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Requirements: Arma 2, Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
Island(s): Chernarus, Utes
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.2

Date: 2016-02-23 19:56

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Wesley Wilson

Since the fall of the Soviet Union Chernarus has become a "troubled Country". After years of civil war and hostility toward Russia a chance for peace looked promising. On August 1st 2015 The Vice President of The Russian Federation met with The Chernorussian president to sign a historic peace treaty. It ended with the assassination of the Russian Vice President. The Chernorussian government fearful of Russia and its response quickly claims it was a terrorist attack.
Russia doesn't buy it. Russia believes the Chernorussian government was behind the assassination. After 2 weeks of meetings at the UN nothing is learned. Russia invades Chernarus on November 14th 2015 for Vengeance for the assassination of the Russian Vice President. Now you must bring Total Victory For Mother Russia, and bring those responsible to Justice.

  • Fully Voice Acted with Russian accents.
  • RHS units.
  • About 56 minutes of cut scenes throughout the campaign.
  • Play as Opfor. Russia.
  • Played On Chernarus and Utes Maps.
  • Powerful Storyline that developes deeper and deeper throughout the campaign.
  • 27 Missions Total. 22 Playable Missions.
  • Play as Infantry, Armoured, Sniper, and Special Forces. Also you play as a pilot in 1 mission.
  • Squad Leader in every playable Mission.
  • Most Missions Feature You as High Command Commander.
  • You can Switch to your squad memebers in Every Playable Mission.
  • You Play as Multiple characters throughout the campaign. Each one has a pre determined face and voice. Meaning its not random faces and voices.
  • Some missions you play as Boris Grishenko. Commander of the Russian Infintry.
  • Some missions you play as Zaytsev. Commander of Russia's Armored Forces.
  • Some Missions you play as Vasily Yeltsin. An Officer. Team Leader in the Spetsnaz.
  • For a single mission you play as Kolya. Strike commander in the Russian airforce.
  • For 2 Missions you play as Artyom Kravitch. Squad Leader. A Sniper.
  • For Most Playable Missions you have Artillery, Mortar Support Via Comms Channel.
  • For Most Playable Missions you can call in 2 KA52 Attack Helos to patrol your location Via Comms Radio Channel.
  • For Most Playable missions You can call in a single SU34 to patrol your location via Comms Radio Channel.
  • For Most Playable missions you access to satellite view of the map. It comes in handy when you trigger it for HEAT detection.
  • For All Playable Missions I have put in a cheat that will make you invincible. Just in case you get beat down too much. You can activate and deactivate it through the Comms Radio Channel when ever you want.
  • Briefings for Every Mission.
  • Full Weapon Selection for you and your Squad. Russian Made Weapons Only.
  • Most missions have AAN News intros.
  • Some missions have outros.
  • Most missions feature custom music that adds to what ever situation your in.
  • All playable missions feature Tons of Radio traffic.
  • Some missions feature conversations.
  • Campaign is in English.

  • Installation:
    Just like you would any other campaign. For the Retail version Place the PBO file in your Arma 2 Campaigns folder. If you dont have one just make folder titled campaigns. For the Steam version place it in your Arma 2 Arrowhead campaigns folder.

    Known Bugs And Issues:
    * For some reason sometimes the animations still get messed up. Specifically in cutscenes when a guy is sitting in a chair or leaning with his hands on a table.
    * AI still cant drive.
    * AI Still likes to kamikaze his plane sometimes. Specifically in Mission Courage_Duty_Honor Cutscene.
    * Probably still a few spelling and grammer issues.
    * Speical note. This campaign was created with Mods in mind. If your running mods like I am, you shouldnt have any problems.
    * In mission Nuclear_Fire the mushroom cloud now forms like it suppose to. But it falls apart when your computer cant render the cloud fast enough. low and medium end computers will have a terrible time with this mission.

  • The HVT in mission The_Rise_Of_NAPA can no longer be harmed. Before if the HVT died the mission would fail, and AI would tend to be the cause of his death.
  • You are no longer required to destroy uncrewed damaged vehicles in mission Traitors_Will_Be_Dealt_With to complete an objective.
  • You are no longer required to destroy uncrewed damaged vehicles in mission The_Fall_Of_The_Chedaki to complete an objective.
  • In mission The_Battle_For_Electrozavodsk you must manually set your next objective. This is because When the other friendly strike teams would complete an objective this would mess up your objectives.
  • A Bug was verified in mission When_Super_Powers_Collide. An invincible LAV would sometimes go roaming around destroying everything in its path. He was suppose to stay put until the player entered a trigger zone which would then allow the LAV to take damage like normally. The bug has been fixed and the LAV can no longer go roaming around.
  • Re-worked objective triggers in mission When_Super_Powers_Collide. After Objective 2 you must manually set your next objective. When the other friendly strike teams would complete an objective this would mess up your objectives.
  • Re-worked objective completion triggers in mission When_Super_Powers_Collide.

