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Requirements: Community Base addons A3
Island(s): Altis
Playable options: N/A

Version: 04-16-2016

Date: 2016-04-24 10:03

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Dynamic Air Combat Missions


Dynamic Air Combat Missions is just a random Air missions generator, which means that there is base of events randomly spawned over Altis. There is always different location and enemy team size, so you can pracitce different variants all the time. This topic will be updated with new informations & events/features list as my work moving forward. If you have any missions ideas, feel free to discuss.

There are 5 bases over Altis. Main airport, where you're wokring at and 4 smaller bases - North, South ,East, West base (each small base has it's own defence system - AA/Tanks). At the beggining you're starting with all 5 bases under NATO control. During gameplay CSAT will try to take control over 4 smaller bases, if they succeed, they will get their own defence at taken base location (also the marker on map will change to CSAT flag and you'll lose points). You can gain experience points by performing tasks and lose them if you crash your aircraft.

  • Death Cam, SP respawn system.
  • Pilot profile & rank system
  • Random missions generator
  • Dynamic markers
  • Dynamic attack/defence bases system
  • Experience points system
  • Dynamic Weather system +time acc
  • Virutal traffic [wip]

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/Missions folder.

    How to play:
    1. Select from action menu (scroll), kind of missions you want to play:
      - CAS Missions (only ground targets)
      - Air-Air Missions (only Air targets)
      - Multirole Missions (mix of CAS and AIR missions)
    2. Go to service area (check marker on map) and then ask AI for plane you want to use. Just select from his action menu (scroll list) jet name.

    3. Select "Request Landing/Rearm" to stop random events. Keep in mind that you can't delete your current mission, so you need to ask for landing before new task starts. Also you need to select kind of missions when you are ready to fight.

    4. Press left windows key to check your rank and pilot informations.

    Missions events:
  • Defend/Escort A-164 Wipeout (Air-Air mission)
      - Your main task is to follow and defend A-164 while it's during his own task.
      - You'll get 4 experience points if A-164 destroy his target and land safely in base.
      - You shouldn't attack any ground targets, just keep Air zone safe.

  • Eliminate bandits (Air-Air mission)
      - Your task is simple, destroy CSAT Aicrafts or Helicopters.
      - You will get +1 experience point for each vehicle destroyed (you won't get point, if you only damage it).
      - Vehicles will spawn at random location and random squad size.
      - You will be able to follow your targets on map (dynamic markers).

  • Destroy CSAT Tanks (CAS mission)
      - CSAT will drop Tanks on random location.
      - You won't be able to shoot them, if they are during the parachute flight (wait till they land).
      - Tanks will try to destroy one of nearest small NATO Base (north/east/south/west. - 1 experience points if they suceed ).
      - You will get +1 experience point for each vehicle destroyed (you won't get point, if you only damage it).

  • Destroy laser target (CAS mission)
      - You will be called to help NATO Infantry during firefight.
      - Your task is to destroy laser target.
      - Attackers/Defenders role depends to squads size, if CSAT > NATO then they will attack NATO forces.
      - You will get +1 experience point for destroying enemy HQ Leader (one of laser targets).

  • Defend NATO ship (CAS mission)
      - You will be called to help NATO ship during his routine patrol.
      - You will get points equal to attackers team size (max. 4)
      - Task will be finished if NATO ship reach patrol point marker or if it will be destroyed by opfor ships.

  • Defend Altis Port's (CAS mission)
      - There are 8 ports over Altis that are under NATO control at the beggining
      - CSAT will try to attack randomly selected port, if they suceed you will lose 1 point and enemy will get their defence ships at taken point.
      - If you retake port, you'll get +1 point.
      - You will also get +1 point for each destroyed enemy ship.

  • Pilot Mission Menu:
  • You can access menu via scroll action menu or by pressing left windows key.
  • You can now select jets and missions from menu.
  • You can enable/disable dynamic weather.
  • You can repair/rearm your jet via Pilot menu, only if you're on ground and close to service area.
  • You can skip time (1h).
  • Pilot informations moved from hint to Pilot menu.

  • ARMA 3 supported Aircraft addons list.:
    - A-10C Thunderbolt II
    - F-16C Fighting Falcon Standalone
    - F/A-18 X Black Wasp  
    - F/A-18 Super Hornet
    - FC-37 Thunder  
    - Su-35S Flanker E
    - Sukhoi Su-34
    - Sukhoi T-50
    - Sukhoi-22M4
    - AV-8B Harrier II  
    - F-14D Tomcat Standalone
    - F-15 Eagle Series Standalone
    - Eurofighter Typhoon AWS
    - A-164 Wipeout
    - Buzzard (AA/CAS)

  • Added G Frorces effects.

  • v03-30-2016
  • Defend ports bugs fix
  • Added F15E version

  • v03-29-2016
  • Small script update.
  • Added Virtual Traffic (beta). NATO Patrol squadron support soon, at the momment they're just patroling without ammo.
  • Added startup/landing request
      * You can't run engine without contacting ATC/asking for permission (you'll be warned if you just run engine and stopped if move).
      * You won't be able to taxi if NATO Patrol squadron is just starting. You'll have few seconds.
      * You can't land without permission. You'll be warned if you come to close to Altis Air Base and shooted down for landing without permission.
      * Added Player random Callsign (You can check it at pilot menu).
      * Marker added on landing phase with player callsign and height/speed.
  • Added USAF Planes (tagged with "USAF" on list)
      * F35
      * A10
      * F22

  • v03-21-2016
  • Added option to customize enemy jets classnames.

  • v03-19-2016
  • Added mission pilot menu (open via action menu - scroll or using left windows key).
  • All scripts moved to dialog menu.
  • You can now disable/enable dynamic weather.
  • You can now skip time.

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