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Requirements: CUP Terrains Core

Version: 1.09.13
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Saint Kapaulio covers everything from high mountains, steep sided valleys and gorges, open savannah and lush tropical forests. The urban areas are both large and small but you will also find industrial areas of all sizes including offshore installations.

Date: 2017-04-03 12:36

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Saint Kapaulio Terrain

1PARA {God-father}

The terrain is 20km x 20km v1.03

Saint Kapaulio is many things to many people. A tropical paradise, a vast staging area for a military Super Power, an archaeologist's dream, the lair of a super villain, a corporation's mining heaven, a retirement destination of the rich or a military objective that will be hard on any attacking force.
The vast terrain covers everything from high mountains, steep sided valleys and gorges, open savannah and lush tropical forests. The urban areas are both large and small but you will also find industrial areas of all sizes including offshore installations. The island also boasts a full-scale prison and a few secret "Black Sites".
For the military leaders planning missions, this island has everything. Mountain warfare, fighting in built up areas, open plains for armored operations, close in jungle fighting and amphibious assault. It is a complex 3D battle space limited only by your imagination.

Or, you may just wish to retire here as a virtual's beautiful.

This will be For our New T51 Exile server

* *Terrain has now been updates with All Tanoa Trees**

Permission has been given to use this Terrain to run Exile on the following server :-
T51 @

To install the Saint Kapaulio Terrain you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Credits & Thanks:
ALL @ 1PARA who have helped along the way you are an AWSOME community !
Silola for his x-cam ( just wished i used it from the beginning !)
Milkero for his awesome tools.
Milkman & Smokedog for Jbad Buildings
Giallustio for his Objects
and all others who have helped me in forums!

License / Disclaimer:
Author: {God-father} Steam -1PARA-{God-father}
All rights reserved.

Author grants you, as the enduser, a personal right to download, install and play with the island. This right does NOT include the possibilities to reverse engineer or even abuse content of the island addon in your own addons, games, game content or missions (scripts). Author can not be made responsible for ANY damage that could occur from the use of the addon. This island addon is for entertainment purposes only. Any military or commercial use is strictly prohibited. You are NOT allowed to exploit, redistribute and/or modify the content. You may use the island addon in conjunction with the game "Arma 3" by BIS in its original form (as in original 7z archive) only. If you want to use island addon or parts of island addon in your own addons or new game, you have to get written permission from the author. The author does not grant ANY permission to use this Add-on for Exile, Wasteland, Koth or Life servers written permission bust be obtained first.

"Island and *.pbo files supplied with it need to have original .bisign files attached and no modification or reverse-engineeering is allowed. Island and addons are forbidden to be used on servers that require donations, unless those donations are merely covering the running costs of the actual server (donations/payments must not be over $500 per year). If donations or other payments are made for in-game services that improve player gameplay or favorize paying players in comparison with other non-paying players, those island and accompanying addons (*.pbo) are NOT allowed to be used. Any mistreatment of these rules stated here by an individual or group can and will be prosecuted by a legal team. Expressly, for island/addons use with "life","Exile","Koth" mods and TCs (Total Conversion mods) you need a prior written permission by the author."

Prior written permission by the author must be obtained to Host a servers that will be running the following Game types :- Exile , Life, Wasteland or Koth Servers if you intend to use this MOD.

Saint Kapulio is a completely fictional game project and does not have any connections to real life: persons, countries, towns, etc.

Updated Config
*added "Survivors Rest" Key point to the map - Many thanks for Patron
* removed a few trees of the road
* removed a building clipping

Thanks to Salty Dogs Community for finding the issues !

* Updated Config
*added new small Village - "Hasakaya" thanks to my patron and his new town !
* removed some trees on the road
* removed some clipping north of Hawadi and some other location - thanks to Salty Dog community! !

Removed a lot of Duplicate Buildings in the North , also a few to the south .
Removed a few trees on teh road
Added a new village "Cachina" and road network to access it

added a new Road up to a few high mountains
removed some clutter
updated some misplaced objects

** Forgot to add Server Keys !!!!!

* Added some new roads to the Network
* Added a few more villages
* Removed some clutter from some roads
* Changed the Sat_Mask a little to hide some of the Grey roads when flying
* Removed Afgan Mod as now using the CUP bridges

* Removed 600 duplicate Objects I found.
* Removed Hangers in beladonna no idea why / how they got there
* Removed a LOT of trees on the dirt road middle east of map
* replace a lot of misplaced Objects

*Updated and will keep the same name now without the version number as suggested
* changed the bridge and the road under watre so now AI will cross the bridge
* removed trees from buildings
* added a small village

Removed some Trrees off roads, Added a new Village at Lundy and created a road network to it - removed Roads from under Bridge and a few other misplaced objects.
Will be adding a new Big town on text update

Thanks to [SoF] JOHN-117 for all theses changes ! ( done via Eden and sent to me)
Added a lot of villages to the Desert Area and a lot of nice clutters !
Also added a Hidden Maze complex "Teotihuacan" see if you can find it and get in !
More changes comming soon !

some small changes that where needed
Added a new bridge
Fixed some misplaced buildings
Added some new texture to the ground and fixeed some bumps !

