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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 5.3.0
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This mod adds a fictional "future" version of the Russian Armed Forces to ArmA 3. It can be used to complement the other 2035 factions in the game.

Date: 2019-08-09 16:29

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2035: Russian Armed Forces

Mindas & Deathstruck

2035: Russian Armed Forces focuses on adding a fictional "future" version of the Russian Armed Forces to ArmA3.

Great effort has been put into an attempt to seamlessly integrate them into the 2035 era of the Armaverse, so that the faction could stand right next to the others in the base game (NATO, AAF, CSAT).

Featured are:
- Our own uniforms, vests, helmets and gear made completely from scratch (models and textures).
- New vehicles and armor, ranging from T-14 Armata, Pancir AA launcher to the Kamaz trucks, Tigr and more. Tanks DLC features fully compatible.
- Usable for any kind of enviroment. Various types of camo for both ground units (Flora, Partizan, Surpat, Desert, Winter... ) and vehicles/aircraft (Russian green, Desert, Nakikda, Winter, Arctic... ) and so on.
- Russian weapon pack featuring new guns such as the AK12 (and its variants), AEK, Pecheneg, PP2000 etc. Marksman DLC features fully compatible.

We plan on expanding the roster, gear and armament with further versions. Same goes for some of the ArmA3 assets/placeholders that will be replaced in the future

Mod is is currently compatible with Zeus, ASDG and ALiVE.

ALiVE users: Faction name is "min_rf" (without quotation marks).

To install the 2035: Russian Armed Forces you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Extract the folder @Min_RF into your ArmA3 game directory and enable the mod in the launcher. Also put the Mindas.bikey into the core Keys folder.

- If using CBA/ASDG, you *MUST* use the "min_rf_wp_c.pbo" and the bisign from the ASDG folder, replacing the one in Addons - otherwise you will have no scopes. You also must do it after every update.

For uninstallation, disable the mod in the launcher and delete the respective folder.

Included files:

- Retextures are okay. Any manner of them. Feel free releasing those without asking (for those who are interested: HiddenSelections are enabled for both uniforms and weapons).
- Same goes for using the mod as a requirement for another.
- Please ask our permission before releasing mods that alter or are based on the assets of this mod (models etc.)

Contact information:
You can usually contact us on the respective forums.
BIS Forums:

Credits & Thanks:
Mindas - Everything. Models, textures, config.. yes, he's that busy!
Deathstruck - Betatest, screenshots, permissions.
AveryTheKitty & Aegis team - Asset sharing from Aegis and vice versa.
Toadie2K - AK animations.
TheEvanCat - Black Titan launcher.
VanSchmoozin (VSM) - Balaclava model.
Sabre One - Armata models.
PetrTlach - Consultations.
BadHabitz - Help with solving some of the retexturing problems concering the Titan launcher.
Bohemia Interactive - The rest of the assets and ArmA3.

License / Disclaimer:
By downloading and using this modification, you agree that the author of the modification cannot be held responsible for any damage to software or hardware directly or indirectly caused by the aforementioned modification. Use at your own risk, yaddy yadda.

- Fixed the Russian radio protocol
- Fixed the missing optics
- Tweaked the T-14 and T-15 endurance
- Added compatibility with official AK weapons, ammo and attachments
- Other minor fixes

- Tweaked infantry textures
- Tweaked some of the accessory models
- Fixed some minor animation bugs with weapons and armor

- Tweaked weapon properties, projectiles and rockets
- Added and tweaked muzzle animations for launched rockets (SA22, T15 etc.)
- Tweaked textures for all uniforms
- Tweaked T15 textures
- Added thumbnail screens foor all units in editor
- Fixed wrong animation and accuracy of the Verba
- Fixed all reported bugs
- Bunch of others stuff I can't remember :D

- New shade of the EMR camouflage.
- New ammunition type for the T15 2A43 cannon(fixes the AI not engaging armored targets).
- Reworked all optics/collimator sights.
- Fixed reported bugs.

