Author: Haleks
Author Website:

Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Ravage is a survival mod for Arma 3, bringing you a comprehensive set of tools to create scenarios with ease. Ravage adds new assets, game mechanics and modules, as well as new missions and countless tweaks and modifications.

Date: 2020-06-27 09:22

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Ravage is a survival mod for Arma 3, bringing you a comprehensive set of tools to create scenarios with ease. Ravage adds new assets, game mechanics and modules, as well as new missions and countless tweaks and modifications. Creating your own scenario for Ravage requires close to zero scripting knowledge : the mission editor modules are designed to work in both singleplayer and multiplayer - dedicated or locally hosted - and are easy to configure.

What's in it?
- Zombies reacting to players and NPCs alike.
- Basic needs simulation integrated to vanilla game mechanics.
- Dynamic spawn systems for zombies, NPCs, furnitures, loot, vehicles and wrecks.
- Soundtracks from the STALKER games.
- Integrated support for numerous mods, including gear, vehicles and terrains.
- A basic MP characters persistency system that doesn't require any external database.
- New textures and assets.
- Dynamic weather.
- And much more!

Ravage also includes several demo missions under the "scenarios" tab, showcasing what can be achieved by simply using the mission editor modules.

Supported Mods
RHS : Escalation
Community Upgrade Project
WarfareThai EX
Friths Ruin

Do you want to know more?
Kodabar created a Ravage Wikia[], where you will find detailed informations about the mod, download mirrors, tutorials, missions, editing tips and scripts. The wikia is regularly updated, and anyone is free to contribute.

There's a Youtube Channel as well, thanks to Gunter Severloh : it's the best place to find everything related to Ravage on Youtube.

Also, the original thread on BIS forums, where Ravage was first released back in 2015 : Ravage[]
If you have any issue to report, or would like to discuss further on scripts and concepts, that's the place for it. I always keep an eye on it, and it is also much more convenient than the Workshop comments section.

To install Ravage you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Credits & Thanks:
Cunico : gasmasks and shemaghs 3D models and textures.
Bad Benson : Zombies and Infected textures.
Evil Organ : SFX and dynamic compositions.
Teacup[] and the Breaking Point team : Zombie animations.
Giorgygr : Additional models and textures.
Cosmic10R : Retextured weapons.
MadMoo : Radioactive zone warning sign.

GSC for the STALKER games and allowing use of their assets.
Larrow, Na_Palm, Meatball and Zooloo75 for sharing various scripts and concepts.
Kodabar and Gunter Severloh for their continuous support.
Everyone for playing the mod!

License / Disclaimer:
Ravage Mod by Haleks is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available on request.
Using Ravage Mod on monetized servers is strictly forbidden.

Position and orientation precision of the furniture system.
The furniture spawn system is compatible with non-configured objects.
Artificial lights are now correctly disabled on all clients.
Added furniture system support for Livonia structures (thanks to EO!).

Wrong postinit attribute for several zed functions.
Potential fixes for resurrected zeds in MP.
Fix for locality issues when a zed would grab a player's backpack.
The z_audio_coef was affecting the AI improved hearing (AI module).
A few loops would compile code (compiling is now done once before each loop).
Zeds could pinpoint shooters from quite a distance.
Extended support for Global Mobilization.
Gunshots can attract nearby patrols (only affects ravage-spawned units).

Antirad pills potency was affected by protective gear.

New SP sleep system à la RDR2.
Potential anim fix for units turning into zeds.

Temporary fix : tracks defined in description.ext files were excluded from the Custom Playlist entry.

Zed behaviour is now "paused" when knocked down on the ground.
Moved "turn into zombie" scripts to cfgFunctions.
Fixed a typo preventing players from gutting boars.

Various optimisations on most background scripts.
Wrong Simulation type for "Land_Lighthouse_F".
Added "Post-Apo" underwear to AI units spawned by Ravage.

