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Pinaz93 released the two first addons of his The Italian Division project on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    As always I love working with my imagination... A few days ago I wanted to try to create a new faction, with its infantry units, armored vehicles, airplanes, etc ...
    I finally decided to create 3 factions, and to change a little the course of history in armaverse. I also wrote a story to tell about what led to the birth of these three factions, for people who love this things.
    The nations will be set in 2022.

    I do not want to offend anyone, the division of the states and the story is a figment of my imagination, and I hope that it will never happend. So please avoid creating controversy with the situation recreated in this project.

      In 2022 the Italian Republic no longer exists.
      In the first half of 2016, the continuing economic and social crisis leading to the fall of the italian government.
      Without elections, a new government decided by parliament starts heavy economic maneuvers to fix the state finances , further worsening the situation of the population, but without affecting the waste of money , the corruption and the political class that plagued the state for years.
      In mid- 2016 several popular revolts starts in major Italian cities , which are initially suppressed with force by the police and army.
      After this events, various units of the police and armed forces refuse to attack the protesters , leading to mass arrests among the ranks of the government forces.
      In August, representatives of the regions of central and northern Italy and dissidents generals of the army, meet secretly to organize the secession of northern Italy from the central government and the creation of a new rebel state, arresting state officials loyal to the central government .
      The representatives of the Veneto region, however, do not agree with the decisions taken and, supported by much of the population, take this opportunity to declare independence (so desired since the fall of the republic of Venice by the hands of Napoleon in 1797) from the Italian state and the new rebel state.
      After two months the southern and other central regions declare the secession from the Italian state and with the help of others dissident generals of the armed forces occupy parliamentary seats and government buildings in Rome, announcing the fall of the last Italian government and the end of the small civil war that shocked Italy.
      In December 2016 a meeting of representatives of the rebel factions, with representatives of NATO, of the United Nations and of the European Union, seeks to restore national unity, but due to strong differences between the will of the factions and to prevent the outbreak of a new civil war, was decided to maintain the division of the three states for a while.
      In January of 2017, a popular vote wanted by the United Nations, decreed the true end of the Italian Republic, and the creation of three new states, the Federal Republic of Northern Italy, the Republic of Southern Italy and the Republic of Triveneto.

    The Italian Division project - Republic of Triveneto:
      This adds the IT-DIV Armed Forces of the Triveneto Republic.

Written on 2016-01-15 17:44 by Armaholic  

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