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NeoArmageddon informed us the CUP Team released updated versions of the Community Upgrade Project - Terrains addons on the BI forums.

There are four different versions available so please read the description and download just the version which best suits your need! There is no need to download all versions!

    Quote :
    The Community Upgrade Project brings you CUP Terrains, the successor of "A3MP" and "All in ArmA - Terrain Pack (AiA TP)".
    It builds upon the work done by kju for AiA TP and brings all of BI's iconic terrains to ArmA 3 as well as all the amazing 3rd-party terrains created by the community.
    CUP Terrains maintains full backwards compatibility to A3MP and AiA TP - no need to adjust any missions or maps.

    CUP Terrains is modular, so there are different downloads available:
    • CUP Terrains Complete:
        CUP Terrains, featuring everything - all the data and the BI terrains
    • CUP Terrains Core:
        CUP Terrains Core, featuring only the data necessary for the terrains, but none terrain itself. Useful for those who only want to use CUP Terrains with 3rd-party terrains. But beware: some 3rd-party maps might be dependent on BI terrains.
    • CUP Terrains Maps:
        CUP Terrains Maps, featuring only the maps created by BI - needs CUP Terrains Core to work. If you only want a part of the terrains featured here, just delete the respective pbo-files of the maps you don't want. But beware: there might be interdependencies between terrains.
    • Cup Terrains CWA:
        Cup Terrains CWA contains the iconic terrains from Operation Flashpoint/Arma: Cold War Assault. Kindly donated by the CWR2 team. Depends on CUP Terrains Core And CUP Terrains Maps.

    • Fixed: Asfalt parallax on Bystrica and Bukovina
    • Fixed: Missing EnvMaps added to all map configs
    • Improved: Darkened one of the Proving Grounds surface textures (gz_trava_co)
    • Improved: Changed Utes ground texture with grass to fit satellite textures better
    • Improved: Added different kinds of ground clutter for more variety on Utes

Written on 2017-01-30 19:45 by Armaholic  

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