Moved several background scripts to non scheduled environment:
* AI management system
* weaponHolders/Groups/Corpses clean-up system
* Both External and Internal vehicles caching systems
* Dynamic Furniture system
New BI key (it's the last one, promised!).
Emptied WeaponHolders weren't properly removed from the Loot Management System.
New parameter (Zombies Module) to allow or prevent zombies from grabbing gear from players (Enabled by default).
New parameter (Settings Module) to enhance AI reaction to nearby gunshots (ON by default).

Improved "Sleep" action to allow sleeping in all tent types without needing a fire.
Updated default settings for the Survival Module to include new tents.*
Updated Altis showcase to include new tents.
Mission makers may have to update the Usable Beds entry in the Survival module with the following objects :

Fine-tuned the AI Looters system.
Minor tweaks to the AI Driver system.
The Loot Search system now supports objects from Livonia.
Updated survival system to handle more than one tent type.
Updated loot lists with new tents.
Fixed :
Fixed wrong descriptions for several ravage items.
New :
Added 3 new tents by EO.
Added an 'Ambient Camps' option to the AI Module.

Minor update to the Radiation Protection system.
Fixed the "rhs_weap_rsp30_red" error.
It was impossible to skin Boars.
Zeus couldn't interact with survivors.
Fixed Compact NVGoggles (green) error.
The Radiation system now supports backpacks ("B_CombinationUnitRespirator_01_F","B_SCBA_01_F").
Added an "AI Looters system" to the Settings module (enabled by default).

Fixed :
Fixed a variable error in the traders system.
New :
Added an Advanced Driver AI option to the Settings module (enabled by default).

Tweaked :
Furnitures are now spawned as local simpleObjects.
Optimized zed spawn system.
Improved music system.
Advanced Animal AI is now optional & enabled/disabled from the Settings module.
The Altis showcase has been updated.
Fixed :
The gearpool module could fail to identify invalid classnames.
The gearpool module now search for invalid classnames in all custom arrays, not only weapons.
Fixed several design issues with the gearpool module.
The AI module would not initiate in the absence of hostiles.
Fixed a texture issue with covered offroad variant.
New :
Added support for Contact DLC music.
Added a Structures Blacklist to the zombies module.
Added optional error display to the gearpool module.
Added a custom playlist entry to the atmosphere module.
Added 4 new uniforms by EO.
Added new NVG down variant.
Added support for WildBoar hunting (

Tweaked :
Restored power lines 3d models.
Various minor fixes.

Fixed :
Android faces were associated with vanilla identities.
New :
Added new uniforms by EO.
The Radiation module supports most Contact DLC items.
Added more Contact DLC items to loot lists.

Fixed :
Hitpoints configs for zombies.
Burning wrecks could cause performance issues.
The Loot Module would spawn undesired vanilla magazines.

Fixed :
Fixed several issues with the new zed damage coef.

Tweaked :
Disabled footstep sounds on bolter walk anim.
Disabled unnecessary init functions.
Improved damage handlers for zombies.
Tweaked default loot lists.
Updated data for rvg_backpacks and rvh_headgear (thanks to EO).
Fixed :
Dismissed units could switch to an incorrect side.
Error caused by breathfog init.
Furnitures not spawning with Arma3 v1.93.
The Ambient AI module can generate gear lists on its own.
Fixed rvg_fnc_init_gearpool error on old mission files.
Some zed spawn condition checks were incorrect.
New :
Added a common items entry to the gearpool module.
Added a rare items entry to the gearpool module.
Added a damage coef parameter to the zombie module.
Added a Usable Beds entry to the survival module.
Added a 'corrupted android' face.
Added new hoodies by EO.
Added Contact DLC weapons to default lists.

Fixed :
Fixed modules init priorities.
rvg_fnc_equip was broken.

Tweaked :
Opening a trader's backpack grants a negative rating (replaces the 'take' EH & fixes an exploit).
Upgraded Gear Pool module.
Custom weapons arrays can be used independently.
Fixed :
Audio Detection system errors with mounted launchers.
User-defined lists are now correctly applied to the loot system.
AI & loot lists are now correctly synchronised.
Locality issue with fireplace actions.
Added a radius parameter to all actions.
New :
Gearpool module : added support for GM CDLC.*
Gearpool module : override entries for uniforms, vests, headgear, glasses & backpacks.
Loot module : automatic sorting of civ/mil vests.
Notes :
* Includes a limited number of vanilla items for diversity.

