A.C.E Island Pack v1.13 released
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Q released version 1.13 of the ACE Island Pack on the BI forums.
With the permission of each original author you find the most popular community created islands of Operation Flashpoint as well the Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis islands Everon, Malden, Kolgujev and Nogova of Operation Flashpoint: Resistance playable in Armed Assault.

Quote Q :
Just a small maintenance release. Gratitude to Rg!:
    - Improved: coloring of trees to be more brownish and different for each tree type
    - Added: forest environment sound for wood ground textures (wood sounded weird for open areas)
    - Fixed: Possible rpt annoyance with PK_veh class
    - Added: cfgSurfaces classes for MikeBart's ground textures
There are more ways to update this pack, please refer to the ACE Island Pack wiki page for more info.

A.C.E Island Pack v1.13 (full version 289 MB)
A.C.E Island Pack patch (update from 1.12 3 MB)

Written on 2009-04-23 15:15 by Foxhound  

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