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Requirements: FIR AWS US - AirWeaponSystem US/NATO

Version: 1.992
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: The Grumman F-14 Tomcat is a supersonic, twin-engine, two-seat, variable-sweep wing fighter aircraft.

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Date: 2021-01-31 12:41

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F-14 Tomcat


The Grumman F-14 Tomcat is a supersonic, twin-engine, two-seat, variable-sweep wing fighter aircraft. The Tomcat was developed for the United States Navy's Naval Fighter Experimental (VFX) program following the collapse of the F-111B project. The F-14 was the first of the American teen-series fighters, which were designed incorporating the experience of air combat against MiG fighters during the Vietnam War.

The F-14 first flew in December 1970 and made its first deployment in 1974 with the U.S. Navy aboard USS Enterprise (CVN-65), replacing the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II. The F-14 served as the U.S. Navy's primary maritime air superiority fighter, fleet defense interceptor and tactical aerial reconnaissance platform. In the 1990s, it added the Low Altitude Navigation and Targeting Infrared for Night (LANTIRN) pod system and began performing precision ground-attack missions.

The F-14s were used as useful interceptor by Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force during Iran Iraq war against Iraqi warplanes. Iranian F-14s reportedly shot down at least 160 Iraqi aircraft during the Iran-Iraq War, which include 58 MiG-23s, 23 MiG-21s, nine MiG-25s, 33 Dassault Mirage F1s, 23 Su-17s, one Mil Mi-24, five Tu-22s, two MiG-27s, one Dassault Mirage 5, one B-6D, one AĆ©rospatiale Super Frelon, and two unknown aircraft. While only 12 to 16 Tomcats were shot down, at least half of the losses were due to accidents.

The Tomcat was retired from the U.S. Navy's active fleet on 22 September 2006, having been supplanted by the Boeing F/A-18E and F Super Hornets. The F-14 remains in service with the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force, having been exported to Iran in 1976, when the U.S. had amicable diplomatic relations with Iran.

From Wikipedia.

- F-14D Tomcat For United States Navy
- Extreme Long-Range Interception Capability.
- Change the Loadout, Skin and Insignia.
- Targeting system for Precision Strike.
- other hidden and "not-important" feature in there!

include with Texture & Config Template.

To install F-14 Tomcat you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

For usage instructions and information of how to use the F-14D Tomcat Standalone please refer to the included documentation.

You can download a skin and config template from here:

Known issues:
- Cockpit is wip.
- don't save the Custom Loadout Save/Load with Other Loadout Preset like CAP 1,2,3,4. its cause of screw up the Proxy.
- HUD is from Old Thing. because gun reticle in the kimi hud is not match the real gun point. i will ask to the kimi about make the new hud for F-14D.

Its Not BUG(or maybe.)
- Vapor Trail on Wings is very normal(even your wings is folded) because vapor trail point is memory point, but mem point is not a movable.
- In Mission Editor, you can't choose the RIO Seat(Commander Slot) because Pilot is Commander.
but still you can use "moveincommander" for manual get in the RIO Seat in editor. its trick for Weapon Problem with Gunner
- Gear Damper is Activated on height 18~19m, for operate with nimitz. because arma3 damper system is very weird.
- AIM-54 Phoenix is Effective for Long Range. in close range, use Sidewinder or Sparrow. if more Closer range,Use the Vulcan.

Credits & Thanks:

Special Thanks
Myke - i'm use his "Air vehicles instruments & gauges - Open source"
John Spartan & saul - allow for use afterburner , Ejection Script.
geraldbolso1899 - allow for use kimi Wipeout HUD/HMD.
fullerpj - allow for Compatible with KC-135 Stratotanker from USAF Mod.
Mr.R - he is my real friend, he provide of afterburner sound and AIM-9 Lock Tone Sound.
77th CFW members - Addon Tester for my addon
BIS - ArmA 3 and arma 2 sample model, texture and arma 3 function.

License / Disclaimer:
I take no responsibility for (im)possible damage to your game/system that may be caused
by installation of this Addon. This Addon is also prohibited to be used in any commercial product.

Changelog: (31-01-2021 - updated as it happens, displayed in news once every month)
- Pilotcamera(TGP) point added on HUD

- wing sweep speed adjusted

- skin packs integrated
- hitpoints added
- ECM capability data added

- eventhandler added. AI now will use tail-hook when landing on aircraft carrier Freedom.

- RFD is now only activate in Multiplayer game.

- new pilot for basic crew
- replace pilot combo box has been changed to checkbox
- new 4k skins(F-14D only)
- Mage 2 skin added(F-14D)

- EWP integration for F-14B/D(AIM-120 only)

- some HUD updates for F-14A/B (bomb/rocket CCIP reticle, ILS etc. not by Eromi, by myself.)
- missing ; in config fixed

- new HUD for F-14A/B by Eromi (it's still WIP!)
- 2 christmas special skins added(VF-31,VF-103)

- fixed : IR cover is will not appear on some variants for F-14A

- maintenance : new wing vortice and engine exhaust effect applied from AWS(wing vortice effect is working with Dev build for now)

- new 4k skins for standard aircraft(some sneak peek from three upcoming squadrons skin packs)
VF-154 Hi/Lo for F-14A (from Black Knight Rule skin pack. will be available in july)
VF-103 Hi/Lo for F-14B (from Fear the Bones skin pack. will be available in july)
VF-31 Hi/Lo for F-14D (from Last Cat Standing skin pack. will be available in july)
- CAS preset modified(2 aim-9m / 1 aim-7m / 1 lantirn / 4 gbu-12)
- all AIM-9L in presets are replaced to AIM-9M
- all AIM-54A in presets are replaced to AIM-54C
- IRIAF tomcat use own basic preset(2 aim-9h / 6 aim-7e)
- GBU-32 JDAM integration for F-14B*
- default sensor range for pilot/RIO increased 2km to 8km
- pilot camera angle limit increased. so you can see behind for gameplay.
*some reference : "A number of these sorties were in direct support of Operation ANACONDA, which would last another week as conventional US ground forces engaged with Al Qa'ida and Taliban targets in the Afghan province of Paktia. One such mission on that first night - in the early hours of 12 March and flown by F-14B BuNo 162912 from VF-11 - saw the first combat use of the GBU-32 variant of the JDAM."
CVW - US Navy Carrier Air Wing Aircraft 1975 to 2015 Volume One

