various helicopters
- Removed old sounds for the XX-92s, now uses the stock Ghost Hawk sounds
- Thanks to Lord Jarhead, the H-60s now use the JSRS Ghost Hawk sounds for rotors. Visit his site here:
- Tweaked the Cherokee Container textures as well as improved details somewhat
- Added a Medic Container, holds 200 First Aid Kits as well as 20 Medkits, and heals the wounded as well.
- Retextured M230 armed helos (all versions)
- Repair Container has a proper texture (still non-functional other than carrying Tookits)
- Fixed UH-60M control sticks, now moves appropriately
- Adjusted Pilot position on the AH-96, now sits correctly with the legacy AH-1Z
- AH-96 pilot has control over the gun and DARs.
- UH-92 Cherokee (PMC) changed to UH-92 Cherokee (RWG), to reflect factional alliance, classname is the same.
- Added a fictional "SEC-FOR" skin, to represent the Avatar universe for the AH-96. It is only selectabl with the NATO version of that vehicle.
- Tweaked textures
- H-60Ms (all versions) now have a Compass MFD back (as per the old A2 version) with newer geometries.
- Added a "NATO" UH-92, the main difference being that the HMD is in metric, and not in Imperial. Otherwise colored differently and has a basic desert scheme as well.
- Removed color specific S-94s given the new Appearance filter for the various factions. Mission makers will have to simply place an S-94 or Utility version and select the color appropriately.
- UH/MH-92 Gunner FLIR is OFF when starting engine, it can be turned on ahd off normally
- Requires Game version 1.64
- Added a generic "Desert" scheme, usable for the NATO faction as well as a Black scheme
- Removed the rescue hoist from non-US Navy UH-60Ms

- Fixed Shadow LOD of the M197/DAGR MH-60S.
- Added an "MH-67", and other than being a reskin, has the typical SOAR equipment that can be found on the MH-80.
- Tweaked various geometries on the -60 models.
- Fixed mapping issues on the M230 Chain gun on all models.
- Added another variant of the UH-92, the UH-92 MEV, which is equivalent to the H-60 version. It of course supports ACE3 Medical operations.
- Moved the UH-92 and MEV to the US Army faction (will show up in Eden as such).
- Fixed the shadows for the ESSS equipped H-60s.
- Added an "AH-96 Coyote", which is a ducted fan version of today's AH-1Z Super Cobra, it is available for the USMC, US Army, and the NATO faction (Metric HUD as well).
- Darkened Rattler seeker heads.
- DAGRs fire from the correct positions on the wings for the MH-92 DAPs.
- Fixed XX-92 series Formation light strips.
- Fixed various file paths for textures.
- Fixed MH-92 DAP (M230/DAGR/Rattler) action menu, now has same (other than no door controls) menu systems as the other -92 series.
- MH-92 DAP (M230/DAGR/HF) changed to MH-92 DAP (M230/DAGR/Rattler), classname is the same
- Added a non ESSS equipped Medevac UH-60.
- Tweaked roll rates on the XX-92 series, as well as the S-94s.
- Cleaned up UH-60L cockpit, instruments look correct on the frame as well as fixed various needles, improving the look slightly.
- FIxed a missing leg on the door gunner seats on the XX-92 military/PMC versions.
- Rattlers have improved performance
- Military/PMC XX-92s can self designate (along with MH-60 DAPs) via ACE3 if used.

- Wheels now function in both Standard and AFM settings, with extensive config help from Beachead from the 17BCT milsum unit. People use the Ghost Hawk xml and if it still does not work I'll upload with the GhostHawk version to get things rolling so to speak.
- MH-80 now has a pilot HUD and programmable countermeasures system.
- Civilian S-94s all have white wheels
- Removed the "no entry.config.bin/Burst" message when placing the Raven PMC version via Zeus.
- Fixed the various -60 models, no more floating dials when flying (Exception being the -60L, needs some more TLC)

- Fixed HK416 recoil and sound issues.

- Removed "no entryconfig.bin/CfgWeapons/ItemInfo.scope"
- Requires game version 1.62

- Fixed MH/UH-60M MFD geometries
- Fixed Alpha "blue" effect on various aircraft.
- Disabled door commands for the DAPs, both for the -60s and -92s as well as removed model.cfg entries
- Improved S-94 SlingLoad display monitor geometries, as well as the ability for it to be turned off if needed.
- Doors slide further based on real world references.
- UH/MH-92s now have a separate MFD "page" for sling load operations, and is operable by only the pilot.
- Removed the cheap sling MFD geometry for the S-94s, and moved the sling load page to the Pilot's MFD. By default it is off and can be turnd on and off.
- AH/MH-6 references the right pilot type.
- Fixed orientation of the Clan signs on the bottom of the fuselages
- Fixed the USN Clan sign positions on the new door geometries.
- Fixed the "floating" needle.
- Removed the useless hoist from the UH/MH-92 models. When the game allows for such a capability then it will be put back.
- Standardized external glass RVMATs so all helos have a uniform appearance both internally and externally.
- Cleaned up various MH-92 DAP geometries
- Tweaked Pilot and Co-Pilot positions so they would look better graphically.
- Courtesy of ADuke823 the ducted fans were remapped, changing the Hiddenselections requirements for the S-94s and UH/MH-92s.
- S-92 (White) now corrected to S-94 (White)
- Updated the glass and added hitpoints to better show damage modeling
- Added a new missile for the MH-92s, the "AGM-117 Rattler", a futuristic Hellfire.
- Fixed the MH-60M 4-Pylon (Hellfire) Compass MFDs as well as removed the "Floading" compass geometry.
- Fixed Compass MFDs on the -60Ms.
- Improved Hellfire and Rattler performance

