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Today we are pleased to announce from now on we will allow authors to add donate links to their pages here on Armaholic!

In case you wonder, what is so special about this.
Well, we have been forbidden in the past to add these kind of links to our pages as it was said it might look like as if it was ok to make money from content created with the BI tools.
Nowadays however, as many of you will probably have seen already, on the BI forums there are donate buttons all over the place. Not to mention the Steam Workshop where its even more of a practise to add donate link even though the content placed is often not even created by the uploader.

Since BI seems to fully support this we see now reason why we can not as well allow content creators to add their donation links to our pages in order to support all their work.
Currently it is possible to add a paypal button and/or a patreon link to your own pages. All you have to do is sent a private message to Foxhound () and sent him the link to your patreon page or the code of your paypal button/link!

When you do not have PayPal or Patreon:
When you have another kind of donation account please contact Foxhound and we can discuss which options we have to add those to the page.

Do you make any money with the donation links?
Any donation made to an author goes directly and fully to the author! We do not take any money from the donation or make any money in any way from a donation link!

Contrary to the SWS and other places, if you abuse this and submit content which is not yours while adding a donate button we will ban your account here on Armaholic. Thiefs are better served on the SWS and as such should stay there!

Armaholic staff

Written on 2015-12-23 09:43 by Armaholic  

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