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Requirements: INIDBI2, ZKs Items Pack With Models
Island(s): Altis
Playable options: N/A

Version: 6.0

Date: 2016-02-21 15:23

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ZKs -=LOST=-


In this reality days are 2 hours long and nights are 30 minutes the weather changes rapidly and everyone hates you.
You can work alone or in a pack, kill or be killed.


Collect tools , Food ,Water and medical supplies
There are mini missions inside the mission that give you rewards (Option for scripters to add there own mini missions)

The things that you can do in the mission.

Used Items (In Gear Dialog aka inventory) Use by dragging the item to the Assigned Watch Position.

Bed Roll when used will create a Sleeping Bag,Laying on the Sleeping Bag will restore your Health,Hunger and Thirst. (make sure you pick it up again or you will loose it)

Defibrillator If used will restore your Health, But if left in your inventory when you die will give you a second chance,
When you restart you will be at your last location with all of your equipment except the Defibrillator unit.

Food items will lower your Hunger and lower your Damage a bit.

Drink items will lower your Thirst and lower your Damage a bit.

Medical items will lower your Damage.

Vitamins will boost your Fatuige endurance for 10 minutes.

When you use a Drink Can it will create an Empty Can in your inventory (Empty Cans are needed to repair vehicle Hulls).

When you Drink a Canteen a Empty Canteen will be added to your inventory.

If you use a Empty Canteen while its raining it will add a Full Canteen to your inventory.

If you use a File it will select a mission and add a Document to your inventory.

If you use a Document it will show locations on the map and show you in a Hint the mission.

If you use a Empty JerryCan or Fuel Drum while near a Fuel Station or Tank it may add a Full JerryCan or Fuel Drum to your inventory.

Items That Give You Actions :
You can Pickup and Drop your last thrown Chemlight (only at night)

If you have a Rope in your invertory you can Tow or Lift other vehicles.

If you have a Screwdriver in your invertory you can Dismantle Wrecks.

If you have a JerryCan or Fuel Drum in your invertory you refuel vehicles. (It will leave you with empty ones)

If you have a Empty JerryCan or Empty Fuel Drum in your invertory you can refill them from vehicles.

If you have a Weapons ModKit and Bullet Casings and you are in a Gunner seat you can add a Magizine to that turret.(Bullet Casings deleted after 1 use).

To Repair Vehicles:
Pliers and Carbattery are needed to fix the Engine (Carbattery deleted after 1 use).

Wrench and Tyre are needed to fix the Wheels\Gear (Tyre deleted after 1 use).

Drill and Battery are needed to fix the Glass (Battery deleted after 1 use).

Grinder and Ducttape are needed to fix the Fuel Hoses (Ducttape deleted after 1 use).

Hammer and Empty Can are needed to fix the Body (Empty Can deleted after 1 use).

Butanetorch And Matches are needed to fix the Rotors (Matches deleted after 1 use).

MultiMeter And Metalwire are needed to fix the Electronics (Metalwire deleted after 1 use).

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/Missions folder.

This is the same as the MP version designed for SP.
It uses the IniDBi2 addon instead of the save feature.
This way no matter how many times you die the world stays the same.
Vehicles will be where you left them with the items stored in them.

Credits & thanks:
ROJ for the icons
code34 for INIDBI2
all the players that help test the guts out of it

Forum topic:
- BI forums

- ZKs Items Pack With Models

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