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Requirements: POOK Camonets

Version: 6.0.1
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This addon provides modern Integrated Air Defense Systems (IADS) and countermeasures of most of the major real-world IADS systems.

Date: 2018-10-08 08:37

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Pook SAM Pack


This addon provides modern Integrated Air Defense Systems(IADS) of most of the major real-world IADS SAM and AAA systems:
-Missile performance and behavior based onpublishedreal world data and video footage
-Counter-missile defensefeature on Short Range Air Defense(SHORAD) Systems
-Anti-Radiation Missile (ARM) countermeasuresavailable for all aircraft
-Automated SAM / AAA site creation via special units (capable of scripted and MP mission placement)Starting with v4.1, the Arma3 version, this addon is dependent only upon my camonets mod. CUP is now optional to accommodate incompatible non-CUP mods. See the Dependencies section below for further details!

There are several new features that enhance gameplay. Included with the units are:
Proximity fuses / indirect damage
SHORAD counter-missile defense (yes I can shoot down your incoming missiles)
ARM weapons (anti-radiation missiles) for use against key SAM/AAA site radar units.
RWR missile alerts.
Automatic, MP-friendly spawning of SAM and AAA sites.
NEW in v4.2: Support for external ECM / JAMMING scripts

The addon includes both EAST / SOVIET heritage systems and WEST / NATO heritage systems. Due to the changes in 4.1 the vanilla factions can now access most all systems regardless of origin, with a few exceptions.

To install the Pook SAM Pack you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

For usage instructions and information of how to use the Pook SAM Pack please refer to the included documentation and/or example mission.

CUP is no longer a requirement. CUP is still supported through this ADDITIONAL/OPTIONAL FILE: pook_SAM_CUP.pbo (and bisign files).
Recommended and/or optional addons and mods to use with Pook SAM Pack:
- Community Upgrade Project - Units Pack
- Community Upgrade Project - Weapon Pack
- Community Base addons A3

Known issues:
All known / reported issues have been addressed. Change log below. ANY ERRORS / POPUPS WERE NOT NOTICED IN TESTING... Please let me know if you find anything broken or simply... strange. I am already seeing several little things that need some TLC. It is somewhat difficult to test 50+ vehicles in all their scenarios so I am certain that some issues will be discovered.... MEA CULPA if they do!

FIX: "Script \pook_SAM\functions\radarScan.sqf not found"

V6.0: 10/6/2018
- FIX: Script errors in site cleanup script
- FIX: Typo in P12 radar spawn script instructions
- FIX: SHORAD counter-missile defense (incoming ordnance intercept) function
- FIX: Radome spawners failing to take damage when host building was destroyed
- FIX: 40V6 Mast-mounted radar placement on all terrains
- IMPROVED: AAA ammo changes for 20mm, 23mm guns to minimize lag issues
- IMPROVED: MAZ vehicle family camo textures
- IMPROVED: Radome spawner behavior; input features
- IMPROVED: BVR attack profiles for ARM weapons for better ARM missile engagements
- IMPROVED: ARM scripts converted to functions and optimized
- IMPROVED: ARM weapons can engage out to real-life ranges (up to 30km)
- NEW: Radome spawners with 5km range
- NEW: Ground Control Intercept (GCI) function (see section in Guide for details)

- FIX: The occasional relocation of some site vehicles at site spawn
- IMPROVED: Added MFD radar display to all vehicles w/ radar array for Player use

Update to clean up some script errors.

