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Revo submitted an updated version his 3den Enhanced addon.

    Quote :
    This modification adds new functionalities to 3den, without creating any dependencies for players. That means, mission builder can use this mod to make their lifes easier without making the lifes of the players harder by forcing them to download additional mods.

    • added:
        - scripting examples by Foxhound International (Help section)
        - readded the UAV intro (establishing shot), hopefully working more reliably than before
        - the intro text attribute now supports a new type of intro text used in the Apex Protocol campaign
        - readded the "hide terrain objects" context menu entry
        - added tool to export GUI base classes (debug tool)
        - added tool to view default GUI Grids (debug tool)
        - added tool to delete vehicle crews quickly
        - added link to Gunter Severloh's Ai Compilation List
        - added Czech translation thanks to XerXesCZ
        - added French translation thanks to Artenis
        - new tool to create "debug triggers" to make testing missions easier for beginners
    • changedL
        - fixed issue with invisible logic creation causing low FPS in missions with many players
        - improved random patrol function
        - sound volume and random music attribute will no longer run on headless clients
        - various tooltip improvements
        - the log faction names tool was moved from the menu strip to the context menu
        - tools in the menu strip are now better sorted
        - some tool icons were improved/changed
        - improved measure-distance function
        - fixed the reverse direction tool
        - serveral small improvements to the briefing editor functions
        - line pattern tool will no longer change the rotation
        - value of the FPS gauge is now rounded
        - FPS gauge is now updated every second instead of every 1/2 second
        - default value of the 3DEN Radio volume was changed from 100% to 25%
        - preference menu was overhauled
        - default values for the tools were tweaked to make more sense
        - fill area tools will now use screen center as origin
        - garrison radius attribute is now using a edit control
        - multiple improvements of tooltips and display names
        - most placement tools can now be accessed via CTRL + numpad
        - circular pattern tool uses now center of the screen as initial position
        - improved session timer code
        - custom status bar controls have now the same visual style as the vanilla controls
        - mission stats tool now displays the number of simple objects
        - context menu entries are now only shown when necessary
        - improved tooltip for the "on event" attributes
        - game info tool now also logs architecture (x64,x86)
        - fixed missing localisation when using the garrison function
        - removed obsolete variable from fn_getModuleDescription.sqf
        - toggle Map IDs would only work when the map was opened manually beforehand
        - 3den Radio was overhauled and can now be controlled via a custom GUI
        - improved position of session timer (Should not overlap with other controls anymore)
        - improved German translation (thanks to KiritoKun223)
        - units traits attribute is now using a new control type
        - garrison radius is now using a new control type
        - random patrol was renamed to Task Patrol and moved to the group attributes
        - task patrol is now using BIS_fnc_taskPatrol
        - updated stringtable.xml
    • removed:
        - tutorials
        - preload arsenal settings
        - warning messages
        - set z = 0 tool (It's available in the context menu -> transform)
        - log class name tool (Functionality already exists)
        - ambient animations (Too many issues in multiplayer and general incompatibility with Eden)

Written on 2017-03-25 12:11 by Armaholic  

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