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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.3

Short description: Script for locking and breaching doors.

Date: 2016-04-10 13:24

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Sushi Breach Script


Script for locking and breaching doors. Players can use shotguns, expplosives or simply pick a lock. Working on A3 buildings, JBAD and most of AiA TP doors (Thanks to Yakavetta[31stMEU].
From v1.2 it also supports more community made maps, but proper configuration is needed, more in "Instalation" section).

-Locking all or random doors
-"Check lock" option to check if doors are locked without opening them
-"Pick Lock" option (players must have ToolKit or ACE_key_lockpick item in inventory)
-Doors can be opened by shooting from weapon (RHS shotgun by default)
-- if doors are locked, first round "breach" the lock, second opening doors
-- if dors are not locked first round opens door
-Player can plant explosives on door to breach them (all credits to Jarhead)
-- players must have Demolition Block in inventory
-- explosives DO NOT destroy building
-- explosives "stun" AI inside room for few seconds (all credits to Jarhead)
-- anyone standing near door will get dammage
-Easy configure for MM in config file

Installation / Usage:
Unzip files to your mission folder. There should be:
-sushi_scripts folder

If you have description.ext already just merge content. Go to sushi_scripts\breach-settings.cpp and set up what you need. If you would like to lock doors, in editor place rectangle/ellise marker over some buildings, name it and use this marker name in breach-settings.cpp.

Example BREACH Settings:
class BREACH {	
 useBreach = 1; //< 0 script off, 1 script on
 //closeFix = 1; //< try to use it if script dont work on some maps like N`ziwasogo.
 //customDoorNames[] = {"vrata1","vrata2"}; //< use to define custom door names if script dont work		
 /*Allow to lock pick closed doors (player must have ToolKIT item or ACE_key_lockpick item in inventory)*/
 allowLockPick = 1; //< 0-no, 1 -yes
 /*Allow to breach doors with gun*/
 allowGunBreach = 1; //< 0-no, 1-yes
 gunClasses[] = {"rhs_weap_M590_8RD","rhs_weap_M590_5RD"}; //< classes of guns that allowed to breach doors. RHS shotgun default.
 /*Allow to breach doors with explosive, (player must have Demolition block item in inventory -works with vanilla, ace3 and RHS)*/
 allowExplosiveBreach = 1; 
 /* Zones with locked doors */
 class lockDoor {		
     /*Zone example:*/
     class zone_1 //< custom zone name
          zone = "mrk_zone_lockDoor_1"; //< marker (rectangle or elipse) that covers zone
          closeDoors = 1; //<1- close all doors in zone, 0- do nothing
          lockAll = 0; //< 1- lock all dors in zone, 0-random lock
     /* Another zone example: */
     class my_zone_2 
          zone = "mrk_zone_lockDoor_2";
          lockAll = 1; 


*this video was created using Sushi Breach Script AND Sushi S.W.A.T Script. S.W.A.T script is not released. has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
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Known issues:
Explosives not always are rendered exactly on doors

Credits & Thanks:
This script is inspired by great Jarhead ( script and i use little part of his code to place explosives on doors and stun AI. All credits for this part of code should go to him.
Version 1.2 was created with huge help of Yakavetta[31stMEU]. Thank You for Your feedback and parts of code.

+Added more door name support by default
+Added new param: customDoorAnim - for defining custom door anim related to custom door names
^Reduced delay when door are breaching by explosive

+Added new param: closeFix - it allows "fix" closing doors on maps with invertet animation values
+Added new param: customDoorNames - for defining custom door names if needed
+Added new param: closeDoors - for closing all doors in zone
-Better support for non standard maps
-Some smaller fixes

- first release

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