Author: ACE Island Pack Team
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.13
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: The pack offers the Operation Flashpoint islands playable in Armed Assault.

Date: 2009-02-26 04:24

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A.C.E Island Pack
ACE Island Pack Team

With the permission of each original author you find the most popular community created islands of Operation Flashpoint as well the Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis islands Everon, Malden, Kolgujev and Nogova of Operation Flashpoint: Resistance playable in Armed Assault.


Check the ACE IslandPack wiki for more information how to correctly install everything.
Check our FAQ for a clear explanation how to use mod folders.

Change log:
- All island in the ArmA file format (HUGE THANKS to Spooner for Roller).
- No dependencies. You can load them with any other addon or MOD.
- Tested in MP / dedicated server.
- Replaced all possible objects/buildings with an ArmA counterpart. The others objects/buildings have been converted to ArmA as part of the ACEIP addons.
- Uses OFP:Res Nogova vegetation for best performance/look.
- Replaced the 'block forest objects' with 'single tree pattern'. (click for screenshot)
- Forest trees can be brought down by explosions.
- Forest trees slow down vehicles, yet can be brought down.
- Single ground texture technology - several to choose from via client side config. You can even assign each island a texture individually.
- ArmA clutters (especially via PROPER World - see more info below). #todo

- High quality SAT texture:
- Snow SAT by the-f.
- Trava SAT by Rg.
- Nordic SAT by Rg (single SAT texture with mask and four HQ textures).
- Island with no objects with OFP like bumpy terrain for tank and air battles (unfortunately unstable for VD large 1500-2000).

-New small full download (< 300 MB) and standard patch available.
-HDT islands are separate package now.
-Big SAT textures are separate package now.
-Replaced missing icons with new ones.
-Changed folder naming to userconfig naming to avoid special character issues.
-Replaced the broken forest line model with a single tree (fixes Avignon and Ivtiliac CTD problem).
-Up-to-date ACEIP YomaTools AddonSync available.

- Improved: coloring of trees to be more brownish and different for each tree type.
- Added: forest environment sound for wood ground textures (wood sounded weird for open areas).
- Fixed: Possible rpt annoyance with PK_veh class.
- Added: cfgSurfaces classes for MikeBart's ground textures.

Detailed change log

Credits & Thanks:
Spooner for the outstanding OFP to ArmA island conversion tool Roller.
Sickboy for the superb automated build process and installer tool.
Dschulle, Rom, Snake Man for the excellent WrpTool.

Island designers
Bohemia Interactive and Codemasters for 'Everon', 'Kolgujev', 'Malden' and 'Nogova' islands.
Barn for the 'Torment_valley' island.
Brent a.k.a Buggs for the 'Trinity' island.
Coolhand for the 'Havelte' island.
cowardheart for the 'Anilym' island.
HeinBloed for the 'Freya' island.
Jakerod for the 'Avignon' island.
Calm Terror for the '73Eastings' island.
Mr Bean for the 'Sandy_rocks' island.
Narpal for the 'Ivtiliac' island.
Phaeden for 'Clarkisland', 'Elephanthead', 'Gaia', 'Highlands', 'Isladestella', 'Lakemartin' and 'Samakhills' islandS.
Pierre W. aka PIWI56 for 'Canyonda' and 'Nabukonodexa' islands.
Reaper for 'Messor' and 'Occasus' islands.
Schuschs for the 'Saru' island.
Scipio for the 'Atlantis_gold' island.
Skalpel for the 'Virovitica' island.
Smiley_Nick for the 'Sontonagh_district' island.
ThruYerStErNuM for the 'Uwar_desert' island.
Waterman for the 'Skye' island.
Wouter for the 'Leusderheide' island.

Addon designers
Agent Smith for the 'AGS_build', 'AGS_inds', 'AGS_port', 'F3WX_O1' addons.
Lester for the 'aef_reallights' addon.
OFP_Pupsi for the 'anjaddon1' addon.
USMC Sniper for the 'art_bd' addon.
Bkm Mod for the 'bkm_balkan' addon.
Iva from Bkm Mod for the 'bkm_objects' addon.
MiG and PowerSlide for the 'fml_objects' addon.
HeinBloed for the 'freya' addon.
Miles Teg for the 'ob73east' addon.
bk1276 for the 'rksl-netpack-uk' and 'rksl-netpack-us' addons.
Team Yankee for the 'tmyk_bridges' addon.
Barn for the 'tormobj' addon.

Texture designers
Bohemia Interactive
Hund [Zeus]
Phaeden (WGL/ACE Mod)

ACE Island Pack Team

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