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Requirements: Extended eventhandlers

Version: 5

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Date: 2008-06-28 10:25

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Real Time Editor


Optional addons:
- ArmALib

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    RealTimeEditor, copy the folder into your ArmA-folder and include it
    into your '-mod'-list.
    Sample mission with two castles. One castle will be created per init.sqf
    on a fixed place, marked with "CastleInit". The second castle will be
    created dynamic at the position of "CastleTemplate" with the direction
    of "CastleTemplate".
    REQUIRES LowFlys Editorupdate 1.02 and SIX_editorupdate to work.
    Contains the files for ArmA RTE Capture which contains the castle.
    Helper for the export of objects. Will monitor the clipboard and look
    after special strings to save the objects.

You can read/download the online manual from here.


Older movies:
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Change log:
Added synchronisation of waypoints and trigger
Added 3D objects for waypoints, trigger and marker
Used keys can get modified within the RTE*
Project administration to save current projects*
Added Bank & Pitch-Dialog
Added gear dialogue to edit cargo of objects and gear of units
* requires ArmALib or RTE Capture

Revision 3:
* Added map
* Added trigger
* Added waypoints
* Added marker
* Added ability to merge exported objects with mission.sqm
* Added first person camera

Revision 2:
* Readded ability to place units.
* Added ability to place groups
* Objects can get selected by single click
* Reworked GUI
* Reworked export
* Added debug console

Revision 1:
* Added ability to rotate objects
* Added ability to change height of objects
* It's possibly to export and save objects
* Removed ability to place units because of incompatibility in export

Known issues:
ArmA needs some time to load objects when placed the first time.
Azimut wheel is not working.
Names can only be lowercase.

Credits & Thanks:
All creators of RTE V3, FABfm, HulkingUnicorn, kju, loki, Matt Rochelle, Old Bear, savedbygrace, Sickboy, Spooner, trooper_ryan, wipman

Forum topic:
- BI forums

- Extended eventhandlers

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