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Requirements: ECS mod HD or ECS mod

Version: 10151
Signed: Yes

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Date: 2008-03-22 12:28

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ECS Client patch
ECS Team

Please follow the instructions in the readme files that come with the patch. Clients joining the ECS server will have to update to the latest version or the ECS client will not run.

Copy the new ECS_Core.pbo and ECS_Core.pbo.ecs.bisign in your "ArmA\@ECS\Addons\" folder and overwrite the older files.

there are 2 ECS_Core versions, one is 'Client' and the other 'Server', please make sure you have downloaded and
installed the correct version.

If you are running other mods with ECS that require "Extended_Eventhandlers" please download the "Themis" component from the ECS website at

- Fixed: Wrong display position from explosion tinitus effect on 16/9 and other special resolution. (client)
- Fixed: cannot play/load save game when removing an addons in ECS addons folder. (client)
- Fixed: cannot play/edit this mission, missing addon content "name". (server & client)
- New: Themis compatibility component. Use any comunity addons running ECS and XEH(addon required "Extended_Eventhandlers"). (server & client)
- Improved: (internal) M-IAIC, player/AI friendly/enemy recognition. (server & client)
- Improved: fire dammage player, burning man 'general'. (server & client)

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