- Completely reworked and recreated new vests in multiple variants and camo.
- Reworked helmets, backpacks and other gear.
- Tweaked textures for ground troops (sampling, "worn out" looks etc.)
- Tweaked textures for weapons (lowered shininess etc.,)
- Added new 1P-87 sights.
- Tweaked the driving model for all vehicles.
- Enhanced destruction model and hit points for all vehicles (ground and air)
- Added SLAT grids and ERA armor for heavy armor, to up it to the Tanks DLC standard.
- Tweaked the looks and attributes of rockets and projectiles.
- Tweaked functionality of the SHORAD system for Pancir-S1, so that it's close to reality.
(rockets being used for detection on long distance, but still balanced for core gameplay. Cannons for closer distance.)
- New ported UAV drone Pchela-1T.
- Tweaked config for ground units and all vehicles, so that it is balanced for the base game (skill, endurance etc.)
- Removed special/optional config for CSAT replacement. (it is planned as an independent mod now). Uniforms and gear still included.
- Fixed all reported and newly discovered bugs.
- Fixed, tweaked and reworked a lot of other stuff that I don't remember right now. :)
- All is fully compatible with base game and all DLCs.

- New Winter pack with a new camo/cover model and other winter accessories.
- Added some weapons in winter camo.
- Added vehicles and armor with two winter camo options - basic white and "Arctic".
- Added a new desert camo. With optional RAE camo that was used in previous version.
- Added KA60, armed variant.
- Added a static KORD Machinegun and a AGS30 Grenade launcher.
- Added a new tactical Spetsnaz uniform in EMR and Surpat camo.
- Fixed vehicle/driving model of armour and Kamaz trucks.
- Fixed textures and materials of various units.
- Fixed Ballistic vests model.
- Fixed animations of the Arbalet-DM tower from Tigr.
- Fixed all config errors (armour, weapons), some of them were tweaked.
- Fixed resistance and collision model for all vehicles.
- Fixed vehicle and armour textures - removed the RED STAR.
- Fixed all errors that were reported by community
- Minor tweaks to the Kamaz model
- And many, many more fixed, tweaks and enhancements that we can't quite remember at this moment. :P

HOTFIX: Fixed T-15's tracks animation going backwards.

- New uniforms in Hex, Urban Hex and Green Hex camo.
- New MICH helmet in Hex, Urban Hex and Green Hex camo.
- New Vests in green colour.
- New Light Ballistic Vest.
- New Helicopter pilot Helmet.
- New Jet pilot Helmet.
- Reworked Ballistic Vest model.
- Fixed Ballistic protection of vests and units themselves.
- New GAZ Tigr vehicle, replacing the temporary MRAP Karatel.
- New GAZ Tigr with a remote controlled Arbalet-DM tower and KORD MG.
- Minor Kamaz model reworks.
- Added Jets DLC radar capabilities to SA-22.
- Added new numbering system for heavy armoury.
- Replaced NSVT-M MG (T-14) with a KORD MG.
- Fixed Fire Geometry LODs for all vehicles. (which caused some trouble doing damage to them, because everything would just fly through it)
- Fixed rockets shooting only from one turret (T-15 and SA-22). Now rockets will launch from both.
- Ported SU-34 with new textures, which is replacing the temporary JAK-130. Jets DLC enhancements present.
- Jets DLC features and ability to choose weapons for pylons for every air-related vehicle.
- Minor KA-52 model edits.
- Added door animation to KA-52.
- Added numbering system.
- Fixed textures for KA-52.
- Fixed faulty cannon animation for KA-52. Now the weapon should look and behave correctly.
- New Anti-Air launcher 9K-333 Verba with 1PN-97 optics.
- New pylon of the 8V20 launcher and Vichr rockets for all air-related units.
- New Holo sight EoTech-553 for Spetsnaz units.
- New Laser sight Perst-1IK.
- New models for all rockets/projecticles for all mod-related launchers (9M-133, 9M-336, 57E6 etc.)
- New Laser-guided missile 9M-119 Refleks, which is used by the T-14.
- Fixed the 2A42 cannon, which now has two fire modes - Single shot and burst.
- Fixed penetration of 5,45x39 ammunition.
- Fixed the angling of GP-30 (AK-12GP) Grenade launcher.