- FIX: Missing SA3 Radar classnames in Guide
- FIX: Custom Air Defense soldier side assignments caused friendly fire during some Site spawns
- FIX: Various minor 3D model tweaks and corrections
- FIX: SA2 site firing commands were incorrect resulting in severely diminished SA2 launch occurrence
- FIX: Incorrect ranges for SA10/20/21 missiles that were published in miles instead of km
- FIX: PRV-11 shadow bug on 3D model
- IMPROVED: Real World values for extended-range SAM’s to accommodate the newest extra-large maps
- IMPROVED: AAA Airburst explosion damage
- IMPROVED: Missile reload behavior now ensures reloaded missiles can be seen
- IMPROVED: SA15: Optimized weapon doors to use reload animations instead of user script
- IMPROVED: PRV-11, PRV-13, PRV-16 radar altimeters correctly animates w/ “flapping” action
- IMPROVED: Optimized booster stage discard and timeout script behavior for SA2, SA3, SA19, SA22
- NEW: Function-based AAA and SAM airburst spawn logic to greatly increase responsiveness and performance
- NEW: 9K33 (NATO: SA8 “Gecko”) SAM system
- NEW: S-400 (NATO: SA21 “Gargoyle”) SAM system
- NEW: P-19 “Flat Face” early-warning/acquisition radar for SA-3 sites
- NEW: P-15M “Squat Eye” early-warning/acquisition radar for legacy sites
- NEW: 36D6/ST-68 “Tin Shield” mast-mounted early-warning/acquisition radar for SA-10 sites
- NEW: 96L6 “Cheese Board” early-warning radar for SA-21 sites
- NEW: 92N6 “Grave Stone” fire control radar for SA-21 sites
- NEW: 55Zh6UE Nebo-UE early warning / surveillance radar
- NEW: 1L119 Nebo-SVU early warning / surveillance radar
- NEW: Early Warning “listening post” site spawner to provide Jets DLC targeting capabilities for a Side.
- NEW: Jets DLC Radar Components integration. Standalone SAM and AAA launchers should behave more aggressively
- NEW: Jets DLC multi-stage missile animations for SA2, SA3, SA19, SA22
- NEW: In-Game Field Manual entries

FIX: Corrected missing Zeus entries for default factions
FIX: Corrected SA19, PU12 editor categories
FIX: MIM-23 site INIT script errors to address “shooter†errors
FIX: Minor texture issue on SNR-75 radar
FIX: Guide update: Added missing class names listing for KS12 site spawner units, KS12 PUAZO site spawner units, and SNR-75 units
FIX: Optimized site cleanup script
FIX: Damage textures for MIM-23, SA-3, and PU-12 units
FIX: SA3 site radar embankment placement
FIX: Incorrect AN/MPQ-64 damage animations
IMPROVED: Enlarged 91N6 (SA-20 radar) model scale
IMPROVED: Added clarification to ARM script instructions in the Guide
NEW: VME PLA mod faction classes. Requires VME PLA to work. Only some systems have been included in this release. The alternative designations used by the PLA are listed in the Overview section of the Guide
NEW: Added band/frequency settings to the static EW / Acquisition radars
NEW: 64N6 (SA-20 radar) model based on A2 model from “Hand of Moscowâ€

FIX: 100 rnd Zu-23 magazines (2x 50-round belts). This appears to be correct based on numerous sources
FIX: Corrected CUP US Army faction editor listing
FIX: Spawner preview pic errors in 3D editor
FIX: Site spawner script placement errors. Should address the “shooter” popup errors
FIX: Minor SNR-125 radar 3D model issues
IMPROVED: Site spawner scripts now clear launcher positions of all trees and terrain objects within a 40m diameter. This should improve engagement behavior
IMPROVED: Site spawner scripts improved embankment placement
IMPROVED: Added check for 3D editor within site spawner scripts. This should address the “shooter” script popup errors
IMPROVED: Increased site “assignment” distance. This will allow manually-placed launchers to be controlled by the site within 600m of the radar control unit
IMPROVED: Significantly improved indirect damage settings for proximity fused systems
NEW: Added support for external ECM / Jamming scripts. Information contained in the Appendix at the end of the Guide

