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smootch, from Lowlands Tactical, released the NLD Units OPFOR on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Lowlands Tactical is proud to present a new concept NLD Units OPFOR.
    With NLD_Units_OPFOR we like to bring OPFOR Units in the mix of conflicts where the Dutch were involved.
    Think about about places long forgotten or places stil being fought in.
    Places like, the Korean war, afghanistan, Iraq, yugoslavia, Mali, etc.

    The 1st release wil be a little bit different, It's not a conflict we got into, It's a conflict we got drawn into.
    It's based around MH17 and the Ukrainian conflict.
    Bringing Russian, Ukrainian & Pro Russian Seps. to the table.
    In this 1st release we like to introduce you to the Russians.

    We have chosen 2 different groups to represent this country:
    76th Guards Air Assault Division.
    31st Guards Airborne Brigade.

    To summarize what this mod adds:
    • 15 infantry units coming with 2 different camo's: EMP, Flora.
    • 4 Support units Crew, Pilot, HeliPilot and HeliCrew
    • 5 Wheeled Vehicles coming in Green and Woodland
    • 3 Armored Vehicles coming in Green and Woodland
    • 4 Air Vehicles Armed & Unarmed
    • 4 Support Vehicles

    The units for now are reskins of BIS units based on what we could find about that country armed forces. At the time of writing this mod is by no means finished or mirrors their armed forces very well. So please be patient and expect these changes in the future. We are open to suggestions and contributions in any way! :)

    This said, we are searching for a 3D modeler to create content for this mod. If you have any experience with modding weapons and vehicles for ArmA or would like to contribute, please contact me via PM.

Written on 2016-02-04 21:59 by ligthert  

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