Fixed :
Incorrect pictures for O² tanks.
Incorrect processing of zedSafeDistance.

Tweaked :
Light sources are now disabled with "switchLight" command.
Emptied weapon holders are now deleted on "take" & "inventory closed" events.
Fixed :
Fixed a potential locality issue when looting furnitures.
Sounds not playing when looting objects.
Fixed an error when firing a weapon.
The sound detection system should now work with all 3rd party addons.
Glasses were disabled on zombies.
The furnitures spawn system was broken.
AI sometimes ignoring zombies hitting them.
Atmos module was unable to disable lights on Weferlingen.
New :
Added support for GM DLC gasmasks.
Added support for GM water pumps.
Added support for GM beds (SP).
Added support for GM lootable objects.
Notes :
Undocumented changes for future implementation of a new class of Infected.

Tweaked :
Current target variable for zombies is now partially global.*
Overhauled zombies audio detection.
Furniture spawns are now processed every 2 frames.
Various optimizations to zed AI process.
Equipment Module : custom weapons lists now override all other settings.
Added rpt notification for invalid classnames in custom weapons lists.
Default AI combatMode is now set to "WHITE".
Tweaked ambiant UAV groups.
UAVs will now ignore zombies.
UAVs now follow their target.
Fixed :
Vehicle Actions were missing a distance parameter.
Zeds would sometimes run to default map center position after taking a hit.
Corrections and improvements to the furniture spawn system.
Loot spawn chances were not processed correctly.
Fixed an issue with survival-related PP effects.
Fixed a sound issue when searching objects.
Suppressed gunshots are now correctly identified.
Throwing or placing an object would reveal the "shooter".
New :
Added plenty of new vests by EO.
Updated vanilla gear lists.
Updated default zombie uniforms.
Added an "audio detection coef" to the zombies module.
Added a "visual detection coef" to the zombies module.
Added a weird android face.
Zombies in the Dust showcase have been updated with different settings.
Added credits with patrons to the mod description in the main menu.**
Notes :
Previous single-player saves are not compatible with this update.
* Keep an eye on mp perfs/locality conflict with target detection.
** Temporary, given the limited space.

Tweaked :
Clean up system now works with scripted weaponholders.
Survival Suits now defined as antirad uniforms.
Fixed :
Fixed undefined variable when spawning wrecks.
Fixed Zeds spawning near killed NPCs.
Credits :
Special thanks to EO, MurazorWitchKing, Tourist & David Deana for their support.

Tweaked :
AutoWalk now works when a weapon is equipped.
Improved Breathfog script.
Dynamic static wrecks are assigned a vehicleVarName.
Optimized Vehicles and wrecks spawns.
Settings Module : dynamic anim speed is now optional.
Various improvements and optimizations to the dynamic furnitures system.
Enabled Dead Rising on the Altis demo mission.
Enabled Dirty Uniforms on the Altis demo mission.
"walk with lowered rifle" anim speed increased.
Removed redundant check in zed attack process.
Fixed :
Fixed a potential issue with the dynamic furnitures system.
Fixed undefined variable when searching an object.
Zeds could get stuck in attack loops.
Fixed several issues with zed attacks on vehicles.
'Dead Rising' wasn't 100% working when set to "killed by zeds only".
New :
Added wetsuits w/ hidden fins (Survival Suits).
Added new uniforms by EO.
Atmosphere Module : 'Disabled Lights' is now optional and has a range parameter.
Credits :
Special thanks to EO, MurazorWitchKing, Tourist & David Deana for their support.

Tweaked :
Ambient Zombies module : Sun Influence is set to false by default.
Fixed :
Fixed an issue with the Dirty Uniforms feature.
Fixed several issues with the Resurrection feature.
Credits :
Special thanks to EO, MurazorWitchKing and Tourist for their support.

Tweaked :
Players inside Safe Zones no longer spawn zombies.
Fixed :
Wrecks caching system now works with remoteControl UAVs.
Fixed an issue with the Safe Zone module.
Zombies are now able to get back on their feet.
New :
New module option : turn killed humans into zombies.
New module option : zombie resurrection timer.
Credits :
Special thanks to EO, MurazorWitchKing and Tourist for their support.

