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Requirements: Arma 3 Jets

Version: 7.4.01
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This addon provides the EF-2000 fighter plane.

Date: 2020-06-06 09:48

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EF-2000 Plane


This addon provides the EF-2000 fighter plane. The working Sample version I have included in the release requires CUP weapons and magazines.

The primary focus is intended to be a community-based content release; therefore anyone who wishes to use a customized version in their mod is free to do so, as long as the license requirements below are observed… enjoy!

Arma2 factions are represented (via CUP) in-game: BAF, Germany, CDF, CDF-Independent, NAPA, Chedaki, UNO (CDF Nato Peacekeepers), and Taki AF. This will allow for greatest flexibility for mission makers instead of a “BLUFOR ONLY” selection. As this is intended as a “Sample” plane addon, I have no plans to create versions for any other factions, as this is up to other addon makers to include as they deem necessary.

I have included a PDF Guide that describes details of the new features and will hopefully help addon makers implement these features in their planes.

All these are described fully in the PDF Guide - with pics - please consult the Guide for further details

Detailed Textures
Decal overlays to allow real details instead of "red smudge" textures. Detail decals also on the new weapons (and fuel tanks)
Ejection Seat
I built it with the idea that mission makers could add a "document" item to the seat to simulate Behind Enemy Lines data disk retrieval scenarios.
Formation Lights
Action-enabled. INIT check will automatically turn on lights if spawned during night time hours.
Articulated Surfaces
Surfaces on the real plane are pre-set by the onboard computer at different speeds. This feature is modeled in the addon and you can visually notice the changes at different speeds. Some features like the nosecone can be articulated on the tarmac, allowing mission makers to simulate "under repair" planes
Drogue Chute
Fully articulated deployable chute.
TRD - Towed Radar Decoy
The TRD provides "active spoofing" countermeasures against incoming enemy missiles. Simulates real life towed decoy EW capabilities. The TRD is an action-deployed item. It provides the pilot some defense against missiles (such as my POOK_SAM pack) for better survivability. Please consult the Guide for further details.
PULLUP indicator, RWR, and MFD TV
Bitching Betty "pullup" sounds and the big "X" overlay. MFD TV is pointed downward at about 30 degrees. One can somewhat rely on the display for dumb bomb runs. WORKING RWR display! The list of recognized SAM's will cause the RWR to illuminate the "type" indicator. Any unidentified SAM will be illuminated as "S". Complete details are found in the guide.
Pre-defined loadouts
Several new weapons have been added within the addon. Reliance upon external missilebox and weapon "packages" will allow expansion of the roles. The sample config contains RangeMaster addon loadout references. When the FRL / Rangemaster missilebox is imported into A3, this can be leveraged to enable the roles available to the plane.
Pylon configuration relies on the "missilebox" loadout that was pioneered by others in A2. This simply continues that trend. The pylons are fully explained in the Guide! Suffice to say, that the pylon configuration allows you to accurately place loadouts for each version without needing tedious duplicates for every plane. In other words, loadout scripting can be leveraged for advanced loadout management!

To install the EF-2000 Plane you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

For usage instructions and information of how to use the EF-2000 Plane please refer to the included documentation and/or example mission.

The MLOD’s are available in order to provide the community mod makers with a complete “turn-key” plane, and provide those makers with the unique features included in this plane, such as the “Pullup” marker, TRD decoy, etc. This guide was developed with reuse of these components in mind. CUP will also be provided a copy of the MLOD's for further development.
You can download those from here:

License / Disclaimer:
The license is APL-SA, like CUP. This “share-alike” license means I can ask for any updates/improvements back… “share-alike”. I ask therefore that any updates of content and improvements (for example, new textures) be shared so that I can include them with the master copy so all of the community can enjoy the new features! Share and share-alike… this is my only ask for providing this content “free of charge” for the community!

New airplane model that includes some content from Arma1/Arma2 sample models (for cockpit gauges, etc.); therefore you are bound by the sample model EULA restrictions.
This mod is ONLY for use with BIS games (Arma engine and VBS titles only)!
I provide this free for use, and you must do the same if you develop a customized version for use on your server(s).
Armaholic may of course distribute this as they deem necessary due to the immense service they provide to the community!

No one may charge for, or receive financial compensation for use of, or access to, any part of this addon in any way or form, including “perk”-based access, and especially no use is permitted on "life" servers.
Requests for commercial / military use, please contact me via email.

