Author: ACV team
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 13jul2017-2
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Air Cav Vietnam is an Arma 3 project aimed at creating the setting and atmosphere around the vietnam war.

Date: 2017-07-13 10:04

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Air Cav Vietnam

ACV team

Air Cav Vietnam is an Arma 3 project aimed at creating the setting and atmosphere around the vietnam war.

You can play this mod online (multiplayer):

This mod is STANDALONE, you do not need any other mods or addons to run this mod, in fact there might be issues with conflicting mods if you do so. However this mod should run fine with all terrain pack mods.

This mod works singleplayer as well as multiplayer, if you are using AI pilots in the hueys be sure to pick the hueys from the Medium Utility Helocopter Faction.

To install the Air Cav Vietnam you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
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Credits & Thanks:
The ACV team:
Mac, Skurnicki, White, Hansen

ACV is mostly a mod pack of mods so we have a lot of people to thank:

Bohemia Interactive
All of our thanks goes to Bohemia Interactive for making the Arma series that provides us with the best platform for developing custom mods:

7th Cavalry Gaming
A huge thanks goes out to our brothers and sisters in the 7th Cavalry Gaming Cummunity for supporting this project - if you would like to become a part of our brotherhood head over to the cav website and enlist today:

The Community Upgrade Project
Let it be clear, there would be no ACV without CUP, most of the assets in ACV are from this brilliant project:

Medium Utility Helicopters
It goes without saying that having great huey models in ACV is very important, a huge thank you goes out to GrumpyRhino for this wonderful mod:

Hellenic Armed Forces MOD (HAFM) pack for ArmA III
From day 1 Aplion have supported us by granting us permissions and information about his wonderful mods:

War Chronicles Mod
Big Thanks to Infallible Kitten (CPT ICO) from the War Chronicles Mod Team for the cool weapons like the BAR, M1 Garand, Kar98 and the M1 "Bazooka" Launcher.

EricJ Weapons Pack
EricJ was onboard providing us access to his weapon configs and data right from the beginning of our project:

Sam Weapons Pack
A big thanks to Sam for his cool Mosin-Nagant 91 bolt rifle:

Vietnam: The Experience ArmA 3 preview
Thank you to this project for providing everyone with the vietnam feeling and weapons:

Sukhoi-22M4 addon v1.1 for "Armed Assault 3" by teaCup
A big thanks to teaCup for his wonderful SU-22 mod:

RDS Static Weapons Pack
A huge thanks goes to Reyhard for his brilliant static weapons pack:

Arma 3 Napalm
A big thanks to Goon for his wonderful napalm script:

Vietnam Straw Hat
A big thanks goes to The_Rob_123 [PMT] for his very cool vietnam straw hat model / textures:

German Bundeswehr Troops
A big thanks to Marseille77 for the M1A1 helmet:

Thank you goes to alduric for bringing the willys jeep into arma 3 in the @A3CV mod:

ASDG Joint Rails
Once again proving how great this wonderful mod by Robalo really is:

Pilot & Crew Pack
Big thanks to Firewill for his cool pilot helmets:

XLA FixedArsenal
A very big thanks goes to Alexander (ImperialAlex) for making this great addon work on virtual arsenal:

- Added ACE Items to Arsenal Whitelist:

- CUP T55 Vehicle Fix

- Added Landing Helicopter Dock ship (LHD)
- Added CH53 Stallion Helo

- Added Tanoa location "Da Nang Air Base"
- Added Tanoa location "Da Nang"
- Added Tanoa location "Phuc Yen Air Base"
- Added Tanoa location "Quang Tri"
- Added Tanoa location "Ia Drang Valley"
- Added Tanoa location "Hamburger Hill"
- Added Tanoa location "Haiphong"

- Fixed M60 Sound
- Fixed EDEN Editor Soldier Spawns Without Headgear (No Randomization in EDEN)
- Added Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR)
- Added M1 Garand Bolt Rifle
- Added M1 "Bazooka" Launcher
- Added Mauser Kar98k Bolt Rifle
- Added Scoped AmmoBox (whitelisted Scoped M14 for marksman class)
- Added SOG Scoped AmmoBox (whitelisted Scoped M14 for SOG marksman class)

