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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0.2
Signed: Yes

Short description: TAG I'M IT is a digital verson of the childrens play "TAG" wish you almost certainly played yourself as a kid. But it's backwards..

Date: 2019-04-04 08:41

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An asymmetrical mod for ArmA 3.

TAG I'M IT is a digital verson of the childrens play "TAG" wish you almost certainly played yourself as a kid. But it's backwards..
To describe a round in short: 16 players is needed to start a round, when the round starts one of those 16 people will be chosen to start as "IT"
he/she then have 60 seconds to get ready after being teleported to a crate with weapons and some armor.
Meanwhile all the "Hunters" will stay at the starting position waiting.

When the 60 second countdown finishes all the hunters will get a mediocre weapon, some health kits, a map and a GPS. It is now there job to find and kill "IT".
If a hunter finds "IT" and kills him/her, he or she will immediately become "IT" themself. He/she is now the hunted one. This goes on until theres only one player left.

Theres a bit more to it then this.. But I hope this raises your interest and that you want to install the mod to find out more.
P.S the map is your best friend.

A round based asymmetrical mod for ArmA 3 with 3 types of modes depending on how many players connects to the server.

Mode 1 [Small] (4-6 players)
Here you will get a pistol and try to kill the player who's "IT". There's noo loot and there's no waiting for "IT" to get ready. Run and hide before you get shot!

Mode 2 [Medium] (7-9 players)
This mode is the original TAG I'M IT mode. One is selected to start as "IT", the others will be hunters. The hunters objective is to kill "IT" and "IT"'s objective is to kill the hunters. If a hunter kills "IT", he will be "IT" and the hunted one. Last one standing wins the game.

Mode 3 [Large] (10-16 players)
Ok, so you like mode 2 but you want to loot as you go instead of spawn next to a crate with weapons, well you're in luck. The large mode takes the mechanics from the original TAG I'M IT mode but has loot spawned on a larger area. Both hunters and IT needs to loot there way to victory. This can be really interesting since there's at least 9 players hunting you as you try to get that magazine for you G3.

Servers and leaderboard
As of now you will find 3 servers online with the stable version of the mod and 1 development server.
You will find them by just looking in the in-game server browser of ArmA 3 and filter mission with "TAG".
You can find the whole server names via the website:

Yes, there's a leaderboard too! and you do not need to register to use it. When you play a round you will automatically be registered and will be able to track your progress.

To install the TAG I'M IT you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

For usage instructions and information of how to use TAG I'M IT please refer to the wiki:

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
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Made some bugfixes
* Added ability to bind "show names" in camera to user action 19
* The position of IT will be revealed from time to time. IT will whistle and leave a blue marked area on the map
* Various code changes
* Stopped date/time from ticking (No more pitch black servers)
* Lowered sound for supply drop and different other things
Bug fixes:
* Names were not showing in camera mode when pressing B
* Supply drop does not land on water or on buildings now
* Firing range now spawn the correct weapons
* Death by trading bullets caused the game to not finish. No one was declared a winner
* Alot of unnecessary code
Getting things ready for release

* When round is about to begin players will be auto ejected from vehicle if they are in one
* Changed some text for different mod versions
* Slowed down time significantly
Bug fixes:
* Battleye kicking players now working again. i.e getting kicked for being banned or different mod version
* Tanoa wasn't loading correctly
* Fog

Top secret change

* Started to develop on a internal build system instead of pushing to steam everytime I change something
* Making the mod easier to change settings for by moving some parameters to description.ext
* Supply drop with OP gear
* Map: Tanoa
* Map: Malden 2035
* Sound indications for various states of the game
* Created boundaries i.e if you go outside the current game area you will loose health
* Various micro changes
* Disabled Anti-camp system for now. Needs some re-writing
* Re-wrote function for counting down when round is about to begin
* Disabled text and voice chat on all channels
* Moved min/max player settings to description.ext for all different modes
* Re-made debugMode levels and moved settings to description.ext
* Changed so theres only one game mode instead of 3. This is dynamic instead with multiple possible location on every map
* Theres now a set play zone with variable size depending on the player count that enters the round
* Changed to 32 players max instead of 16
* Every spawned item now has a given chance of spawning making some items rare and some common
* Moved loot tables to database so adjustments can be done without new build
* Lobby area has seen a remake
Bug fixes:
* Loot should now only spawn 1 per ground holder
* Re-wrote 1vs1, winner, draw and timelimit code. Should now be faster and code is minimized
* Client-side: build name, version information, branch information was not showing in the top of the screen
* Server-side: server could not compare client and server version to detect obselete version of client
* Fixed issue where loot was spawning on top of each other
* Fixed issue where some players did not see "Round starts in" message
* Build information was missing for client-side
* Players where some times stuck in spawn when they should have been moved to the play area
* Fixed the timer that counts down when enough players have joined the game, before it added 90 seconds if people joined while round was beginning
* When players take damage above 50% they get stuck in the ground and can't move. This has been fixed
* Old version comparison system
* Old method of disabling fatigue on character
* Jaws theme removed from camera when players are near each other

* Small change on statsEventHandlers to weapons update
* Re-made small and medium maps on Stratis
* Added more cover to small map on Altis
* Changes to loot spawning that hopfully fixes some server stress
* Changed naming for maps (e.g The Shipyard > Small) for less confusion
* Changed from 90 to 60 seconds for waiting timer (when server is ready and waiting for more players)
* Message for Obselete version was changed
* In a small game the time it takes for the round to start is slightly increased
* Textures didn't load sometimes
* Players get left behind when they suppose to teleport to game area
* Wait timer before round started was buggy (added to much time when people connected)
* Winner score was not registred

This is the first stable release of TAG I'M IT. You can find TAG servers in-game by filtering by deathmatch and mission name "tag" or visit the website

Updating new logo


01 jan 2016
Testing some new features

29 dec 2015
Pushing some more bugfixes

29 dec 2015
pushing some more bugfixes

29 dec 2015
Pushing some more bugfixes

28 dec 2015
Fixing signing key attempt 1

28 dec 2015
Pushed some bugfixes

23 dec 2015
Uploaded release candidate

29 nov 2015
Uploaded a test version

21 nov 2015
Changed a couple of things

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