- MBT T-14 Armata added (replacing BTR-K)
- IFV T-15 Armata added (replacing T-100)
- New 2B26-GRAD multiple rocket launcher.
- New Pantsir-S1 (SA-22) surface-to-air missile and anti-aircraft artillery weapon system
- Ported KA-52
- All Kamaz models have been improved
- New "Partizan" gorka camos
- New "Goblin-70" backpacks for recon units
- All textures have been upped in quality (Bigger camo resolution etc.)
- Some weapon textures have been edited
- Weapon attributes edited and improved
- All error messages should be fixed

- A brand new Desert pack (Units, vehicles, weapons)
- All weapons in 3 camo versions (Black, Desert, Forest)
- Same goes for vehicles (Green, Desert, Nakidka)
- New weapons: PP-2000 and ASH-12.7
- New Kobra EKP-8-18 Optics
- Added infantry units in Urban (Izlom) camo
- New helmets, hats, vests, belts in various camo
- Scouts in brand new camouflage and equipment
- New Spetsnaz units replacing the old ones (basic and desert version), new models, camo, equipment
- Config adjustments (weapons, units)
- Minor model and texture fixes
- Fixed reported issues

- Fixed model deformation when using launchers
- Fixed iron sights for all weapons and their settings
- Some config fixes/adjustments
- New Orsis T-5000 Sniper's rifle
- Added Metis-M AT-13 static launcher

- Fixed all compatibility issues with the latest official patches/updates
- A completely new weapon pack (AK-12 variants, AEK-a545, 6p69, Pecheneg-SP, silencers, optics...)
- Textures have been updated to the APEX look/standard
- Fixed models
- New camouflage for all vehicles/armor
- JAK-130 Mitten as a CAS plane
- Reworked and added new gear for all units (helmets, caps, bandanas, balaclavas, berets...)
- New equipment in VSR camouflage

- Compatibility with the new enhancements introduced in 1.54 and 1.56 patches.
- New Ballistic vest/Chest rig.
- New Combat belt.
- Infantry uniforms changed from Gorka to TTSKO in Digital Flora camo.
- New textures for the Tactical Goggles.
- New weapon sounds.
- Edited armor protection values in accordance to those introduced in 1.54 patch.
- Edited/tweaked weapon values.
- Small texture and config tweaks.

- Compatibility with Marksman DLC optics.
- Compatibility with Zeus.
- Compatibility with ALiVE.
- ASDG Joint Rails compatibility via an optional config file.
- Added HiddenSelections to weapons (they can be now retextured).
- Added new AK12 and AKU12 with foregrip.
- Added Camo versions of AK12.
- Added new Spetsnaz units.
- Added new Gorka uniforms.
- Added new tactical vest and backpack in SURPAT camo.
- Added new unit "Saboteur".
- Added new camo faces for Spetsnaz
- Added new groups (Mechanized/Motorized infantry, tank platoons etc.).
- Spotter is now wearing a ghillie suit.
- Added RF ammo boxes to the Editor.
- Added all the RF items to the Editor. Uniforms, vests, headgear etc.
- Edited/improved materials on all models.
- Majority of textures reworked.
- Completely remade Tactical vest. Textures and mainly model.
- Reworked Light tactical vest.
- All vests should be now compatible with BIS unit models, mainly BLUFOR.
- Reworked backpacks, new straps.
- Backpacks are now empty in Virtual Arsenal.
- Renamed all the uniforms to better differentiate between them.
- Reworked all inventory icons.
- Fixed AK12 GL using wrong grenades.
- Fixed bullet collision on all weapons.
- Fixed vehicles not being visible in Virtual Arsenal/Garage.
- Fixed Geometry LOD on units.

- Initial public release.

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