FIX: no entry 'config.bin/CfgVehicles.pook_SA10_spawnerW'
FIX: no entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/pook_SA2_Decoy.side'
FIX: MAZ 7910 truck faction entries and cargo scripts
FIX: ChDKZ SA-2 SAM site spawn errors
FIX: Site cleanup script reliance upon now-deprecated BIS “HeliHEmpty” marker
FIX: Syntax error for incomingRWR.sqf documentation
FIX: Adding missing components to the geometry LODs of 5P85 (SA-10) launch vehicles
FIX: S60 gunner “die” animations
FIX: SA-11 / SA-17 missile flame effects
FIX: Removed duplicate targeting data from SA-10, SA-20, NASANS, MIM-104 scripts
FIX: Corrected ZU-23 magazine capacity to simulate real world values of 40 round belts
FIX: Corrected ZSU-23-4 magazine capacity to simulate real world values of 200 rounds (4x 50rnd belts)
FIX: Visual errors on generator support unit model
FIX: SA-20 SHORAD spawn state (_aaa variable error)
FIX: AAA proximity fuses now engage at target’s altitude instead of a fixed height
FIX: Correct penetration RVMAT on all surfaces
FIX: Indirect damage impact for missiles
FIX: 2S6 (SA-19) 3D model errors
FIX: Corrected 9K332 (SA-15-M2) magazine count from 8 to 16
FIX: Rampart heights on sites
IMPROVED: Corrected ballistic coefficient on missiles ("airFriction" value)
IMPROVED: Changed ‘DefaultEventHandlers’ references to ‘EventHandlers’ to address mod cross-compatibility issues
IMPROVED: Optimization of missile effects scripts to address potential lag issues
IMPROVED: SA22 engagement values to favor cannon at shorter ranges
IMPROVED: ZSU-23-4-M4 engagement values to favor cannon at shorter ranges
IMPROVED: Shell ejection drop behavior now ejects the spent shells with directional velocity
IMPROVED: Shell ejection effects for cannons and AAA artillery
IMPROVED: KS-12 and KS-19 recoil and shell effects
IMPROVED: Increased brightness on tracer effects
IMPROVED: AAA Airburst visual effects, audio effects, and damage values
NEW: Reorganized vehicle classes with new “SHORAD” category. SHORAD vehicles possess counter-missile capabilities
NEW: Reorganized factions to accommodate non-CUP mods such as RHS, etc. CUP faction is now optional.
NEW: Vehicles now configured with PhysX properties
NEW: Kh-25MP (AS-12) anti-radiation missile for Soviet-heritage loadouts
NEW: New missile exhaust smoke plume effects on static launchers for SA-2, SA-3, MIM-104, SA-10, SA-20, NASAMs static
NEW: New missile exhaust smoke effects on mobile launchers for NASAMS mobile, SA-11, SA-17, SA-15, SA-19, SA-22, MEADS
NEW: Config changes for Zeus and Arsenal compatibility (I hope); Editor preview pics for all vehicles
NEW: Muddy reddish-textured ramparts
NEW: 91N6 (NATO: “Big Bird”) early warning radar for SA-20
NEW: MIM-23 HAWK SAM system, supporting radar, and control vehicles
NEW: ZU-23 “modernized upgrade” version with integrated MANPAD launcher
KNOWN ISSUE: Soldiers yelling "out of ammo" when disembarking vehicles even when they have a full complement of ammo
KNOWN ISSUE: Soldiers reporting "out of fuel" on some vehicles. This is due to scripting solutions required for proper operation of the stationary launchers. These reports can be ignored... just chatty AI
KNOWN ISSUE: ZU-23-4 (Shilka) M4 doesn't expel smoke rounds. This appears to be a Shilka model problem and is being researched

v4.0 (FIRST VERSION that supports Arma3!)
- FIX: Missile effects on several missiles.
- FIX: Missing FireGeo LOD effects on some vehicles.
- FIX: Cleaned up RPT errors from MIM104 and CRAM site spawn scripts.
- FIX: Minor 3D model fixes for C-RAM vehicle.
- FIX: ALARM 3D model and config fixes.
- FIX: Radome 3D model geometry.
- FIX: 76N6, 30N6E, and 96L6 mast radar ladders adjusted for A3 geometry.
- FIX: P12 Ural vehicle family fixed “black texture” issue at distance. Vehicles should no longer appear black at distance.
- FIX: Numerous scripting-related issues.
- IMPROVED: Buk 9K317-M3 (SA-11 M3) weapon firing order.
- IMPROVED: More realistic 57E6 (SA-22) missile performance characteristics.
- NEW: The mod currently utilizes CUP factions; therefore the CUP mod is a pre-requisite for this addon!
- NEW: The mod also utilizes the POOK_CAMONETS pack; therefore the camonets mod is a pre-requisite for this addon!
- NEW: Removed external texture, RVMAT, and proxy dependencies. Download sizes are significantly increased as a result.
- NEW: A3 features: Some vehicles feature mirrors and gunner view panels.
- NEW: 2S6 Tunguska (SA-19) self-propelled SHORAD point-defense vehicle.
- NEW: Pantsir S-1 (SA-22) and 2S6 Tunguska (SA-19) missile tubes expel end caps; cannon shells drop.
- NEW: Accurate 3D model for 57E6 (SA-22 and SA-19) missiles, with discarding second stage.
- NEW: S-75 (SA-2) launcher units, radar units, and site spawner units.
- KNOWN ISSUE: Engine noises are not functional. This is due to PhysX engine limitations and may be addressed in the future.
- KNOWN ISSUE: CUP Soldiers yell “out of ammo” when disembarking. This is likely a CUP-related issue and does not affect gameplay.

- POOK Camonets

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