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Requirements: No addons required

Version: infispawn,infispawn++,vehiclespawn,vehiclespawner,logistics

Short description: Easy to use vehicle spawn script for use in missions

Date: 2015-12-14 20:57

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Finally, I got this kinda ready to call this a 1.0.
This is the first scriptset i launch into the community, it's been years i've worked up to being able to do this.
Hope you enjoy!!
InfiSpawn is a pretty simple script set for making spawnpoints for vehicles in your arma 3 missions.

* Very easy set up in the editor and the infi_spawn_init.sqf, not a lot of knowledge required
* Works like a charm in SP and should too in MP. (more testing is to be done.)
* Easy to Add more vehicles to the spawnlistings.
* Ability to perform a check if the player is qualified for that vehicle type.
For example: Only helicopter pilots are able to fly a helicopter.

Installation / Usage:
I strongly advise you to take a look into the tutorial mission included in this download.

1. Copy the infispawn++ folder into your mission folder.
2. Create an init.sqf and add this line:
[] execVM "infispawn++\infi_spawn_init.sqf";
3. Now go into the mission editor.
4. Place down a unit or object for every different "trader" you want to place.. GIVE IT A NAME!!!! name this whatever you want, but remember it as you'll need it later.
5. Place down a Marker where you want the vehicle to spawn, ALSO NAME THIS!! whatever you want and remember it for later.
6. Now that's done... Navigate to "infispawn++\init.sqf" and open it (notepad++ preferably)
7. Now here's where you can configurate the Trader objects, Spawn markers and the vehicle direction.
8. insert the proper names you assigned in the editor to the traders you wish.
9. Ready to go!

Future plans:
Adding configuration feature for the player checks ( if player is pilot and stuff) for easy enable/disable option.
fixing some bugs with the pilot checks, might be arma

Extra Features:
Coming soon!

- first release

Forum topic:
- Armaholic forums

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