- Added 9 US Uniforms
- Added 8 US Helmets
- Added 1 US Vest

- added M48 Patton Tank
- added M35 (Deuce and a Half) Transport
- added M35 (Deuce and a Half) Transport Covered
- added M35 (Deuce and a Half) Fuel
- added M35 (Deuce and a Half) Ammo
- added M35 (Deuce and a Half) Repair
- added NVA Flag Pole
- added VC Flag Pole
- added CavHQ Flag Pole
- added NVA Flag (Map Marker)
- added VC Flag (Map Marker)
- replaced Cha_BTR60 with CUP_WheeledVehicles_BTR60

- Added Civilians

- Added Cobra Gunship
- Added Cobra Gunship GMG
- Added ZSU23 Shilka
- Fixed SkyTrain Skin
- Fixed SkyTrain Inventory

11DEC2015 hotfix
- HotFix For Willeys Jeep

- Added MacVSog Arsenal (CargoNet and Static Box only access from SOG units)
- Added C-47 Skytrain
- Added Willeys Jeep
- Fixed Sog Uniforms black tigerstrip for all Sog units (Second uniform optional in arsenal)
- Fixed Hueys now spawn with Cav logo on nose (Multiplayer)
- Adjusted Fuel consumption for Chinook / OH-6 Loach

- Added New Key and Signatures (ACV2)
- Added MACVSOG Boonie1 Hat
- Added 7Cav Stetson Hat

- Fixed signatures for ACV
- Added PBR Boat
- Added MACVSOG units and gear

- Fixed Inventory on Helos (acv_rotary.pbo)
- Fixed Inventory on Vehicles (acv_vehicles.pbo)
- Added M113 APC Arsenal Version (acv_vehicles.pbo)
- Added AGM-62 Walleye to F4,A7 Loadouts (acv_fixed_wing.pbo)
- Changed MK82 Napalm to MK77 Napalm (acv_fixed_wing.pbo)
- Changed AIM-9X to AIM-9 (acv_fixed_wing.pbo)
- Added M102 howitzer (acv_static.pbo)
- Added M1955 howitzer (D-20) (acv_static.pbo)
- Added ZU-23 (acv_static.pbo)
- Added M-29 Mortar (acv_static.pbo)
- Added M1941 Mortar (acv_static.pbo)
- Added M2 Low MG (acv_static.pbo)
- Added M2 High MG (acv_static.pbo)
- Added DSHKM Low MG (acv_static.pbo)
- Added DSHKM High MG (acv_static.pbo)

- Added 2 Huey Gunships (acv_rotary.pbo)
- Added OH-6 Loach (acv_rotary.pbo)
- Added CH47 Chinook (acv_rotary.pbo)
- Added NVA MI8 Gunship (acv_rotary.pbo)
- Added NVA MI8 Transport (acv_rotary.pbo)
- Added NVA Helo Pilot Helmet (vc_gear.pbo)
- Added NVA Helo Pilot Class (nam_units.pbo)
- Added M113 APC (acv_vehicles.pbo)
- Added M113 Medic APC (acv_vehicles.pbo)
- Added M163 Vulcan AA (acv_vehicles.pbo)

- Added New US Uniform (nam_units.pbo)
- Added New US Flak Vest (nam_units.pbo)
- Fixed respawn without some gear
- Fixed Greyed Out Loadouts in Arsenal (acv_boxes.pbo)
- Added Claymore to ACV Arsenal Whitelist (acv_boxes.pbo)

- Added ACE compatibility to ACV classes (nam_units.pbo)
- Added new skin to huey UH1H LMG (acv_rotary.pbo)

- Fixed M60 mass (HAFM_Weapons_Config.pbo)
- Added Class ACV_US_CARGONET (acv_boxes.pbo)
- Added Class ACV_EAST_CARGONET (acv_boxes.pbo)
- Added Class ACV_STATIC_WEST_BOX (acv_boxes.pbo)
- Added Class ACV_STATIC_EAST_BOX (acv_boxes.pbo)
* Boxes have whitelisted ACV West and East assets
* ACV WEST Arsenal can be spawned with Zeus -> Empty -> Objects -> Ammo -> Cargo Net [ACV WEST]
* ACV EAST Arsenal can be spawned with Zeus -> Empty -> Objects -> Ammo -> Cargo Net [ACV EAST]

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