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Version: 0.1

Short description: Rcon Tool used to manage your arma2/3 server

Date: 2015-10-08 14:04

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[LINUX] Rcon Toolkit py3rcon with TEXTGUI

indepth666 & ole1986

py3rcon : Rcon toolkit for linux to manage your Arma3 / Arma2 servers.
py3rcon is a Python3 client for Battleye Rcon protocol. It's designed with ARMA2 and ARMA3 in mind but may also work with other implemenation of the protocol.

- admin commands through in-game chat
- repeating messages to inform players
- restart interval
- textual graphic interface for linux
- modular based python scripting language

Installation / Usage:
How to use?
Configuration example can be found in configexample.json.

Usage: ./ <configfile>

Configuration explained
PLEASE NOTE: The configuration is stored JSON file. This format usually does not allow comments.

Config entry            | Example       | Description
----------------------- | ------------- | -----------
logfile                 | pyrcon.log    | File name of the pyrcon log
loglevel                | 10            | Loglevel (10 = show debug info, 20 = exclude debug info, 30 = display only error and warnings)
server : host           |     | Hostname of the armaX server
server : port           | 2402          | Port of the armaX server
server : rcon_password  | yourPW        | Rcon password
commands                | commands.json | Commands configuration file in JSON format
restart : interval      | 240           | Restart interval in minutes
restart : exitonrestart | true          | End the application when restart interval has reached

Use the command below to display the TEXTUAL GUI.
PLEASE NOTE: When using the --gui argument, schedules like reapeating messages and **restart intervals are disabled

Usage: ./ --gui <configfile>

- first release

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