Mission pack : Two Sierra by Whiztler updated

Whiztler has submitted after more than 300 hours of development and testing a new version of this 37 slots ARMA 3 multiplayer campaign for MilSim communities and clans.

  • Tour 3 released 4 new missions + warmup mission.
  • Fixed: Vehicle loadout.
  • Fixed: CAS support. Pilots now RTB as ordered.
  • Fixed: various bugs. Thanks for reporting!
  • Added: Additional debug and performance reporting.
  • Added: Additional command frago/information.
  • Updated: Patrol and Garrison functions. Increased rooftop placements
  • Updated: MOTS. Test script performance.
  • Updated: Warmup mission spawn occurance.
  • Updated: Mission balance on all missions.
  • Updated: ADF Framework 1.43 applied.
  • Updated: Briefings and Forum Media files
  • Updated: Two Sierra website:

Written on 2016-04-20 20:03 by whiztler  

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