ArmA3 BEFilter Manager by TheMeq

TheMeq submitted his ArmA3 BEFilter Manager.

    Quote :
    BEM is TheMeq's BattlEye Filter Manager for the ArmA series of games (Specifically ArmA 3 at the moment). You can use this tool to modify and maintain your BattlEye filters. You can modify keywords or the filters that that go against them with this software.

    • Fixed an issue where the logging type of keywords was not saved when changed.
    • Will no longer launch if the file is not in the correct directory (Needs to be in your BattlEye folder).
    • UI fixes where some drop down boxes where editable and should not have been.
    • Timer added that will check for updates every 5 minutes for people who keep the application open all the time.
    • Added optional email field when submitting scripts incase you want to be contacted back.

Written on 2017-03-25 12:24 by Armaholic  

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