Author: Genesi[s]
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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Altis
Playable options: N/A

Version: 02-28-2016

Date: 2016-02-28 16:51

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28 Weeks Later


A deadly rage virus has transformed the population of Altis into bloodthirsty creatures! Do what you can to survive this onslaught!

28 Weeks Later is a FULLY VANILLA survival sandbox aimed at replacing the deceased Dynamic Zombie Sandbox mod as the owner ceased working on it. It's basically like DayZ, as in open world, zombies around the map, loot, eat, drink, etc.... However I've personally added some twists to spice up the gameplay such as setting up small camps during the night, or taking on Bandit camps and their leaders.

Why Should I Play This?:
Well, for starters it doesn't require any mods, so you can just jump in and play at anytime. It will also be updated a lot and I will be getting a server for it soon, so what do you have to lose? You no longer have to download 4 GB + mods for a legit zombie survival experience.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.

The download links to Steam Workshop. Subscribe there and it will be downloaded to your game.

What does this have that other mods don't?:
28 Weeks Later is aimed at providing a user-friendly Roleplay environment for all those Altis Life players, as well as a unique survival experience to those who are new to Arma and/or DayZ.

I plan on making this work on any map simply by modifying to ".Altis" extension in the near future.
I built this from the ground up, and it is still in development. So expect A LOT of updates EVERYDAY! :)
If you have any questions, or if you have any suggestions you want me to add in, leave them down below.

  • Added new zombie sounds.
  • Completely revamped atmosphere and all new features (Thanks to Eden!)
  • Added more items to the loot tables.
  • Added more music.
  • Fixed the loot bug! (YAY!)
  • Increased loot by 3%
  • Added the all new character classes system.
  • Added new custom locations.

  • v01-29-2016
  • Added music back.
  • Added more available vehicles.
  • Added more items to the loot tables.
  • Fixed a ton of bugs and glitches.

  • v01-27-2016
  • Added more music to the playlist.
  • The game now starts earlier in the morning.
  • Fixed vehicles spawning inside of buildings and exploding.
  • Fixed a ton of bugs and glitches.
  • Added more available vehicles.
  • Added more items to the loot tables.
  • Fixed a ton of bugs and glitches.

  • v01-25-2016
  • Added new zombie sounds.
  • Added a scream sound effect when you get hit by a zombie.
  • Added an attack/aggressive moan sound when a zombie is hitting you.
  • Added more items to the loot tables.
  • Reduced file size from 13 MB to 8 MB.
  • Added more music from the official 28 Weeks Later OST.

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    Tags: Horror,   Open World,   Roleplay,   Survival,   Zombies