Author: Pinaz93
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Requirements: FIR AWS US - AirWeaponSystem US/NATO

Version: 2.0.8
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: I'm working on a new version of the Eurofighter Typhoon from Hcpookie.

Date: 2019-11-03 16:38

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Eurofighter Typhoon AWS


I'm working on a new version of the Eurofighter Typhoon from Hcpookie, and I'm ready for the release. This is a WIP and it's not perfect, the main goal of this release it's to make the original plane compatible with AWS and do some other little improvements... Feel free to help me or Hcpookie with this plane or do your own version!

Main things:
-Firewill's Air Weapons System integration (weapons, ECM, Targeting)
-Faster than the original
-Config improvements
-No cup requirements
-Loadout Menu
-Real afterburner

What's Inside:
-The plane (you don't say?!)
Texture list:
-Italian Air Force
-Royal Air Force
-German Air Force
-French Air Force
-Generic INDFOR
-CSAT Desert
-CSAT Grey
-Generic OPFOR

To install the Eurofighter Typhoon AWS you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Future plans:
-GPS tageting for SCALP/Storm Shadow
-loadout dialog
-real afterburner

To do:
-fix sounds bugs

Credits & Thanks:
-HcPookie for the great plane
-Dreamrebel for some help with the texture
-Firewill for his AWS pack and the loadout menu
-John Spartan that made the original Loadout menu
-"Roofie", sfod-d_snakebite, reforger for tests on the plane
-[Dust]Sabre for the integration of the Aerial refueling with the KC-130
(Requires Firewill's Air Weapons System!)

-minor bug fixes
-AGM-25 scalpel fixed, now shows up properly
-Storm shadow back on working, both gps and camera guidance are working as before (thanks to Dentis [2 R ANG])

-Loadout menu is back online (missing pylons map, will be added ASAP, if you look at the plane from the back the pylon 1 is the first on the right wing.)

-Fixed AGM-65D

-small fixes

-Various fixes
-Afterburner now set to User action 20, so you can change the key in the control settings
-Added rearming, refueling and repairactions. Usable when on the ground with the engine turned off.

-minor fixes
-Loadout menu removed for the moment as it needs some updates

-Added some more skins:
-Canadian air force
-Polish air force
-Belgian air force
-Raf special color
-Italian special color
-Italian 51 stormo, 22 gruppo caccia (based on the F-104s from the 80s, the squadron will be reactivated in 2019)
-spanish air force
-spanish air force special color
-generic desert, artic and gray camos
-New weapons:
-Harm missiles (both from firewill's weapons pack and Arma 3)
-improved arma 3 scalpel (faster lock on)
-Agm-84H Slam-er cruise missile
-Storm Shadow cruise missile (working only in gps mode)
-Other little fixes and improvements
-first official version on steam workshop
-fixed GPS targeting

-fixed the front gear bug caused by the new arma update
-added materials to the body
-vanilla pilot camera added
-some little fixes

-Cockpit improvements
-New weapons (meteor, iris-t, asraam)
-formation lights
-Other little improvements and bug fixes

-fixed the freeze when placing the plane
-Changed the AAF texture to make it similar to my AAF Tornado

-Fixed an error showing up regarding the model
-Fixed the loadout menu problem

-Texture/model fix for a better look in some parte that weren't retextured
-Anti-ship loadout with 4 harphoons (that can be used as long range strike missiles too)
-maybe something else that I don't remember

-Supercuise (this is a test feature, so can be reworked)
-Afterburner (Thanks to John Spartan and Saul fo the model/script and to TeTeT for the help)
-Firewill's TWAS weapons for training
-Various textures
-New Strike loadout with LGB

Added Loadout menu based on Firewill's one
Various new textures
Aerial refueling with [Dust]Sabre KC130
Hide the fake afterburner for now
Added Master Arm

- first release

- FIR AWS US - AirWeaponSystem US/NATO

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