Author: LykosMactire
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Requirements: Operation Trebuchet (OPTRE)

Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: OPCAN Is a reskin pack for the halo mod OPTRE. It focuses on Multiplayer use as it contains more uniform variety (canon and fictional) to play in. Along with new vehicle skins (canon and fictional) to use.

Date: 2018-09-02 19:54

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OPCAN - OPTRE Reskin Pack


OPCAN Is a reskin pack for the halo mod OPTRE. It focuses on Multiplayer use as it contains more uniform variety (canon and fictional) to play in. Along with new vehicle skins (canon and fictional) to use.

All uniforms in the alpha version are only accessible through Arsenal.

To install OPCAN - OPTRE Reskin Pack you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

For usage instructions and information of how to use the LM Mods OPCAN: Operation: Trebuchet Reskin pack please refer to the included documentation.

All uniforms in the alpha version are only accessible through Arsenal.

Known issues:
Vehicles in zeus can only be spawned in empty

Credits & Thanks:
Made with permissions of Article 2 Studios, All models credit to them, Will require OPERATION: TREBUCHET for models and weapons.

-OPCAN @ J. Burgess/Lykos Mods
-OPTRE @ Article 2 Studios
-Halo @ Microsoft
-All camos i modified to make this mod i may not remember who you were but credit goes to you

Hotfix for CH250 crash. should be no longer crashing
Only did this to fix a bug with the new optics, however i had issues signing the file so keys MAY not work. have not tested

-Release of current dev build. Last update for OPCAN, development ending due to lack of will to continue it

-Halo infinite scheme added
-WIP colonial guard scheme
-Redone all RL camo schemes
-MRS-10L-S1 (MAR-10 Reskin)
-I think there was more but i forget

Revival V 1.3
-Added Air Assault helmet (Credit to Immortal Phoenix on OPTRE Discord, semi wip)
-Added OPTRE-Compatible Shemaghs
-Added OD armor set
-expanded Urban uniform variants (Urban 1 and 2, formerly Reach odst 1 and 2)
-Added second woodland uniform variant

Build 1.2.1
-Quick hotfix for helmets
-Changed facewear textures to match new camo

Build 1.2
-Added NVG slot helmet attachments
-Redid halo Reach camo patterns
-Removed medical helmets based on base OPTRE schemes (since they added their own)
-Added more attachments to security vest
-Added CIV "TURBOGEN Rake V-5" (Apex Prowler reskin)
-Added Halo 2 Anniversary and Halo 3 Themed CBU uniforms

Build 1.1
-Added M52A "Security" Configuration
-Added M52A "Medical" Configuration
-Added M52A "Assault" Configuration
-Added M92 "Bolt" GMWS (a Jets SAM reskin)
-Added Insurrectionist variants of static AA
-Added CH252 "Medical" Variants
-Added "Slim" variants of most uniforms

-Fixed ODST visors

-Hotfix of Hotfix #HotfixCeption

-quick hotfix

V-Revival 1.0
-Rebuild of the entire mod to work with current build OPTRE
-Removal of halo 3 marines (More info on later)
-No factions as of now
-Multiple armor and uniform reskins for the CBU series
-Multiple ODST armor reskins
-For once i added a friggen key
-Reskins of Jets DLC Praetorian-1C (or whatever its called), the M48 Buzzsaw

-M808B Scorpion Reskins (thus adding Requirement of OPTRE_Z)

-Hotfix due to ArmA Tools Issue. Audio for M90A finally properly fixed

-ArmA III Themed skins
-Fixed M90
-Fixed URA Zeus spawning

-Binarization fixes

-Added Icons for Halo 3 Gear
-Removed attachments from M90A due to bugs
-Fixed Config issues

-Bug Fixes

-URASF Hotfix

-Halo 3 Marines by Morthon Added.
--Subfactions in Wood, Desert, Snow, Urban, And ONI Security
-Marine Skins by J. Burgess (mod author) added
-Halo 3 Marine Radio pack added
-M90A Shotgun by Morthon Added

-Added Colonial Police (BLUFOR)
-Added United Rebel Army (OPFOR) 3x Camo schemes
-Added Thugs (OPFOR)
-Added Official OPCAN mod lore to the mod folder ( Online Link:
-Added Dress Hats for Parade uniforms
-Added Custom helmets modified from A2 Samples.