Tweaked :
Dirty materials used for zed uniforms were too shiny.
Reverted changes on AI DirectionRelative callouts (fixed in A3 v1.90).
Fixed :
Fixed an error with rvg_fnc_equip.
Airport Lamps were still emitting light.
The Ghost Hunters showcase now fails when player's rating drops below -2000.

Tweaked :
Various improvements to the Ghost Hunters scenario.
Fixed :
Fixed an issue with the maxGlobalZeds variable.
Added missing pistol ammo in the Ghost Hunters scenario.
Fixed several issues with extraction in the Ghost Hunters scenario.

Tweaked :
Unit deletion distance is now the same as AI max spawn distance.
Updated one of the Altis intro scenes.
Replaced AI DirectionRelative callouts by DirectionCompass.
Zeds hit from beyond audio range will run in a random direction.
Fixed :
The V_O2Tank_1 vest was missing breathing sounds (Survival Module).
New :
New showcase mission on Malden : Ghost Hunters

Tweaked :
AI is less likely to go prone (thanks to .kju)
Supply crates now available in Zeus (thanks to EO)
Fixed :
Balanced zombies spawns around groups of players.
New :
New module option : dirty uniforms for zombies.

Fixed :
Dust Scenario : Weapon (un)jamming broken after resuming a save
New :
Added 3 alternative NVG models

Tweaked :
Zombie Hordes are now persistent.*
Fixed :
Breathfog function causing framerate loss over time.
Note :
Horde modules can now spawn multiple hordes - not just one.
Hordes will be cleaned up if a Ambient Zombies module is active.
Mission makers should make sure spawn distances for Hordes and Ambient Zeds are similar.

Tweaked :
AI Group spawn process.
The "Altis" demo mission is now a bit less difficult.
Various tweaks to the Autowalk system.
Added Mine Detector to military loot.
Minor tweaks and optimizations.
Furniture such as fridges are tagged as "food only" containers.
Fixed :
Zombies can no longer hit targets in "semi Open" vehicles (they will attack the vehicle itself).
The Autowalk script would stop working after resuming a saved game.
New :
A ton of new gear items by EO.
Added 2 new guerilla uniforms.
Added a new, hardcore demo mission called "Dust".*
Added a "No head" face.
Added a new rebreather vest.
Note :
The Dust Scenario inludes new features :
* Zombies can alert each others when a target is spotted.
* Dust Storms are frequent : cover your mouth when outdoors.
* Particle effects based on Alias Cartoon scripts.
* Spreading Infection : as time passes by, some NPCs have greater chances to spawn as (lootable) zombies.

Fixed :
Fixed an issue preventing zombies from seeing targets.

Tweaked :
lowered rifle running anim reverted to vanilla state (more practical when running with a lamp on).
Minor optimization to Zed LoS process.
Disabled Hit Screams for zombies.
Added "greasegun" to IFA3 gear lists.
Fixed :
Bandits no longer looting buildings since the previous update.
WeatherChanges are now forced when the player sleeps (SP).
Most weapon switching animations have been fixed.
Fixed init variables errors with the ambient zeds module.
The Settings module was causing a crash on briefing screen in SP.
New :
AI infinite ammo can be disabled on any unit with the "limitedAmmo" variable (this setvariable ["limitedAmmo",true,true]).
New module parameter to control zombie agents wandering behaviour when idle.
New module parameter to force zombie agents to form hordes over time.
New AutoWalk feature (uses CBA key Binding).

Tweaked :
AI hunting behaviour added as a new function (rvg_fnc_hunters).
Tweaked Hunting behaviour so hunters don't run all the time.
Reduced the number of items sold by supply traders.
Various minor optimizations.
Fixed :
Equipment Pool module failing to synchronise gear lists in MP.
New :
New set of animations for Bolters.
Scripted animation variations for Runners and Walkers.

