German Hind by McLupo
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McLupo released an updated version of his German Hind addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Simple as it is...a community request was the initial impact to do this job.
    But the main reason was the historical meaning.
    After the reunion of Eastern- and Western - Germany the German Forces took charge of a few helicopters for testing (Hind-D) from the NVA.
    At last i wanted to see the Hind in ArmA.

    • Woodland version of the Mi-24P
    • Desert version of the Mi-24-V
    • Navy version of the Hind-D
    • Version of the NATO Reaction Forces of the Hind-D

German Hind v1.11

Patch 1.63
ArmA II 1.63 beta build 100697 or later

Written on 2015-08-14 14:39 by McLupo  

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