  • v1.1
  • A Bug was verified in mission The_Rise_Of_NAPA. The extraction helo would just float in mid air. On my 7th attempt I got the helo to mess up. The helo now does whats its suppose to.
  • If The_Rise_Of_NAPA extraction helo was messed up then mission Till_Death_We_Fight will have the same problem. Just to be on the safe side I corrected Till_Death_We_Fight

  • v1.1
  • Added voice acting to all playable missions.
  • Added RHS units to the campaign.
  • FIXED KA52 Support Helo Scripts. I dont know what I was thinking when I wrote the original scripts. KA52 Attack Helos now go to players position. They are cancled correctly now, and then respawn when called again.
  • FIXED SU34 Air Support Scripts. Same as the KA52 scripts. It now works as it should.
  • FIXED Dogfight scripts that are present in missions Divide_And_Conquer and When_Super_Powers_Collide. Team Blufor planes now respawn as they should have.
  • Limited Arty Support. This change excludes mission Counter_Attack.
  • Removed laser designator and Batteries from loadout Gear selection.
  • Removed Simple Support module's Air support from all missions.
  • Added Hint box in high command missions stating you have units in High Command awaiting orders.
  • fixed my bad spelling throughout the campaign.
  • Moderately modified mission A_Chance_For_Peace. All people are now animated. Now has a bigger explosion. Ends via script VS timer. Changed Camera. Changed some wording.
  • Remade and expanded mission Courage_Duty_Honor. Too many changes to list. But AI now drives like they should. Ends via script VS timer.
  • Lightly modified mission Securing_The_Perimeter. Added an in mission cut scene. Re-worked the CDF town defenders.
  • Lightly modified mission The_Alliance. Added intro. Added in mission cutscene. FIXED Bug that would sometimes prevent the mission ending at last objective.
  • Lightly modified mission Night_Raid. Added flare lighting system.
  • Moderately modified mission The_Rise_Of_NAPA. Added intro. Fixed triggers that were set incorrectly. Extraction Helo can only be called upon when the HVT's gaurds are dead. Clarified HVT location With added objective. Added in mission cut scene.
  • Lightly modified mission Divide_And_Conquer. Added intro. Re worked the defenders. FIXED dogfight scripts. AI now respawns like they should.
  • Moderately modified mission Counter_Attack. Added Intro. Optimised performance. Re-worked all units. Added a script to force the mission to end after a certain ammount of time has passed, NAPA and the CDF dont always follow their waypoints and would get stuck or would run off which prevented the mission from ending.
  • Lightly modified mission The_Battle_For_The_North_East. Added intro. Re-worked All units.
  • Lightly modified mission The_CDFs_Last_Airstrip. Added intro. Optimised performance. Re-worked all units.
  • Lightly modified mission The_Ultimate_Betrayal. Added intro. Re-worked all units.
  • Lightly modified mission Traitors_Will_Be_Dealt_With. Added intro. Re-worked All units.
  • Moderately modified mission An_Act_Of_Genocide. Added intro. Added 2 in mission cutscenes. Fixed smoke comming from Pavlovo. Re-worked all units.
  • Moderately modified mission The_Fall_Of_The_Chedaki. Added intro. FIXED bug that sometimes would prevent the objective and mission ending. The Chedaki would sometimes flee into the forest never to be seen again. Fail safe Trigger activates via timer. Optimised performance. Re-worked all units.
  • Lightly modified mission Unfinished_Business. Added intro. Re-worked a few NAPA units.
  • Lightly modified mission The_Battle_For_Solnichniy. Added intro. FIXED Sokol 6 radio chat. Reworked a few NAPA units.
  • Lightly modified mission Raiders_In_The_Dark. Added intro.
  • Lightly modified mission Highway_To_The_Danger_Zone. Added intro. Added Additional pilot incase the player doesnt like their single seat SU25 and wants the 2 seater SU34. Re-worked some NAPA units. AI Flown Aircraft now have unlimited Ammo. AI was draining their ammo blowing up 1 NAPA unit at a time.
  • Lightly modified mission Armored_Warfare. Added intro. Re-worked all units. Modified outro.
  • Lightly modified mission The_Battle_For_Electrozavodsk. Added intro. Re-worked all units. Improved performance some what. Theres just a lot going on in this mission.
  • Lightly modified mission Raiders_In_The_Night. Added intro. Re-worked a few CDF units.
  • Moderately modified mission When_Super_Powers_Collide. Added intro. FIXED high command OpFor infantry, they are no longer stuck in their starting location nor are they taking time out in a war zone to go rock climbing, or whatever it was they were doing. FIXED dogfight scripts. Blufor AI planes now respawn like they should. Re-worked all units.
  • Heavily modified mission Nuclear_Fire. Edited Intro Camera. Mushroom cloud now FIXED but only if your computer can keep up with the renderings. Added special visual effects. Added special sound effects. Simplified and modified camera script. Ends via script VS timer.
  • ADDED mission Nuclear_Devastation.
  • Lightly modified mission Search_And_Collect. Edited intro and outro.
  • Heavily modified mission Till_Death_We_Fight. Added intro. Heavily Edited Chedaki defenders, Player and friendly teams were overwhelmed. FIXED the slow American AI squads. They now make themselves useful. FIXED Extraction Helo. Helo no longer gets stuck, helo now lands correctly at a new LZ and waits for its passengers. Added in mission cutscene.
  • Lightly modified mission Conclusion_And_Credits. Added Credits
  • Probably more but didnt get wrote down to add to this list.

  • Credits & Thanks:
    * My deepest thanks go to Mateusz Lisica for bringing Vengeance to life with his voice acting.
    * Red Hammer Studios for their realistic units.
    * Amy Wilson for doing the AAN news scenes, and the young lady in mission An Act Of Genocide.
    * Kristi Wilson for playing the old lady in mission An Act Of Genocide.
    * Kronzky's Urban Patrol Script.
    * ZSU blake for his AI Artillery Framework.
    * Mandoble for his awesome Mando Missile scripts.
    * Armaholic forums for all the help I found to make this campaign.
    * Bistudio forums for all the help I found to make this campaign.
    * Special Credits go To the makers of ARMA 2. Without them none of this could have been done.

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