Tweaked :
Tweaked Zed deletion timers to avoid unwanted behaviour on teamSwitch.
Removed AT cars from default patrols.
Weapons traders were added back to default shopTypes.
More tweaks to vegetation clutter.
Fixed :
Zeus players are now excluded from the MP save system.
Fixed an exploit with weapons traders.

Fixed :
Log error related to the createFireEffect function.
Missing Server Browser data in meta.cpp file.

Tweaked :
Improved gore FX on zombie melee attacks.
Improved audio feedback when hit by a zombie.
Improved target range detection for zombies.
Vehicle patrols set to limited speed mode.
Major optimizations to most background scripts/functions.
Spawned UAVs are set to send targeting data.
Spawned UGVs are set to receive targeting data.
Spawned UGVs patrol radius adjusted to AIMinSpawnDistance.
Revised 'UAV protocol'.
Fixed :
Zeds are now correctly set as instigators of their attacks.
Spawned drones deletion radius adjusted to AIMaxSpawnDistance.
New :
Added a special "rvg_meleeAmmo" for future scripted melee system.

Tweaked :
Improved and optimized rabbits behaviour.
The Dynamic Weather system no longer overrides mission fog parameters.
Added car variants from the Tanks DLC.
"Running with lowered rifle" animation for players replaced with the AI variant.
Fixed :
A deprecated version of the Tanoa Demo was packed in the previous update.
Spawned NPCs failling to crew their assigned vehicle.
The ambient zed spawn system could stop working in MP after some time.
Ravage is now compatible with grenades from 3rd party addons (thanks to [SEN]Baraban!).
New :
Mission makers can define custom lists for ambient vehicles and wrecks.
Mission makers can define custom vehicles list for ambient AI patrols.
Added a custom "Launchers" setting to the Gear Pool module.
Added tracks from the Tacops DLC to the ambiant music system.

Tweaked :
Reverted sound cfg to vanilla values for all land vehicles.
Fixed :
Updated demo missions to fix an issue with zed behaviour.

Fixed :
Missing config for "NBS" NoVoice profile.
Improved handling of known targets for zombies.

Tweaked :
small updates to the ambient furnitures system.
APERS mines added back to military loot lists (survival category).
Removed launchers from lone NPC loadouts.
Ravage no longer retextures vanilla buildings.
Fixed :
fixed an issue with the ambient music feature.
some variables generated by the loot system weren't correctly deleted.
New :
Mission makers can define Weapons Lists for both the loot system and NPC gear (Equipment Pool module).

Tweaked :
reduced clutter density on Altis, Stratis and Malden.
Fixed :
fixed duplicated "Holster" actions.
fixed zombies unable to see or attack targets.
zombies can no longer "forget" a target while attacking it.
New :
Added Asian factions to the Ambient AI module.

Tweaked :
attenuationEffectType reverted to vanilla values for all cars and trucks.
Tweaked init process for AI module.
Gathering water now works with concrete well objects.
Fixed :
Hotfix : Deployed tents are no longer deleted.
Fixed potential issues with burning wrecks script.
Fixed an issue with ambiant music when resuming saves.
The survival module would disable TeamSwitch.
New :
Added dynamic pitch for gasmask sounds, scaled on the player's fatigue.

Tweaked :
Zed LoS tweaks.
Fixed :
The Loot Module was causing framerate drops on dedicated servers.
The Loot Module was failling to exclude vanilla weapons & mags.
Vehicles spawned mid-game were missing several actions.
Vehicles spawned via module were using an obsolete init script (causing unwanted behaviours).
New :
Added Custom Event Handlers entries to all zombies via the Ambient Module:
init, killed, firedNear & Hit.