-Halo Reach themed Uniform
-Halo 3 ODST helmet fix
-Variants of the ILCS Medical Packs in various camo patterns

-Attempt to fix keys in addons folder
-Spawnable UNSC Army faction with UNSC Army themed vehicles updated
-Small detail fixes
-Unarmed Falcon fix

-Hotfix for HW rebels in zeus

-3 New ODST armors
-Halo Wars 2 Themed Hog and APC and Hornet Skins.
-Halo Wars Style URF

-MAJOR: Removed majority (if not all) Wolf Legion assets
-Added Colonial Guard Special Forces (the New Wolf Legion)
-Added medics and Engineers to Militia and Guard

-Civ pelican Hotfix
-Couple Reskin tweeks

-Civilian Falcon and Pelican skins (under Optre UEG civilians tab, Useful for Zeus ops)
-Colonial Militia Unarmed falcon
-ODST uniforms for Phantom Team and Stratos Team

-Backpack Reskins
-TEMPEST Truck Reskins *30 Variants added total* (CGA, UNSC Army [wood and desert], UNSC Marines [wood and desert])

-More UNSC Dress uniforms
-Colonial Militia INDEP faction
-Colonial Guard Beret
-UNSC Berets
-Medical and Unarmed Falcons

-fixed URF APC not showing up in zeus

-UNSC Army themed Marshall Reskins
-CGA Themed Marid Skin
-URF themed Marid Skin

-Attempt at armor fixes
-2 Marshall Reskins
-FROST ODST armor for the 7th MEU

-15th Anniversary of Halo ODST helmet
-Few skin changes
-A joking Hornet reskin
-UNSC Caps

-Added A key
-Upgraded some Basic Infantry textures (Mainly Halo Reach Army)
-Added pouches to vests

-Added new uniforms
-Added new faction (Colonial Guard)
-Added Groups
-Updated CEA uniform
-Updated some warthog and pelican textures

-PMC Hornet
-Snow ODST Uniforms
-small fixes

-Added new uniforms
-Redid Kodiak Uniform
-Changed Helmet models for specific ODST helmets (Unit Based)
-Added Sniper variants of Woodland And Desert helmets

-fixed Kodiak uniform

-Updated for newest version of OPTRE
-Updated PMC Faction
-Added Hornet Reskins
-ODST Tweaks

-Added Wetsuit and rebreather functionality to ODST gear
-Added Naval Dress uniforms
-Added 1st ODST uniform

Added woodland ODST gear
Fixes to some things

v0.6b alpha hotfix
Fixed pelicans not showing up in Zeus

v0.6 alpha
-Pelican Skins (E-419, 07)
-ODST armor (Desert, Halo 3)
-E2 Bag and MCH124th vehicles
-E2Bag Assets now Wolf Legion
-MCH uniform now Urban Combat Fatigues
-Wolf Legion Uniform
-Halo Wars Pelican Fixed
-Pelican Nose guns fixed (Unarmed have no nose gun)
-Error on UNSC Marine base OPTRE armor

v0.5 alpha
Added Marine MP armor and helmet
Added Vacuum variants of most helmets
Changed some textures

v0.4 alpha
Winter uniform added
Texture changes to all E2 assets
Misc changes

v0.3 alpha
PMC faction for INDFOR with 2 zeus units and multiple vehicles
Red and Blue uniforms for PVP missions also basic Red and blue units in zeus
Warthogs in 3 new camo patterns (Woodland urban and tundra)

v0.2.1 alpha
- hotfix

v0.2 alpha
few small bug fixes
Added woodland and Desert CLS CH252's
Added Bikey

v0.1 alpha
- first release

- Operation Trebuchet (OPTRE)

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