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Version: Revision 3

Short description: A single page cheat sheet of core language elements of SQF

Date: 2016-06-03 10:56

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ARMA 3 SQF Cheat Sheet


I often find myself going back to the same biki pages on SQF to check basic syntax or look for commands for the basic types (especially after coming back to SQF scripting after a break). To save a bit of time I've done up a cheat sheet for all of the core language elements in SQF. It also contains a table of operator precedence for SQF, which helps explain exactly where and when parenthesis are required.

It is up to date with commands from ARMA 3 revision 1.48, and also includes a number of commands from the development build (1.49) that are expected to make it into the next release (1.50).

The cheat sheet covers the core language of SQF, including:
  • Operator Precedence
  • Control Statements
  • Breaking Scopes
  • Exceptions
  • Locality
  • Types
  • Functions and Parameters
  • Strings, Numbers, Vector and Arrays
  • Configs
  • Case Sensitivity of Comparisons

Revision 3
Revision 1
Initial release.

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