Author: Miller | EinfachJul
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.3

Short description: Choose where you want to sit!

Date: 2016-02-12 17:21

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MSS - Millers seat switcher


A script which lets you choose where you want to sit!

- Choose on wich passenger seat you want to sit
- Visualization through Dialog
- Visualization of FFV seats
- Visualization of occupied seats

Seat Icons

Installation / Usage:
What is MSS and what is it suppposed to do?
MSS gives you the ability to choose on wich passenger seat you want to sit.

How do I use MSS?
You can activate MSS in the Mouse Wheel Menu

Where can I use MSS?
There are 3 rules that MSS has:
1. You can use MSS from each seat that would be able to move to a passenger seat without MSS
2. You can`t use MSS as a helicopter crew (Pilots + Gunners)
3. If the passenger seats are seperated (in a HEMTT for example) you cant switch the seats while moving

How do I use MSS in my Missions?
Step 1: Download the MSSv0.3.rar file
Step 2: copy the MSS folder in your Mission folder (XX.Map)
Step 3: copy the "stringtable.xml" in your Mission folder (XX.Map)
Step 4: write "" #include "MSS\mss_action.sqf" "" into your "init.sqf" (without "")
Step 5: write "" #include "MSS\Dialog\mss_master.hpp" "" into your "description.ext" (without "")
Step 6: Nothing more to do. Start your mission and enjoy switching seats

Wich vehicles are supported?
Currently only BLUFOR Vehicles are supported
(And the Speedboats for CSAT and AAF)

Will there be MOD support?

Wich languages are supported?

Future plans:
- Including AAF and CSAT vehicles
- Mod support
- Better UI

English isnt my native language. Expect nonsense.

Credits & Thanks:
Bohemia Interactive - for Arma III, of course
Alexander - help with finding a script error
Bonedog - for making helicopters save again

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