TF2031 Unit Modification by OberSchutze
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OberSchutze submitted an updated version of the TF2031 Unit Modification.

    Quote :
    This contains several different BLUFOR retextures. Includes, OCP, a Urban Hex pattern, and a Woodland type pattern. Contains Berets for the 20th SFG (Includes all officer up to COL, all Warrants up to CW5, and a Enlisted) 5th RB (Both Tan and Maroon same configuration as 20th SFG), and 160th SOAR (Same configuration as the others. Several Helmets, Plate Carriers including personalized ones with TF 2031 unit member identification. MX rifle retextures (Not all are complete), and a improved 6.5mm round. Contains a ODA and ODB group for the editor (A generic ODA will be available in the future for now they are branded ODA 2031 and TF 2031 ODB).

    • Fixed a bug with the 6.5mm ammo.
    • Changed the config for SGT Smith.

Written on 2016-01-24 09:13 by OberSchutze  

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