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Version: 1.3

Short description: A tool to work with Arma game series stringtables which are used for translations.

Date: 2015-07-13 09:38

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StringForge - RHS stringtable editor

Red Hammer Studios

StringForge is a tool developed at Red Hammer Studios over the past few weeks grown out of the need to unify and make an easier workflow with stringtables. We know that there are other tools out there but none suited our needs.

What can it do:
- Work with single or multiple Stringtable.xml files at a time
- Convert Stringtable csv files into xml files. You can convert multiple csv files into one xml
- Easy to navigate tree structure following the xml model
- Work with Packages, Containers and keys.
- Duplicate key violations checker
- Auto transliteration (to Cyrillic for russian strings)
- Auto fill from English (use of repetitive string in many languages)
- Templates for key prefixes.

- open source

The program is written as a part of advanced tools utilized by Red Hammer Studios (

Installation / Usage:
Usage documentation is lacking at the moment but the idea is to make a tutorial video in the next few days.

Known issues:

The program has all the necessary tools to deal with translation stringtables for the game Arma 3. It can load in Stringtable.xml files, add, edit, reorganise and delete entries, convert whole projects consisting out of multiple Stringtable.csv into single fragmented xml files. It was made with handling large projects in mind.

The software is built in C#, .NET (Framework 4.5) and WPF. The MVVM architectural pattern is utilized where possible but without the use of any perticular MVVM framework. Some advanced 3rd party libraries are used, such as ReactiveUI and Extended WPF Toolkit (CE) and GongSolutions dragndrop.

Credits & Thanks:
The tool is built and maintained by Alex Vorobiev.

License / Disclaimer:
Yes the project is open source and available to anyone from the above link in GitHub so if you want to contribute, change or re-release. It is under the MIT license so you have pretty much the freedom to do anything you want.

Added search and replace
Added config scanner
Some fixes related to transliteration

Key ID templates added
Model objects are now reactive, better reflecting updates
Improved Drag and Drop for the tree
Duplication of keys imporved
Some bug fixes

Basing stringtable handling and conversion

Forum topic:
- BI forums

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