Author: B. Gregory
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Version: 1.0

Short description: Pick's Up Units And Drops Them Off At Any Location Chosen.

Date: 2015-10-14 16:30

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Helicopter Pickup And Dropoff Template

B. Gregory - Xtreme

This Template, in short, Picks up units from a selected area once the Team Leader, or any added units walk into the Trigger Area, This can be configured (If you don't know how to configure this let me know and i'll provide a tutorial) So when the linked player walks into the area a helicopter will be sent to pick up units, whenever the linked unit gets into the helicopter the heli will take off and head towards the location to drop the units off, when the helicopter lands to drop units off the units will automatically be forced out of the heli. The Heli will then fly off. Also when the Helicopter is en route to picking units up it will provide a message on side chat saying " Helicopter En-Route, Sit Tight".

Installation / Usage:
Configurable Parts Of This Template;
- Location Of Pickup & Insertion
- Unit Type (Who Can Set The Triggers Off, What Faction, ETC.)
- Type Of Helicopter To Pickup / Drop off Units
- Much More Self Explanatory Things
- Can Be Used On Any Map For Any Purpose

License / Disclaimer:
Feel Free To Use This System For Any Purpose. If you want feel free to leave credits to me and link this post somewhere within your mission. Please do not take credit for this system yourself. (Atleast my version)

If you use this system within a mission of yours please link it to me. Id love to try it.
Thanks - B. Gregory / Xtreme

- first release

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