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Requirements: CUP Terrains Core

Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This lush green environment in a fictional country somewhere near the Equator.

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Date: 2020-06-05 11:11

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Lingor / Dingor Island


This lush green environment in a fictional country somewhere near the Equator. Inspiration were countries such as Venezuela & Colombia. ~5 months were spent on research and creation of this world.

Lingor is one of the most played maps in Arma Community and first really lush green environment that worked well with all the optimizations.
Reason for the project is that I've been waiting for years for a proper optimised jungle map. With help of great talented man Berghoff that is now (after 5-6 months of hard work) possible to enjoy.

We have to understand that vegetation rich map is a whole different matter in BIS engine. PCs that were able to run Duala/Jade Groove on max settings & view distance of 10 km will probably only have sufficient FPS with 1000-4000 meter distance on Lingor. With months of optimisations (especially Berghoff did an amazing feat here) we can now enjoy jungle from air or from a grunt's perspective.

To install Lingor / Dingor Island you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
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Known issues:
- TBA, tests required

Please report bugs to:
- the author via contacts above
- @Official BI Forums ( where feedback will be provided.

Official website for my islands is:
Please visit website to recieve latest updates. There you can also find contact info (for bugreports, ideas, etc.) and maybe even support an author with a small donation.

Credits & Thanks:
It would not have been possible without the efforts of these superheroes:
- Mondkalb (new buildings, crowdstands, testing, help with riddle design)
- Charon Productions (crocodille, predators, ambient sounds, alien object)
- Icewindo (infantry units, civilians)
- wld427 (constant support, models, assistance)
- wld427 & Col. Klink, CLSA Mod (Mig-21BIS Fighter/Bomber, Original OFP model of A4 Skyhawk, A4 Skyhawk A2 remake)
- NZDF_Crash (3d model help, Norinco M14, sounds, weapon tweaks, support)
- Scubaman3D (wooden hut object, model help)
- Charon & Bad Benson (aliens model, help)
- Vilas (infantry units, equipment, vehicles: firetrucks, vans, apcs, leo1a5)
- BWMod (Leopard 1A5 turret, supporting Vilas)
- McHide (Herstal FN F2000 w/ all variants, wooden jump ramp object)
- Lennard (photoshop templates)
- Marseille77 & Vilas & BIS (El Presidente character)
- Kol9yN (support, JetSki addon, Drugs addon & model)
- Sumrak (helped with sea sound locality issue)
- Peter Grozni & SmukY (ideas, testing)
- MikeBart (new grass vegetation, rocks)
- W0lle (island intro, help with flag textures, support, model assistance)
- -Martin- (tip for A1 soccer objects, help with O2, Bank object)
- LoBO/FFAA Team (Pinzgauers)
- EddyD & DarkHorse (Aircraft hangars)
- Rocket/USEC (M7 Maule)
- RobertHammer (new UH1 sound)
- Shezan74 & Mikero (tools, technical help)
- Opteryx (concrete t-wall object)
- CSJ (snakes addon)
- Slatts/IRDF Mod, Footmunch (Super Tucano aka Pilatus PC9)
- Imshi-yallah and RKSL-Rock (for helping Slatts with ^ plane)
- Schnapsdrosel for gang members bandanas (via W0lle)
- Ryogugu, Norsu/FDF Mod, SuperRat (ZSU-57-2 Sparka)
- MapFact & Jorg F. (allowing me to convert their OFP airport terminal)
- Ikar & Hexagon aka Operation Frenchpoint (VBL, VAB vehicles)
- hcpookie (PBR boats and assault boats)
- Cheyenne/Nimith Brothers, NZDF_Crash, wld427 (AS350, variations)
- Kol9yN, Zakat, Gerasimow9, YuraPetrov, zGuba, A.Karagod, Sahbazz (Jet Skis, variations)
- SgtAce aka Atsche (special thanks for giving me all the A2 support I ever needed)
- SBP (Slovenian Black Panthers), FHW, UGAF and FF (Fusion) Teams (beta testing, coop, bugreports)
- Kage74, Floosy, Lightspeed_aust, MrCash2009, Enad, Himmelsfeuer, Bigpickle, Kol9yN (beta testers)
... and of course, Bohemia Interactive Studio (resource, A1/A2 models, tools, simulation)

License / Disclaimer:
Author: IceBreakr (ice AT, skype icebreakr)
All rights reserved.

Author grants you, as the enduser, a personal right to download, install and play with the island. This right does NOT include the possibilities to reverse engineer or even abuse content of the island addon in your own addons, games, game content or missions (scripts). Author can not be made responsible for ANY damage that could occur from the use of the addon. This island addon is for entertainment purposes only. Any military or commercial use is strictly prohibited. You are NOT allowed to exploit, redistribute and/or modify the content. You may use the island addon in conjunction with the game "Arma 3" by BIS in its original form (as in original 7z archive) only. If you want to use island addon or parts of island addon in your own addons or new game, you have to get written permission from the author.

