CCG Script Pack by cyborg111
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[CCG]Cyborg submitted an updated version of his CCG Script Pack.

    Quote :
    A working multiplayer and full dedicated compatible Combat-Support-System.
    A complete Dynamic Groupmanagement system + Alternative performance + Respawn Script!

    1.4 Changelog:
    • Added: Groupmanager!
    • Added: Automatic Leadership management!
    • Added: Create,Predefine Groups!
    • Added: request join or invite Players, or decline or Block requests
    • Added: non OP Forcetracking in GPS and MAP in 2d and 3d
    • Added: ranking system and Teamcolormanagement...
    • Fixed: AI Respawn delete hidden vehicle Bug

Written on 2016-04-01 10:21 by CHIMERA_Cyborg  

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