Max Life Pack by Maxjoiner updated
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Maxjoiner released an updated version of his Max Life Pack on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote Maxjoiner :
    This Mod adds ten new factions:
    Coast Guard,Police Dept.,Sheriff Dept.,FBI,Security,Fire Dept,E.M.S.,Service Vehicles,Max civilian and Bad Faction.
    All Police force are Indipendent.
    Bad Faction is Opfor.
    The Others Faction are Civilian.
    This Mod has 74 vehicles, 57 Units and 8 Helis.
    A big State Prison, HQ Police and Police Station,
    Two SkyScrapers Models, Traffic lights and a lot of new weapons.

      • improved police Uniforms
      • improved police belts
      • Added new Holster system (now also for rifle)
      • Added 3 Shotguns
      • Added M9 pistol
      • Added Colt 1911
      • Added MicroUzi (in pistol slot)
      • Added Saz61 Skorpion (in pistol slot)
      • Added 2 Revolvers
      • Added M4A3
      • Added M24 Black
      • Added M14 Two version
      • Added M24 Black
      • Added Ak47 Two version
      • Added many New Units
      • Added FBI Rapid Response Unit Jeep
      • Added FBI Rapid Response Unit Heli
      • Changed Units Weapons equipment
      • Fixed siren sound inside vehicles
      • Fixed siren sound MP (I hope)
      • Fixed compatibility bugs(Finally)

Written on 2016-10-31 11:36 by maxjoiner  

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