- UH/MH-92 series known as the Cherokee.
- Raven PMC UH-92 shows up in Zeus correctly.
- Revamped the HUD code, with thanks to Kimi-uy for allowing me to use his code from his HUD MOD (I'd check it out if you haven't). It should be noted that measurements are in Imperial and not in Metric.
- Added a TF 160th pilot unit, for the SOAR birds. It has an added HK416 with BIS suppressor capability only (They're pilots, not commandos), a linked ARCO and IR pointer.
- Added PVS-15s for the SOAR pilots, models and textures courtesy of Warlord554, available in Tan and Black.
- SOAR birds have adjusted internal cargo loads, now have two HK416s as additional weapons as well as 14 magazines (7 per weapon) in case of self defense needs.
- Added various bits to the xx-92 birds, geometries courtesy of ADuke823.
- TextureList finally works.
- HMD code added to the MH-60S series birds.
- Cleaned up more Geometries as well as improving existing ones for all models
- Added an MH-60L, basically an M version without the EOTech sights and old school dashboard.
- Fixed the UH-60 MEV and UT (Unarmed/ESSS) shadow LODs.
- Tweaked some textures.
- Added an S-94, which is a civilian version of the Cherokee series, it has no HUD and carries 16 instead of 12 people, and has no weapon capability.
- Added the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment as a new faction.
- Added the US Navy as a Faction
- Added the US Army as a Faction
- MH-60S (M197/DAGR) and MH-60S (M197/Hellfire) missiles fire from the right side only.
- XX-92 series have specific Wrecks when damaged or destroyed.
- S-94 series have sling load cameras for sling load operations. Normal UH/MH series still rely on people interaction for sling loading.
- Pip screens now work, a "One Geometry size fits all" and is set only for the birds that have the various FLIR systems installed.
- Revamped the majority of geometries with A2 Sample Model stuff, to enhance the look of the XX-92 series aircraft.
- Added some more animations for control sticks on various birds, as well as updated Memory points.
- Added SKRAM (Survival Kit, Ready Access, Modular) Kitbags for the normal UH-60s, as well as SOAR and PMC, and Civilian specific bags. They are in the helos and specific to each type.
- Fixed the M240 traversing issue, weapons now move as they should (no reverse axis).
- Added two MH-92 DAP versions, one "Assault" version that can carry up to four additional soldiers and is equipped with Hellfires and DAGRs. The other one mimics the MH-60M version, one M230, four Hellfires, as well as DAGRs.
- Added a Defensive IR Jammer courtesy of Kimi-uy and is installed on all aircraft.
- Added sling load points for all aircraft, with the exception of the MH-80. It should be noted that not all aircraft can be slingloaded due to weight.
- Tail elevators now animate.
- Added formation slimers for the UH/MH-92 aircraft, and is operable separate from the normal lights as per real world use.
- Added a slingloadable container, purchased from TurboSquid here: http://www.turbosqui...3d-model/821292.
- Added some RotorLib Support, should work fine for those who use the Advanced Flight Model to all aircraft
- UH-60M and UH-60 (Unarmed) have accurate weights, so can be slingloaded by the CH-67.
- Containers support Hiddenselections (thanks to poolpunk). However they cannot be lifted, not even by a Huron.
- Added Sling load Memory points to various helos that were missing the memory point.
- UH-60 (Medevac) and UH-60 (Unarmed/ESSS) have a lift capacity of 3,600kg. Other aircraft have it listed on the Readme.
- Added an "MH-6 Little Bird", as well as an "AH-6 Little Bird", which are basically reskinned AH/MH-9 Pawnee/Humminbirds. They are specifically for the 160th Aviation Faction only. They have the same gear as the other 160th birds.
- Uodated Hellfire models courtesy of ADuke823.
- Added "Speedballs", which are large modified Carryalls with basic BIS supplie (Frags, 40mm grenades, First Aid Kits) for immediate resupply for basic ammo. It should be noted that other than the Raven PMC specific version, it is up to milsim units to design custom versions for their specific needs. Every aircraft has 4 bags that can be used (including the MH-80).
- Doors now animate properly, with help from Frandsen's source models in getting it working. It should be noted that the pilot, and crew can open the doors, to include the infantry in the compartment.
- FFV positions have been tweaked to accomodate for the new door animation change.
- Hellfires support ACE3 functionality, as well as the MEV should support ACE3 medical functions.
- Broke down the various PBOs so now there is one main config PBO, one actual mod file PBOs, as well as for any gear due to game mechanics for gear related models and equipment.
- Only the Pilot MFD can be shut off via the Action Menu, when able functionality will be given to the Co-Pilot/Gunner
- Added a fake PNVS turret system. Right now it cannot do anything special other than move with the turret.

