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Mre released an updated version of his Supremacy Framework - Multiplayer framework addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I wanted to learn more about how ARMA 3 modding worked, and there is really no better way than "code to learn". Everything is coded from the ground up, except for the below mentioned 3rd part scripts.

    I don't know much about "best practises" in this language yet, or how I should or shouldn't code things, so feedback is absolutely more than welcome!

    • Features/Changes:
        Updated configs to include all (hopefully) new vehicle, items and weapons from APEX.
        Updated price list, now include all (hopefully) items and vehicles from APEX.
        Updated clothing shops, so they only sell items for the faction of the player (Config updated).
        Updated the unconscious system, removing animations and relying more on ARMA 3 official methods.
        Updated the (long overdue) mission briefing.
        Updated the github url in all files.
        Updated all loot scripts.
        Updated vehicle sell distance from 10 to 25m.
        Added location saving and spawning. You can now choose players to spawn where the logged out (Config, DB and ExtDB ini - updated).
        Added magazine repacking (see player menu).
        Added "<player> was injured by <player>" when becoming unconscious.
        Added option to enable/disable the abillity to get executed while unconscious.
        Added blur effect to players who are unconcious.
        Added black out when killed.
        Added timed EXP rewards (EXP granting scipt updated, Config updated).
        Added "reward" sound, used for timed rewards.
        Added a Zeus menu detection (client side), with server logging.
        Added a few extra items from APEX to the configs.
        Changed the air drop smoke duration from 10 to 5 minutes.
        Changed the UI update interval from 0.25 sec to 1 second.
        Removed obsolete code from several files.
    • Bugfixes:
        Fixed various debug logging in files so they only log when debug mode is on.
        Fixed desk and nato crate not getting removed from unavailable shops.
        Fixed cloths menu prices being cut off.
        Fixed bug in playerUnconscious script, potentially breaking the script.
        Fixed an issue in dbCalls returning data without needing to.
        Fixed some event handlers not getting removed from corpses.
        Fixed setting placeables, loot crates, vehicles etc to 0 in the config, will now properly skip it during server initialisation.
        Fixed "LineMarker" errors.
        Fixed relogging while unconsious would save your gear.
        Fixed issue where you would never die form grenades.
        Fixed bug where player would not eject from vehicle when unconsious.
        Fixed goggles not saving with gear.
        Fixed secondary weapon adding a rangefinder on certain occations.
        Fixed rangefinder not equipping on character load.

Written on 2016-09-02 13:23 by Armaholic  

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