Tweaked :
Zed pathfinding updates should execute a bit faster.
Reduced unnecessary zed pathfinding updates.
Minor optimizations to zombie AI.
Tweaked list of lootable props.
Positioning of spawned vehicles and wrecks.
Wrecks are now spawned as simpleObjects.
Edited gear lists for NPCs.
Added a new default uniform to zombies.
Traders will greet nearby players.
It is now possible to sleep on sofas.
Zombies have been assigned proper nameSounds.
Traders will update their supplies at least once a day.
Restored vanilla models for most civilian structures.
The Loot system module has been upgraded.
Demo missions have been updated for the upgraded loot module.
Slightly reduced volume on a few zombie audio samples.
Fixed :
Zombies had trouble updating their pathfinding when in large groups.
Zombies were able to detect deployed mines and explosives.
Vehicles and wrecks spawning on top of each others.
The Vehicles Module would destroy critical parts, causing vehicles to explode.
Spawned wrecks sometimes sunk into the ground.
Fixed nomad traders failing to stop when approached.
Fixed an issue with backpacks grabbed by zombies.
Fixed another issue/exploit when selling weapons to traders.
Fixed incorrect loot spawn chances evaluation.
List of looted props wasn't correctly synchronized across clients.
Fixed an issue preventing players from looting multiple props of the same type.
Fixed script error during zed AI init.
Fixed an issue when making fires indoors.
Fixed several issues when using inventory items.
New :
Added an Ambient Conversation setting to the AI module.
Zombies have a small chance to disarm players.
Added an Ambient Furnitures setting to the loot module.
Each loot category (civilian, military etc) has its own loot type probabilities setting.
Added support for Laws of War DLC.

Tweaked :
Looting with HoldAction is now a bit faster.
Spawned zeds have a small chance to become dormant instead of loitering.
Tweaked zed damage output.
Moved AI spawn process to unscheduled environment.
Minor optimization to the breathfog script.
Edited clutter cfg for Altis, Stratis and Malden.
Tweaked RHS loot lists.
Increased nutrition value for raw meats.
Eating raw meat doesn't heal anymore.
Fixed :
The Loot Search feature would stop working after respawn.
HoldActions now work in 3rd person view.
Fixed an issue with zed spawns on dead players.
Breathfog was visible on hidden units.
Fixed an issue with spawned empty vehicles.
Wounded zombies were sometimes unable to move.
New :
Support for all gazmasks from the w40k mod.

Tweaked :
Slightly increased Antirad potency.
Most player idle animations are disabled.
Reduced fog base parameter for the Tanoa demo mission (should prevent excessive fog changes ingame).
Slightly increased zed staggering animation speed.
Increased max world count for rabbits on Altis.
Rabbit fleeing behaviour.
Tweaked Ambiant Life configs for Stratis.
Tweaked Color Correction Filter to be brighter by night.
Spawned units have a small chance to be equiped with a RPG launcher.
Range detection for zombie attacks : should allow them to actually attack most vehicles.
Fixed :
Hunger and Thirst sometimes getting stucked after a respawn.
Survivors spawning above ground level.
Fix for safe zone and zed blacklist modules.
Fix another potential issue causing off-center aiming.
Fixed an issue causing rabbits to have a human head floating above them.
Fix for several errors caused by players death.
Fixed : briefing was disabled in the 28years scenario as it would crash the game.
Fix for decreased health when resuming a MP save.
Fixed missing notification whenever a new MP save is created.
Fixed an exploit with Weapons Traders.
Fixed an error causing traders to have an empty inventory.
Fixed : the Loot Module no longer checks for buildings when only the Search action is enabled.
Fixed : spawned vehicles would produce explosion sounds.
Fixed : graphical issues with airport lamps after the Malden update.
Fixed : deployed firecamps floating above ground.
Fixed : spawned wrecks sometimes floating above ground.
New :
New idle and walking zombie animations from the Breaking Point mod.
New optional sub-mod : Ravage CUP (WIP, disables most artificial lights).
Added ambiant Crowes, Kestrels and Eagles on Altis (courtesy of EO).
Added a new shop type : gear (clothes, vests, headgear, goggles).
Added support for PMC uniforms from CUP units.
New module setting allowing to limit wrecks spawns to empty vehicles, static wrecks, or both.
Support for HD3 gasmask.