- Added a "UH-92", which is a fictional Avatar/UH-60 mashup, currently for the Raven Warfare Group Faction.
- Removed the Raven PMC UH-60 version, replaced by the UH-92 version. Note due to the need to fix the sounds are still WIP (same as the other helos).
- Fixed the Geometry LOD of the MH-60M, which caused some stability issues.

- M240s now elevate/depress accordingly, while traverse (left and right movement) is still reversed, and once that is fixed will upload, with some thanks and help from Aduke823

- Fixed textures on the Navy aircraft.
- UH models no longer have a HUD.

- Tweaked dispersion of the M230.
- Added two new armed Knighthawk versions, one with an M197/DAGR combo, as well as an M197/Hellfire combo.

- Cleaned up various Geometry LODs
- Fixed some named selections so re-textures will work now properly for versions with pylons.
- Readme is squared away, less confusing and more descriptive of what's what.

- Fixed texture issues.

- Added MH-60S (Hellfire/DAGR)

- Hellfires now show up again.
- FLIR Turrets now work, thanks to some massive help from Aduke823
- Due to engine limitations, the pilot now has control over the M230 instead of the Co-Pilot.
- MFDs now "shut off"

- Fixed bug of classnamed pilots in the MH-60M
- Armor is reduced, now all are easier to shoot down.

- Fixed CTD issue (hopefully) with massi's helicopters, tweaked configs so that when the mods are used together doesn't cause a CTD
- Fixed machinegun proxy errors as well.
- Added MH-60S (Transport) and MH-60S (Insertion) Knighthawks, due to uploading a fix for the CTD issue they are still WIP, so they don't have the proper models for the flare boxes as well as other stuff.
- Due to the fix classnames have changed, bu if needed add "ej_" to the beginning, so "MH60M" becomes "ej_MH60M", etc. The readme will be changed in a few days to reflct the new classnames.

- Updated with ability to use the AGM/ACE3 Fast Rope capability (thanks to fullerpj)

- Fixed the proxy error on the UH-60M

- Fixed transparencies for the ESSS helos (Medevac, Unarmed)
- Fixed Co-Pilot positions for the Unarmed and Unarmed (ESSS) versions
- Fixed minigun entries for appropriately armed helos.

- Fixed a CfgMod entry, apparently was causing a security check fail, and hopefully fixed it.

- Added the UH-60M (Unarmed/ESSS)
- Adjusted MEV fuel capacity to match the UH-60M (Unarmed/ESSS)
- Fixed position lights on the Medevac version.
- Fixed the PMC version Miniguns.

- Added a version with 4 x Hellfires, 24 x DAGR, and 1 x M230
- Added a version with 8 x Hellfire, 24 x DAGR
- Added a version with 16 x Hellfires
- Names have been changed (not classnames) to reflect the pylon capacity, the first version having 2 pylons, so will be referred as "MH-60M DAP 2-Pylon", to include the weapon fit.
- Improved HUD capabilities for the DAP versions. Given lack of knowledge for the basic MH-60M, I chose to remove the HUD.
- FLIR sight has mode and working rangefinder. Still working on implementing the turret to move around. If it still becomes an issue it will remain locked forward until I get it moving.

Also the Extras folders are missing for these updates (nothing has changed other than the changelog entries) given I was already at Starbucks and didn't feel like worrying about it (next version in the future will have it again).

- Fixed firing arcs for the miniguns on the MH-60M
- Added MH-60M DAP (M260/Hellfire/DAGR)
- Tweaked UH-60 MEV version, spaced out the drop tanks and re-oriented the stretchers inside.

Beta RC9
- Fixed cargo and FFV spots on the MH-60M and PMC versions
- Fixed DAP/MH-60M textures, now have the same tone.

Beta RC8
- Added MH-60M, a basic SOAR bird, can carry 12 soldiers, plus crew.
- Fixed alpha on the Medevac version, removed the sky blue texture issue

Beta RC7
- Basic HUD integrated into DAP version
- Dust Filters removed from DAP version
- Doors in Cargo view moved to reflect 3rd person view on the Medevac and Unarmed versions.
- Countermeasure programs added to the helicopters, DAP version has a specific program set

1Beta RC6
- FFV points for the Raven PMC versions added
- minor cockpit animations added on all versions
- Medevac and Unarmed versions re-colored
- Medevac version seats 4 in the back only, tanks resized

Beta RC5
- DAP Copilot is added, and pilot can use weapons when using Manual Fire option
- Miniguns work correctly on DAP
- Copilot seats on all versions appear to work fine
- Medevac version added
- Unarmed version added

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