Author: SpyderBlack723
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Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Version: 2019.01.26
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: A collection of modules and scripts designed to aid mission makers in adding depth to their missions.

Date: 2019-01-26 21:31

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Spyder Addons


A collection of modules and scripts designed to aid mission makers in adding depth to their missions.

I made this mod to help mission makers who cannot or do not want to script, add increased depth to their missions with ease. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to grant every request, but I love to hear suggestions that would make your life easier.

For an in-depth description of features, please view the readme here

Civilian Interaction
Integrated with ALiVE
Order civilians to "Get Down", "Go Away", and "Detain" them in order to maintain control over the situation.
Ask civilians about personal details such as where they live in order to collect intel.
Ask civilians about insurgent activity in the area.
Ask civilians about nearby civilians that may be preparing to commit an act of terror.
All information is persistent thanks to ALiVE's Civilian Population system.
Usage: Define insurgent faction being used
Requires: ALiVE

Loadout Organizer
Save, Load, Delete, and Name loadouts
View class gear before loading it
Transfer loadouts to other players and AI
Access Virtual Arsenal
Load class on respawn
Usage: Sync module to object to add the loadout manager action to it

Specify entire factions of units to whitelist
Whitelist units
Blacklist units
View unit gear before recruiting them
Set a maximum limit of units that a player may recruit into his squad at one time
Usage: Sync module to object to add recruit action to it

Easily create scenarios with players as the guerilla fighters
Define hostile sides
Define cooldown timer
Restricted areas
Customize whether players can drive offroad without being hostile
Customize speed limit
Restrict certain vehicles/faction vehicles as hostile
Define incognito vehicles which allow you to pose as the enemy
Define detection values for each on foot, in vehicle, and incognito vehicles
Usage: Sync module to players to have them tracked by the detection system

Vehicle Spawner
Specify entire factions of vehicles to whitelist
Whitelist vehicles
Blacklist vehicles
View vehicle characteristics such as top speed, number of passenger seats, fuel consumption and more prior to spawning it.
Usage: Sync module to object to add vehicle spawner action to it

Randomly spawned animal herds, civilian vehicles, undercover enemy vehicles
Units are only spawned when players are near
Define spawn ranges
Whitelist/Blacklist markers
Define locations where ambiance will exist
Enable/disable each feature
Each feature is customizable to fit the mission maker's preferences.
Usage: Place module and input preferred parameters

Insurgency (WIP)
Establish recruitment HQ's, weapon depots, and IED factories.
Recruit civilians
Plan coordinated assaults
Usage: Sync module to players to enable them to have access to insurgent abilities.

To install the Spyder Addons you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Recommended and/or optional addons and mods to use with Spyder Addons:
- ALiVE - Advanced Light Infantry Virtual Environment
ALiVE is only required for certain modules (currently Civilian Interaction and Insurgency) due to them being directly integrated into ALiVE. SpyderAddons can be ran without ALiVE but these modules will exit if ALiVE is not running. All other modules are only dependent on CBA.

Known issues:
- Civilian interaction has one partially mis-functioning question

Credits & Thanks:
Author - SpyderBlack723
Logo - Jezter804
Code adjustments - Dixon13
Testing and Feedback - AUTigerGrad, HeroesandVillansOS
Thanks to everyone who uses the mod, gives feedback and/or reports any bugs!

Thanks to everyone who gives feedback and/or reports any bugs!

- [sup_vehicle_spawner] Fix script error on startup
- [sup_vehicle_spawner] Change onSpawn code to unscheduled execution

- [all] Actually fix game crash

- [all] Fix game crash

- [civ_interact] Fixed interaction range
courtesy of JD Wang

- [amb_ambiance] Fix error on creation of animal herds
- [amb_ambiance] Changed created vehicles no longer get deleted when occupied by players

- [sup_vehiclespawn] Optimized interface opening, Added custom condition for spawn field
- [amb_ambiance] Added warning note to locations field
- [sup_loadout] Absolutely nothing
- [civ_calltoprayer] Loudspeakers only play sound if they are not destroyed, fix issue where call to prayer was initialized on each connecting client

- [Civilian Interaction] Fixed: Civilian Interaction no longer worked on some units.

- [Loadout Manager] Fixed loadout manager action not being added for all players in a dedicated server environment

- [All] Fix UI scaling of dialogs (all menus now look the same on all resolutions)
- [Various] Improved visuals of many dialogs
- [Vehicle Spawner] Added support for multiple spawn markers
- [Vehicle Spawner] Vehicles inside the spawn zone will be cleared if a new vehicle is spawned
- [Loadout Manager] Complete Rework
- [Various] Optimized several files
- [Various] Spawners no longer displays classes with scope <= 1

- [all] Updated to new CfgPatch's authors value
- [all] Updated script_component to utilizte new macros
- [civ_callToPrayer] Added module
- [main] Added new script macros
- [sup_vehiclespawn] Now correctly displays the amount of passenger seats in vehicles with FFV slots
- [sup_vehiclespawn] Vehicles are now better positioned when spawned on slopes
- [x_lib] Added hash functions written from scratch for max performance
- [x_lib] Added events system
- [x_lib] Added hashAppend
- [ind_g_f] Added optional pbo --> creates groups for IND_G_F faction for use with ALiVE

- [x_lib] Added ctrlRelMove, progressAnimate
- [sup_loadout] Fixed header
- [x_lib] Added getCivilianRole, updated documentation
- [x_lib] Added numberInBounds, getClosest number
- [x_lib] Added ctrlGetRelDistance
- [sup_vehiclespawn] Fixed issue causing vehicle spawner to not work on dedicated servers
- [sup_vehiclespawn] Menu is now draggable
- [sup_recruit] Menu is now draggable
- [mil_insurgency] Utilized new scripting commands to increase performance
- [amb_ambiance] Utilized new scripting commands to increase performance
- [sup_loadout] Fixed issue when trying to transfer a class with no target unit selected

(X Lib function names subject to change)

- [All] Fixed error on module init (isDisposable)
- [All] Fixed RscButton sound errors
- [misc] Config improvements
- [sup_loadout] Fixed emply entries in loadout display
- [sup_loadout] Fixed typo in saveLoadout function
- [sup_loadout] changed addUniform to forceAddUniform to allow loading of enemy-side uniforms
- [amb_ambiance] Optimized for long term missions
- [amb_ambiance] Enemy groups will stay civilians until they choose to act aggressively
- [mil_insurgency] Hid module (functions still accessible)

- [sup_loadout] Reworked entirely
- [x_lib] Added fnc_displayNotification
- [civ_interact] Reworked search system to work similar to the vanilla search system
- [civ_interact] Refactored code in prepartion for future rework
- [sup_recruit] Added code parameter that runs on unit spawn
- [sup_vehiclespawn] Added code parameter that runs on vehicle spawn
- [civ_interact] Made civilian names persistent through despawn (Currently persists through death as well. Will be fixed in future)
- [amb_ambiance] Can now sync Game Logics to module to define custom locations
- [general] Replaced ALiVE functions with CBA functions in modules that don't require ALiVE (oops)

- [civ_interact] Optimized
- [x_lib] Added documentation for functions with none
- [x_lib] Added isFaction
- [sup_vehiclespawn] Added spawn height parameter
- [mil_detection] Fixed faction headgear

- Fixed Ambiance module icon transparency
- Fixed popup error when opening the ALiVE module list in the editor
- Fixed logging functions
- Removed ALiVE mod requirement
- Added menu notifying player if they are using a module that requires ALiVE when ALiVE isn't running

- Fixed Crash

Initial Upload of Mod

- Community Base addons A3

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- BI forums

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