Tweaked :
Lighthouses are now disabled.
Increased patrol radius for car patrols.
The "bandanna + cap" headgear now appears in Virtual Arsenal.
Survival module now deletes player bodies unless other players are in the vicinity.
The zed spawn process has been overhauled.
Zed spawn distances now adapt to player's velocity.
The MQ-12 Falcon has been added to the "WEST drones" list (Ambiant AI module).
Removed Rifles from Darters (they still signal targets to nearby UGVs).
Reworked hunting behaviour for bandits.
Disabled "Horde Behaviour" for now as its functionality is broken (Horde module).
Restored ATM & kiosks models.
Added a new uniform for zombies.
The "rvg_owned" variable can now be used to exclude weaponHolders and bags from the clean-up system.
The loot spawns were a bit too generous on the Altis demo scenario.
Tweaked vanilla gear lists (loot & AI) :
- Added more civilian uniforms.
- Military gear limited to more generic content (AAF gear was removed, emphasis on NATO gear).
Fixed :
Wreck Spawns module failing to remove FAKs from empty vehicles.
The vehicles module wasn't restoring animation sources correctly when caching empty vehicles.
Gear and loot items from supported mods not working from dedicated servers.
"Holster weapon" is now only available to the entity it was added to.
Possible fix for duplicate actions in MP.
Survival variables are now correctly reset on respawn.
Players were unable to remove attached chemlights after respawning.
Fixed several loot clean-up issues on dedicated servers.
Zeds were seeing hidden entities.
Ambient Zed module could spawn more zeds than the set maximum limit.
Zeds sometimes not spawning in very dense urban areas.
Removed some redundant distance checks before spawning zeds.
AI infinite ammo system now works when firing from a vehicle.
Fixed an issue causing spawned NPCs to be naked or use the wrong gear presets.
The Loot Search feature wasn't working in MP.
Fix for off-center view after consuming survival items.
Fixed an issue preventing players from unfolding sleeping bags or tents inside buildings.
Hand-placed zombies could have unexpected reactions to nearby gunshots.
Spawned drones would cause RPT errors.
Minor fix to the 28 years later mission.
Fixed an error in Multiplayer Saves Manager scenario.
Fixed an issue with traders re-supply.
Fixed missing model configs.
Fix for various RPT errors.

New :
Added the first rusty retex weapons by Cosmic10R (mainly marksmen DLC at the moment).
Throwable items can be used to draw away zombies.
Added two guerilla apparel variants : rolled-up and without gloves.
Zed spawns are now processed on the server if dedicated.
Rabbits will now flee when they detect danger.
Updated IFA3 support.
Updated RHS support (RHS SAF is NOT required nor supported at the moment).
Mod support for IFA3 now includes automatic support for LEN weapons pack.
New setting to the Ambient AI module defining chances for each bandit faction to hunt players.
New setting to the Equipment Pool module to limit stock content :
- currently excludes vanilla uniforms from the gear lists.
- should be used in combination with supported addons.
New BIkeys.

Tweaked :
Reduced fly altitude for UAVs.
Recruitable friendlies available once the "28 years after" scenario is completed.
Breathfog disabled while in a vehicle.
Tweaked behaviour of zed blacklist module.
Minor optimisations to breathfog.
Fixed :
Some supermarket buildings were missing from the CUP/A2 structures lists.
Players were able to search for loot while in a vehicle.
The Multiplayer Saves Manager scenario wasn't up-to-date.
Issues and RPT spam preventing friendly AIs from respawning.
Minor fixes to the loot search feature.
Reduced Antirads excessive weight.
Various minor fixes.
New :
Updated support for IFA3 LITE.

WARNING : MP saves from previous versions aren't compatible!
Tweaked :
Parts of the MP saving functions have been replaced with engine script commands.
Fixed :
Possible fix for default protocol class error.
All locality issues with ambient AI and vehicles should be fixed.
Issues when searching Arma2 furnitures for loot.
Some 3d models from CUP terrains were missing from the 'trash & furnitures' list.
Fixed locality issues when a player is hit by a zombie in MP.
Zombies were able to hit targets high above them.
Critical errors regarding loot randomization.
Error with CBA_fnc_taskPatrol.
Hand Flares were missing their AI ammo usage flags.
Fixes for the final task in the 28 Years Later scenario.
New :
Added support for CUP vehicles.

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Tags: Environment,   Fictional,   Hunger,   Infected,   Mod,   Survival,   Thirst,   Zombie