Many thanks to " for the Bug reports !

Trees on street

[15584.6,2968.42,0] tin wall in house
[10218.8,15551.8,0] garage in firestation
[16389.5,3186.22,0] very steep street

+ Various other Fixes !

* Found a Major issue with rock objects some where so small it was causing vehicle to sink and get stuck on them. removed 65k rock and reimported them with bigger scale values so that should fix the issue !
* updated mask at the same time
* fixed a few objects that where not correct

small change to clutter as it was missing on some parts of the terrain

Strange ground (with sometimes hidden objects) south
[9208.94,332.651,-0.000209808] top left
[9486.27,135.937,0.00132942] bottom right

Strange ground (with sometimes hidden objects) east
[17918.4,6090.25,0.00187683] top left
[18096.9,6012.49,0.000869751] bottom right

Tree on street

Tree near helipad

Wall on street

Unusable street with trees
pic 20180127131410_1

Airport South

pic 20180127130533_1
Flying chair + Sign

Land garage in fire station
pic 20180127131036_1

Castles - Tower in Tower
pic 20180127131934_1
pic 20180127132316_1

Glitching woodpiles

Hangar on street

Added Clutter back into High Slops as it was missing

* Lots of small fixe's
* replace Oil Rig again due to lots of objects missing / moved
* Redone the sand area so it looks better @ north east
* Added a few more objects
* removed some trees in teh roads
* added missing Keys

added in MBG buildings


* Changed all Bridges so they are now all working
* changed config settings for new lighting system
* updated Hospital @ airfield
* updated Oil Rig
* updated Swamp Area
* Chnaged all ground cover
* removed bugged trees and houses - that have been reported
* various other tweeks to many to mention !

Fixed the bridges many thanks to RoyalTS for the x-Cam files !!!!!

Added in Desert Runway and buildings as requested
Alighned some more building
Removed a lot of Trees South on a road

Added another Bridge and fixed the other ones as the ground was to Bumpy and blew a car up !

Added in new Bridges
Removed a lot of trees on roads
added in Oil Rig to better position

removed more trees from roads
added in OIl Rig all credit goes to Silos for that !
All lights are now added to most villages / towns

Updates a lot of missing roads and removed yet more trees from roads !

Sorry had to rebuild layers to its a bigger update than normal !
* Changed mask on north of map to blend better , still need smore work but will get around to it to stop the sand / grass to blend better
* Removed another shed load of trees from roads
* Added a lot of lights to villages , towns - thanks to StormTrooper007 for placing them for me !
* updated a lot of roads and added a few more
* cleane up objects that where misplaced

Added Road back into North in desert as it was missing
Striped out Road into config so can add them now quicker
Removed a few more trees from roads
Changed clutter distance and alos updated lighting a little in config in line with Tanoa

* Added new roads to town that was missing connection
* removed approx 20 trees blocking roads
* removed tent from Volcano
* removed 2 random houses in forest
* Fixed NW airfield issues
* Added new Bridge to link the island
* added small bridge for hole in road
* placed small village for new Exile traders location
Various other small fixes
To Do
Go around all towns adding lights
Finish desert smuggles Runway


Fix texture issue after 1.6 patch
Removed JBAD Dependency
It now needs CUP Core instead of JBAD :-
Added Server Key

* Lots & Lots of changes I have added a lot more small Villages, and a few Ports
* Tried to fix a lot of misplaced Objects( but there are a lot still to be fixed ( just pm when you see them)
* Added a lot more Roads to the Network
* Added a lot more trees

* Completely restructured the files - now into 2 files Kapaulio.pbo & Kapaulio_data.pbo so future updates will be smaller only 160MB unless I change the satellite mask .
* Reworked both North and south Airfields to make them wider and added lights
* Added about 35K Trees to the very sparse locations.
* Added rocks, bushes all over the place :)
* Added a few move Cave systems
* Tweaked the Clutter Distance to reduce the draw distance a little to help FPS when in forest's
* Various Height adjustments all over the map Way to many to list ! ( thanks Evil Organ for pointing a few out!)
* Started to work on the north east area - adding in rocks and cactus into the desert area and placing some small settlements.

v0.01 beta
- first public release

- CUP Terrains Core

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