- maintenance: some class inheritance fixed

- new blank skin for F-14A/B and D blank upgraded
- maintenance : new ADES Interface integrated

- maintenance : some code added for LAU-138 rail

- maintenance : IDD for AMS gui has been changed
F-14 : 5165

- some model animation improved
- AIM-9M w/LAU-138 Chaff Disp. missile rail supported(see AWS readme for detail)
- new bonus skins
* Jack Bartlett "Heartbreak One" (Ace combat 5)
* Marcus Snow "Swordsman" / VFA-206 (Ace combat 5)
* Shin Kudo & Edgar La Salle (Macross Zero)
- skin upgrade phase 1 (4K size)
* Wardog Sqaudron(wardog 1~4)
* Mobius one. also this skin is now using F-14A.

- maintenance : some AMS bug fixed , launchbar pos/EH added for new nimitz update

- Arctic Front update integration
- ATA/ATG Training presets
- maintenance

- maintenance(some fixes for loop script)

- maintenance(some fixes for init.sqf and ejection system)

- defaultUserMFDvalues added in config
- maintenance

- bug fixes : HUD disappear in MP client / AMS Bug etc

- Sound overhaul by Real Sound Studio
- AMS Integration : new integrated loadout system(see AWS readme for more detail)
- HCS(HUD Color slider System) added
- Maintenance

- new skin : VF-103 Sluggers(1995,F-14B)
- AN/ALQ-167 ECM pod, ECA(Expanded Chaff Adapter) integrated
- LANTIRN Pod animation added
- Skins Categorized

- HUD improvement : CCIP and etc
- maintenance

- TARPS integration

- maintenance

- physx wheels parameter adjusted(more stable on flight deck)
- mirror toggle function integrated

- Maintenance
- refueling support with KC-135 from USAF mod

- FIR_F14_ACSKIN(Trigger / AC7) has been deleted becuase this file shouldn't here right now.(will be include AC skin pack for future)

- Maintenance
- Special Type added in Replace Pilot attribute
- oxygen mask toggle action added

- jet feature update(sensor, dynamic loadout etc)
- airplaneX based simulation for uss freedom compatible.
- TCS/TGP Screen/ RFD / SMS function added
note(must read):
1. currently sensor range limitation is 20km around in arma 3. but i've keep the 370km radar range for future.
2. new airplaneX is not compatible with afterburner script, so looks buggy when 3rd view.

- maintenance(vulcan crash fix)

- visor toggle action added
- speed range of wing sweep adjusted
- master arm animation

- F-14A / F-14B Added
*F-14A/B cockpit is still need to work.
- many skins(see the tomcat squadrons list photo)
- loadout dialog overhaul
- killmark system supported
- replace pilot / afterburner sound / sweep wing attributes changed(input box -> check box)

Alpha 0.20 FINAL
*this version is Last version of F-14D Tomcat Standalone. however, its will become "F-14 Tomcat Series Standalone"
- ADES Prototype supported(for now only support Roundel, Skin, Insignia and Number)
- Wardog2/3/4 , Schnee, AC6 and Blank Skin Added
- Afterburner Sound Attribute(yes is turn on the sound, no is turn off. default is yes)
- many thing fixed&adjusted

v0.18 Alpha
- GBU-24 Paveway III Integration
- Add VF-31CAG,VF-41,VF-143,Razgriz,IRIAF and ENEMY TYPE A Skins
- Loadout Module for 2d/3d Editor(you can found in Object Modifier)
- Replace Pilot Attribute for 3d Editor(yes is replace the pilot, no is not)

v0.17 Alpha fixed
- without "onetoc2" file

Alpha 0.17
- New Skin System
- Also new template (include custom code in config) is updated too.

Alpha 0.16
- add ASPJ
- adapt Advanced I-TGT System
- adapt SetRankName System(in Loadout Dialog)
- adapt New Insignia System(in Loadout Dialog)
- Unlocked AREA 88 Skin

Alpha 0.15
- RIO Head-Spinning Problem is Fixed.
- Adjust of Emmisive & Diffuse in RVMAT for Cockpit Panel. more easier to see during in night and no more White-Shining in Day
- LESH Tow Mod is Supported.(its mean you don't need of optional config)

Alpha 0.14
- Ejection Seat System is now Activated
- Afterburner Sound Issue is Fixed, other user can hear of it.
- Fix the Deactivate of Get in Button on Specific Situation.

v0.13 Alpha
- Add NSAWC, ISAF, Miku Special Skin
- Add ReplacePilot code(See the Description or Readme)
- Custom Save/Load Function is now save/load another tomcat reskin.

v0.12a Alpha hotfix
- fix the sync with nimitz module action code
- add shortcut key for fold/unfold wing and lower/raise launch bar(see the shortcut list)

v0.12 Alpha
- Fixed minor UV Maps
- Weapon Station Display is working (below the Center MFD)
- Sync the Module without Nimitz modules. its Manual Override for Unexpected Situation.
- change the refuel_hose -> refuel_probe for refueling function

v0.1 Alpha
- Initial Release

- FIR AWS US - AirWeaponSystem US/NATO

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