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Requirements: Community Base addons A3, Cup Terrains
Island(s): Shapur, Takistan, Takistan Mountains, Zargabad
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.12

Date: 2020-07-05 16:04

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Two Sierra


Two Sierra is a 37 slots ARMA 3 multiplayer campaign for MilSim communities and clans. The Two Sierra campaign follows an NRF VJTF platoon during three tours of duty. Each tour takes place in a specific ‘Armaverse’ driven by a storyline loosely based on historical facts.
Each mission is accompanied with a detailed operations order, AO map and additional intel. Pre-configured TFAR for quick game start. All mission have been optimized for dedicated server play. Support for up to 3 headless clients with load balancing.

3 tours of duty, 12 missions + 3 warmup missions offering challenging and Immersive gameplay in a lively area of operations;
Each mission is accompanied with a detailed operations order (OPORD’s in-game and PDF/TXT for forum briefings), AO map and additional intel;
Pre-configured TFAR for quick game start.
Media (PDF, images) to be used with forum postings (mission cover image, AO map, objectives, etc.).
Optimized for dedicated server play;
Challenging opponents;
Automatic detection of ACRE2/ TFAR, cTab and ACE3 add-ons.

Campaigns tours:
AO: Zargabad, Shapur, Takistan and Takistan Mountains (WarmUp)
Storyline: On 11 February 2019 the Taliban ceased to exist after a coalition forces UAV successfully targeted and killed the entire Taliban leadership council. The majority of Taliban fighters joined The Pashtun within the following weeks.

Tour 2
AO: Chernarus, Bystrica (WarmUp)
Storyline: Since CSAT Russia annexed the Lopatino district in 2014 a local insurgency faction emerged and declared the Sobor region as independent. Aptly naming it Soborisk. The Soborian Separatists quickly gained ground with the unofficial support of CSAT Russia. Over the years several attempts have been made to solve the crisis, but neither Chernarussian Government nor the Soborian separatists were willing to give in. Now, nearly 4 years later, CSAT Russia has issued an ultimatum to the Chernarussian Government: "recognize Soborisk as an independent state". All diplomatic solutions seem to have been exhausted.

Tour 3
AO: United Sahrani, Porto (WarmUp)
Storyline: Last week Monday, elements of CSAT’s elite 3rd Quds Brigade invaded the South Island of the United Republic of Sahrani (URS). The Sahrani Armed Forces (SAF) were taken by surprise. After a short and decisive operation, the SAF were forced to retreat to the north island. CSAT quickly took control of the South Island, including the Republic’s capital Corazol.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.

Additional info:
For more info about this multiplayer campaign visit

Recommended Add-Ons:
To enhance game play, the following (optional) client add-ons are recommended:
    Advanced Combat Radio Environment (ACRE 2) -or- TaskForce Arrowhead Radio (TFAR)
    Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE3)
    Commanders Tablet (cTAB)

- Fixed: Turret gunners.
- Updated: Various performance improvements.
- Updated: 2sierra_readme.pdf ReadMe document.
- Updated: Applied ADF 2.25 framework.

- Fixed: Invulnerable vehicle gunners.
- Updated: Performance improvements.
- Updated: 2sierra_readme.pdf ReadMe document.
- Updated: Applied ADF 2.22 framework.

- Fixed: Attempt to fix the occasional invincibility of OpFor.
- Updated: 2sierra_readme.pdf ReadMe document.
- Updated: Applied ADF 2.19 framework.

- Added: Mod compatibility (RHS/Project Opfor/3CB Factions/CUP/CFP) for BluFor & OpFor
- Fixed: Vehicle service points working as they should
- Updated: Spawn on demand. Now via framework function.
- Updated: Dynamic civilians uses mods if available (Project Opfor/3CB Factions/CUP/CFP)
- Updated: 2sierra_readme.pdf ReadMe document.
- Updated: Applied ADF 2.15 framework.