"Island and *.pbo files supplied with it need to have original .bisign files attached and no modification or reverse-engineeering is allowed. Island and addons are forbidden to be used on servers that require donations, unless those donations are merely covering the running costs of the actual server (donations/payments must not be over $1,500 per year). If donations or other payments are made for in-game services that improve player gameplay or favorize paying players in comparison with other non-paying players, those island and accompanying addons (*.pbo) are NOT allowed to be used. Any mistreatment of these rules stated here by an individual or group can and will be prosecuted by a legal team. Expressly, for island/addons use with "life" mods and TCs (Total Conversion mods) you need a prior written permission by the author."

Lingor is a completely fictional game project and does not have any connections to real life: persons, countries, towns, Czech pornstars etc.

- fixed: Lingor Apex Mirasol tower object removed (no permission to use that object retextured, wtf?)
- code fix by Sparfell that removed a conflicting issue between Lingor and Livonia reported by thePier on CUP discord (tnx mates!)
- obfuscation of files removed

- fixed: grass and rest of clutter not showing up
- fixed: 28 objects removed that were causing diagnostic errors and possible CTDs/slowdowns
- removed large boulder from the street of Calixo
- improved vegetation in several areas
- removed vegetation on road Benio-Regina Tributa
- extended Benio runway for 50 meters or so
- Maruko reconstructed several buildings and a new TV Station
- substantial upgrade of New Benio, town allegedly got developed with drug money from Benio Cartel
- new small seaside resort W of Benio: Villa Flora
- various smaller fixes (roads, vegetation, etc.)

- improved the underground complex for mission makers
- improved shoreline satellite graphics
- improvements to the mask and grassy areas
- various smaller fixes (roads, vegetation, etc.)
- fixed: new signatures V3 were featured in dev branch of BI tools, using legacy V2 to avoid dedicated server problems
- added: village of Capulan
- added: Isla Avalon has now a bridge connection to mainland as villagers almost rebelled a month ago
- fixed: airport of Mirasol has now a correct repainted airport tower
- fixed: various smaller fixes such as vegetation road removal
- improved satellite map details
- improved vegetation (old dark trees/bushes replaced with Apex counterparts)
- improved grass and jungle clutter
- fixed: vegetation removed from the road section up on North
- fixed: river area up on NW
- fixed: easier entrance to the underground bunker
- added: couple of new detailed areas
- fixed: grass removed from water in some parts of the map
- added: excavation site
- added: helipads near research labs
- added: some river settlements have new docks

- finally: all new Apex vegetation! (DLC is not required)
- massive improvement of lighting and satellite image of the map
- new huge sectors to explore with lot of details
- new town Mirasol on NW with a new unpaved runway
- burned down villages: Jodido and unnamed one
- added scrapyard
- large sector is now GAL training facility with two mock villages
- 3 new research bases for sci-fi scenarios (Deidre, Scarlett, *censored*)
- one research base is abandoned and long forgotten
- added bio storage facility Marika
- added couple of invisible roads (for AI pathing)
- added iron gates by poolpunk (thank you!)
- added bunker objects by Sahbazz (thank you!)
- fixed incorrect runway numbers at FOB Eddie (greetz to the legend: wld427!)
- various smaller fixes, too many to mention here

- fixed several displaced road pieces
- removed some underwater stuff not supposed to be there
- fixed heights and missing ending road piece NW of Calamar
- additional terrain smoothing
- mirrored all fixes to Dingor Island

- substantial terrain smoothing & various improvements
- removed CUP CWA dependency (buildings error popup)
- built four new bridges, rivers are now inter-connected (great for boat patrols)
- rebuilt the central river area, new remote settlement on an isle
- fixed long bridges so vehicles don't sink into the asphalt
- added: Dingor - alternative desert version map!
- fixed rally path (increased visibility)
- added more docks to settlements
- enabled dust effects for vehicles and units
- replaced wrong in/out signs for town of Vidora

- fixed runway numbers at Aeropuerto Sargento (near Calamar)
- smoothed out terrain
- improved satellite texture
- fixed displaced road pieces at several places
- added three flag texture locations to readme file
- removed submerged camp from Medlina
- added Municipal office to Calamar
- moved start date to non full-moon day/night
- replaced several palm tree types with new ones (tnx CypeRevenge & Ben Rampling)
- several smaller fixes

- fixed skies & lighting that got wrecked with release of official patch 1.60+
- improved beach areas
- fixed dying on start bug in 3DEN
- fixed missing pbo error in main menu upon loading a mission
- added small village of Matacan
- included new jungle sounds
- several smaller fixes

v3.0 beta
- test version for stability report
- replaced hardened hangars with tent hangars from A3 due to shadow bug & class=house issue
- intensive improvement of terrain (substantial removal of sharp edges)
- smaller bug fixes

For all previous changes see the Arma 2 version of Lingor.

- CUP Terrains Core

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- BI forums

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