Author: POLPOX
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2.4

Short description: Adds calm animation for some units which they cancel when under fire.

Date: 2015-10-08 08:52

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calm animations 2


POLPOX's calm animations 2.0 script is now available!
Adds calm animation for some units which they cancel when under fire.

Installation / Usage:
0: OBJECT - unit
1: STRING - mode
>"STAND" - Standing, with rifle
>"STAND_U" - Standing
>"WATCH" - Standing, patrolling with rifle
>"GUARD" - Standing, hands on back
>"LISTEN_BRIEFING" - Standing, listening
>"LEAN" - Standing, lean on wall with rifle
>"LEAN_ON_TABLE" - Standing, hands on table
>"BRIEFING" - Briefing
>"BRIEFING_POINT_RIGHT" - Briefing, sometime point right
>"BRIEFING_POINT_LEFT" - Briefing, sometime point left
>"BRIEFING_POINT_TABLE" - Briefing, sometime point table
>"TALKING" - Standing, hands move
>"KNEEL" - Kneeling, with rifle
>"KNEEL_U" - Kneeling
>"WAMUP" - Warm up, with rifle
>"REPAIR_VEH_PRONE" - Proning repair
>"REPAIR_VEH_KNEEL" - Kneeling repair
>"REPAIR_VEH_STAND" - Standing repair
>"SIT" - On chair, with rifle
>"SIT_U" - On chair
>"SIT_LOW" - On ground, with rifle, available smootly in
>"SIT_LOW_U" - On ground, available smootly in
>"SIT_SAD" - On ground
>"SIT_HIGH1" - On high ground#1
>"SIT_HIGH2" - On high ground#2, available smootly in
>"SIT_AT_TABLE" - On chair, hands on table
>"CUFFED" - On ground, hands back, can't react
>"KNEEL_TREAT1" - Treating wounds#1, available smootly in
>"KNEEL_TREAT2" - Treating wounds#2, available smootly in
>"PRONE_INJURED" - Wounding, with rifle and don't react
>"PRONE_INJURED_U1" - Wounding#1
>"PRONE_INJURED_U2" - Wounding#2
>"DEAD" - Dead state, on flatground
>"DEAD_AT_WALL" - Dead state, at wall
2: BOOL - smoothly in
3: STRING - (optional) gear option
>"LIGHT" - no vest, no helmet
>"MEDIUM" - no helmet
>"FULL" - fully loaded
>"ASIS" - no change
>"RANDOM" - (default) randomize
4: ARRAY - (optional) auto attach option
0: OBJECT - object which attach unit
1: ARRAY - offset of attach object

To just standing without rifle:
[<Object Name Here>,"STAND_U"] execVM "plp_calmSoldier2.sqf"
To sitting on flatground:
[<Object Name Here>,"SIT_LOW"] execVM "plp_calmSoldier2.sqf"
To sitting a "Land_CampingChair_V2_F":
[<Object Name Here>,"SIT",false,[<Chair Name Here>,[0,0,-0.5],180]] execVM "plp_calmSoldier2.sqf"
To patrolling until an object killed:
[<Object Name Here>,"WATCH",false,nil,"!alive <Object Name Here>"] execVM "plp_calmSoldier2.sqf"

Question: I am using a animation, but it gone wrong. why?
Answer: Are you using "smoothly in"? If the unit have a rifle, smoothly in will gone wrong.

Question: How can I use auto attach option?
Answer: In default, the unit is attached to invisible object. Auto attach option will replace it. If you want the unit to attach an object, just type the object's name like attachTo.

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
Subscribe to the Youtube channel

Known issues:

Future plans:
MP support
More animations(maybe)
Smoothly English

This script is not comatible with old calm animations.

Added: New argument attach direction
Added: New argument custom condition
Tweaked: End script
Fixed: "SIT_LOW_U" animation gone wrong

Fixed: Missed syntax for "SIT_LOW"

Added: New animations for "SIT_LOW","KNEEL"
Added: MP support with BIS_fnc_MP, I hope it work well

Added: New animation "KNEEL_U"
Added: New animation "CUFFED" (He can't react for any activity, use setVariable for "PLP_calmSoldier_abort" to abort)
Added: New animations for "STAND_U"
Tweaked: End script
Fixed: Shamed misspell
Deleted: Shared animations for "BRIEFING_POINT_..."

Fixed: End script and delete comment out

Added: New animation "DEAD_AT_WALL"
Added: New animation "WARMUP"
Changed: Changed animation ID "KNEEL_TREAT1" to "KNEEL_TREAT_U"
Changed: Changed animation ID "KNEEL_TREAT2" to "KNEEL_TREAT"
Tweaked: Loop event handler
Tweaked: Execution script
Tweaked: Dead script
Tweaked: Attach script
Tweaked: End script
Tweaked: Smooth in script

- first release

Forum topic:
- BI forums

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