FIX: Autopilot landing behavior
IMPROVED: Plane geometry
IMPROVED: Runway taxi behavior
IMPROVED: Landing chute animations

IMPROVED: Some A-G weapon configs
NEW: Carrier ops config settings (experimental)
NEW: Long-burn illumination flare (selected via COUNTERMEASURES)

FIX: Missing radar icons
FIX: Some groups spawned on wrong side

NEW: Added Zeus-compatible groups
IMPROVED: Changed high-altitude flight characteristics to match plane's Real Life flight ceiling.

IMPROVED: Significantly improved flight model nose-down behavior
IMPROVED: Armor and threat values more closely aligned with default planes
IMPROVED: Anti-radiation missile actions use functions to reduce lag
NEW: "Master Safe" as default weapon selection
NEW: Added hardpoints for SDB bombs (GBU-39)
NEW: Anti-radiation targeting system now recognizes BIS Encore SAMs
NEW: Jamming functions now recognize BIS Encore SAM systems

- New pilots (for CUP factions)
- New (optional) selections for FAP Units
- New missile profiles for longer-range engagements and better AI performance
- Working Brimstone, SCALP, and AGM-88 missiles
- SCALP-ER Overflight missile profile (see pic)
- New GBU-48 for German faction (1000lb LGB+GPS)
- Map-based CALCM plots (SCALP-ER) for long-range attacks. Tested up to 110km (!!!)

- Added support for Lesh towing mod
- Minor updates to fuel management scripts
- Adjusted AI engagement values for missiles

Compatiblity update for in-editor Vehicle Customization

- New: 'Bitching Betty' altitude threshold can now be adjusted or disabled
- New: Added AI support for "CAS Bombing" role
- New: Added AI ejection logic
- New: Default data link state is now Enabled
- New: Animated joystick trigger
- New: Added tail flash for some factions
- New: Nogovan roundel/flash in standard and subdued colors
- Improved: IRIS-T presence on more loadouts
- Improved: Roundel sizes on some factions
- Improved: Zeus compatibility
- Fix: Faction-based skins now work for Virtual Garage skin selector. Remaining skins require Vehicle Customization INIT to use in-mission.
- Fix: Minor cockpit texture issues
- Fix: Cockpit fuel knob wasn't turning on siphon/drop tank actions
- Fix: Jamming script not working on some missiles

- fixed wrong faction skins appearing in editor
- fixed minor shadow bug
- resized some faction roundels
- improved IRIS-T performance settings
- fixed IRIS-T reporting as "ASRAAM"

- ARM script compeltely native now - removed pook_SAM pack dependency
- Radar MFD screen now on by default

Minor fix for a script error


- FIX: Corrected shadow bug on distance lods
- FIX: Corrected memory point configuration to allow compatibility with both Sabre’s C-130 aerial refueling system AND Fuller’s USAF mod refuel system.
- FIX: Corrected missing ARM missile launch actions for POOK_SAM Anti-Radiation Missile (ARM) weapons. Actions assume a POOK_SAM ARM missile is equipped and will error if an ARM weapon is not equipped. This was added in anticipation of SEAD weapons via RangeMaster.
- NEW: Bump mapping layers - NOHQ, SMDI, and AS layers. Experimental and intended to be further developed in future updates.
- NEW: Random camo textures. Some factions (Germany, BAF) use standard Grey patterns. CUP-specific factions rely on a new random paint scheme, governed by the faction’s primary region. Therefore CDF West will spawn mostly Forest-centric patterns; CDF Independent will spawn mostly Jungle-centric patterns; TAK will spawn mostly Desert-centric patterns, etc. There are Grey, Forest, Jungle, and Desert “groups” of 20 each mix of patterns.

- FIX: SCALP (Storm Shadow) foggy decals.
- IMPROVED: added new “draconicForce” values for better handling
- IMPROVED: changed acceleration from 300 to 475
- IMPROVED: Better CDF, TAK, RAF roundels (by Pinaz93). Original TAK flag roundel is renamed “roundel_TAKflag.paa” for those who wish to retain its use
- NEW: Improved base texture, new CDF AF texture, and new TAK AF textures (by Pinaz93)
- NEW: Brimstone Dual-Mode (laser + radar) missile. New magazines for the Brimstone launcher weapon:
- - EF2K_BrimstoneDM_mag18x
- - EF2K_BrimstoneDM_mag12x
- - EF2K_BrimstoneDM_mag6x
- - EF2K_BrimstoneDM_mag4x
- - EF2K_BrimstoneDM_mag2x

- FIX: Cloudy texture issues

- FIX: Changed “burst” name to avoid conflicts w/ other mods
- FIX: Removed missing sound references, now relies on default BIS vanilla sounds.
- NEW: Better skin texture built by pinaz93.

- first release

- Arma 3 Jets

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