- Fixed: Convoy’s. Attempt number 612 to fix AI convoys.
- Fixed: Para’s. AI para’s perform as ordered.
- Fixed: Mission ending day 3 & 4.
- Fixed: MOTS progress speed in day 4, 7 & 8.
- Fixed: Spelling in briefings/high command.
- Fixed/removed: last slithers of legacy code.
- Updated: Moved all mission logic to server init. HC only managed AI spawns.
- Updated: Further refining of mission balancer values.
- Updated: Most mission objects for increased performance.
- Updated: Applied ADF 2.13 framework.

- Added: Vehicle service points throughout the area of operation.
- Added: Woodland kit for tour 2.
- Fixed/removed: Legacy code
- Fixed: End mission is no longer activated for late joiners (JIP).
- Fixed: Locked buildings due to disabled simulation are now enterable.
- Updated: Mission balancer values in most missions. Thanks for feedback!
- Updated: Most mission systems and triggers
- Updated: Attempt to fix patch/insignia and texture issues
- Updated: Applied ARMA 3 Encore update.
- Updated: Applied ADF 2.10 framework.

- Fixed: Teleport flagpole tour 1 warmup mission
- Fixed: Mission balancer did a full reset when a player JIP-ed.
- Fixed: initPlayerServer bug caused issues for JIP players
- Fixed: Service point refueling issues.
- Fixed: TFAR radio channel pre-set.
- Updated: ORBAT, now slotting per squad instead of team
- Updated: Mission balancer setting can be overruled using the mission params at mission start.
- Updated: Applied ADF 2.06 framework.

Fixed: Various script issues.
Fixed: RPT spamming of various functions
Added: Mission balancer: Less players = less OpFor and v.v.
Added: 2 additional JIP slots (instead of 3 HC slots now only 1 HC slot).
Updated: Mission Objective Test Scripts (mots.sqf)
Updated: AI Skill is controlled by ASR-AI/vComAI/bCombat if enabled
Updated: Mission files updated in line with 3Den.
Updated: Code base. Completely re-written in line with ARMA 3 1.82.
Updated: Multiplayer optimization.
Updated: Applied ADF 2.03 framework.

  • Tour 3 released 4 new missions + warmup mission.
  • Fixed: Vehicle loadout.
  • Fixed: CAS support. Pilots now RTB as ordered.
  • Fixed: various bugs. Thanks for reporting!
  • Added: Additional debug and performance reporting.
  • Added: Additional command frago/information.
  • Updated: Patrol and Garrison functions. Increased rooftop placements
  • Updated: MOTS. Test script performance.
  • Updated: Warmup mission spawn occurance.
  • Updated: Mission balance on all missions.
  • Updated: ADF Framework 1.43 applied.
  • Updated: Briefings and Forum Media files
  • Updated: Two Sierra website:

  • v1.01
  • Tour 2 released
  • 4 new missions + warmup mission.
  • Fixed: Day 1: Bearclaw should now be responsive to orders after being rescued.
  • Fixed: Day 2-4: End mission directives and messages.
  • Fixed: Added ample medical supplies to medical facilities and medical vehicles.
  • Fixed: Mission Objective Test Script (mots.sqf).
  • Added: Additional debug and performace reporting. HC's report individually (RPT).
  • Added: Additional command frago/information.
  • Updated: Patrol and Garrison functions. Removed CBA dependies.
  • Updated: Warmup mission player spawn and active AO marker.
  • Updated: Mission balance on all missions.
  • Updated: (Advanced) ACE3 settings removed. Missions now use server settings.
  • Updated: ADF Framework 1.42 applied.
  • Updated: codebase to ARMA 3 1.54.
  • Updated: Briefings and Forum Media files
  • Updated: Two Sierra website:

  • The Two Sierra campaign was carefully put together with the assistance, support and scripts from the following individuals/groups:
      - Bohemia Interactive for creating the ultimate MilSim platform.
      - Nopryl, CSOR, 2CAV and PFD for testing/feedback. Special thanks to Nytemyre for PR!
      - CBA Team for creating and maintaining their CBA framework.
      - Kju/CUP team for keeping the ARMA2 maps alive.
      - ACE team for spicing up the ARMA3 MilSim experience.

    - Community Base addons A3
    - Cup Terrains

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