Author: JTS
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0

Short description: A personal messages script for ARMA 2.

Date: 2016-03-31 17:34

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PM Compact (A2)


A personal messages script for ARMA 2.

- Send private messages to any player
- Received messages will be stored in your inbox
- Ability to remove messages
- You can disable the reception of messages
- Notification when a message is received
- ARMA 3 GUI style
- Compact dialog window
- The recipient selected in the list is remembered

Installation / Usage:
Download the example mission.
1. If you have file 'Init.sqf' already in your mission, then copy from my init.sqf line: execVM "JTS_PM\Functions.sqf"; and add it to your init.sqf. Otherwise - just copy the init.sqf into your mission.
2. If you have already Description.ext - copy the line: #include "JTS_PM\PM_Compact.hpp" and add it to your description.ext (Don't forget the rules if you write #include). Otherwise just copy the Description.ext to your mission.
3. Copy the folder 'JTS_PM' into your mission
4.You can adjust the script. Open file 'Functions.sqf' located in \JTS_PM\. You will see the editable variables. Change them on your own.
5. In your mission, you have to place the 'Functions' module on map.


JTS_MSG_STR = "Personal messages"; // Text, which will be displayed in action menu

JTS_ALLOW_PM = 0; // if 0 - receiving of personal messages on mission start is allowed. If 1 - receiving of personal messages on mission start is prohibited

JTS_SIDES = 1; // if 0 - list for player will be filled with all players, no matter on which side they are. If 1 - list for player will be filled only with players on the same side

JTS_MSG_COLOR = "#980000"; // Color of the text in action menu. The colors you can find here:


Credits & Thanks:
Script was tested by: JTS (me), Another guy.

License / Disclaimer:
Respect copyrights!
You are allowed to use this in your mission, but you are NOT allowed to:
1. Change it
2. Publish it from your name
3. Change it/Publish it from your name

Also if you modify it and want to use it in your mission - you are not allowed to do that. You can ONLY use this in your mission, if the script/GUI is NOT modified! (Except the editable variables of course). The GUI is in ARMA 3 style. So I think there should not be any problems :). This version is for ARMA 2. For ARMA 3 you can find it here. In ARMA 2 version you are allowed to change the colors, texture of UI elements and sounds, but you are not allowed to change the size of all UI elements! You are also allowed to run that script as you want. Default is via addaction. If you don't want that, delete in Functions.sqf in the bottom of the script the spawn command. To start the script, use the following then: execVM "JTS_PM\JTS_PM.sqf"

- first release

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- BI forums

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