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Version: 2.2.1 beta

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Date: 2008-03-14 22:00

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Basically I made a tool designed to be used in parallel with OFP anim, to make animations for OFP/ArmA.
This tool was designed to complete the functions that are badly needed in OFP anim, but you can use it in parallel with whatever you use to animate soldiers as long as it produces .rtm files.

By default, the tool always saves the animation after each operation. I stronly recommand to always make backups of your anims before you do anything with this tool. you can uncheck "save rtm automatically" and use File/save as instead if you dont like this feature.

    - Components menu:
      * Linking profile manager:
      use liking profile manager to create a linking profiles. this tells the tool how the animated components are attached to each other, which one is to be used as center component, the location of their pivots etc... To find the location of the pivots, open your model in o2, place a vertex where the pivot should be. The coordinates of this vertex in o2 are the coordinates you need to enter as pivot in this tool.
      * Component Job manager:
      this dialog helps you add/remove/rename animated components in your animation. you can save it as a "component job script" which will allow you to reuse it later or apply it to entire directory of anims.
    - Frames menu:
      * Insert/delete frames:
      This dialog allows your to insert/delete frames from rtm2 to rtm1. It will recalculate the proper frame timestamps if

      you need it to. In this case you need to enter the playtime (from ofp anim or your config) into the main form. Note that the exact values doesnt matter, what matter is the ratio between rtm1 and rtm2's playtimes.
      * merge anims:
      This function will merge rtm1 with rtm2, recalculating the frames timestamp proportionally to both anim's playtimes.
      * split anim:
      same as above except it will split rtm1 in two parts.
      * reverse anim:
      This will reverse the order of the frames in rtm1 (and recalculate the frames timestamp). use it to, for example, reverse a transition from Stand to Crouch to get the Crouch to Stand transition.
    - Center menu:
      * Center with offset:
      This helps you re-center your anim or add an offset to it. Recentering an animation is necessary for all your anims to use the same center. (or else your soldier will be shifted when going from one anim to another with a different center ingame).
      * apply/cancel totalmove:
      this will either cancel the total move value (reapply it to the frame's offsets, and set value to 0) or calculate the proper total move value (remove offsets from frames and set total move value). This is useful for any animation that ends with a different center than the first frames' center. For example a running animation. Total move is what tells ofp (and probably arma ?) how much the soldier has physically moved at the end of the animation. without this the soldier would jump back to where he started. Before you do any work on an animation, you most definitly want to cancel total move. note that ofp anim does not render the total offsets properly, so your anim might look weird in ofp anim after this tool as calculated the values for you, but it will work fine ingame.
      * ReCenter all anims in dir:
      this will re-center/re-total move all anims in a directory (and subdir if you choose it). This way you can recenter all your animations at once, and it will also sort out the proper total move values for you.
    - Context menu in component linking tree:
      right click on any component will bring up the context menu. note that any operation you choose will only be applied to the frames you selected in the main form's frame lists for both anims, and only to the component you select in the linking treeview. Note that most operations will ask you if you want to apply the same thing to the components attached to it.
      * Copy move:
      This will do a relative copy of the moves from rtm2 to rtm1. note that ofp anim has a similar function but what it does is an absolute copy. This one does a relative copy so no matter where your components are located in the frame you copy from, they will always be attached properly in the frame you copy to.
      * Rotate:
      allow you to rotate a component or the entire anim in several modes. absolute center is 0,0,0, relative center is the pivot you entered in components linking manager. absolute axis is the x,y,z axis you see in ofp anim, relative axis is the axis relative to the component it's attached to.
      * Translate:
      translates a component (shift)
      * Rescale:
      rescale a component (this is quite experimental)
      * Reset:
      this will reset a component's move relative to the component its attached to. you can use this to redo a rotation that was badly made in ofp anim (for example fix a broken neck)
      * Translate name:
      this is to translate the czech names to english names or whatever you want them to be displayed as.
Note that this is a beta version, which is why some of the functionalities are innaccessible as these are still under development.

This tool was made with visual basic 2005 (.net), so in order for it to work you need to install .net framework (2.0 if i'm not mistaken).
Make sure you read the readme for installation etc.

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