Week Report #25
Work in progress

* Mateck's M1A1 Abrams
    Mateck is working on an upgrade of the BIS Abrams.
    The new M1A1 is almost ready, some work has to be done with the config but it should be released in a week or so.

      - New texture.
      - random markings
      - loader station with working M-240
      - new sounds for engine, turret, main gun, machineguns
    Planned versions:
      - M1A2
      - M1A2 TUSK
      - IPM-1
      - summer camouflage

    4-mateck_m1a1_4.jpg 4-mateck_m1a1_5.jpg

    4-mateck_m1a1_7.jpg 4-mateck_m1a1_8.jpg 4-mateck_m1a1_9.jpg

    - Armaholic forums
    - BI forums

Mateck's M1A1 Abrams

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* CSLA Addons

* BTR-70

* Al Amiriya
    bravo 6 posted in the BI forums he is working on a new map for Arma.
    Theres still lot of work to be done, lot of buildings to be placed, with patience and inspiration it will be ready eventually.
    The map is surrounded by desert and you can hardly notice where it ends.
    So the map have a big river, more like a very big lagoon with one bridge like in real life.

    4-al_amiriya_1.jpg 4-al_amiriya_2.jpg 4-al_amiriya_4.jpg 3-amiriya-01.jpg 3-amiriya_04.jpg 4-al_amiriya_3.jpg

    - Armaholic forums
    - BI forums

* Space invaders

* British Forces Addon
    Jambo17 informed us in our forums he is working on a new British forces addon.
    Quote Jambo17 :
    Osprey / Mk6 Helmet / Full web rig (I know there molle but its just easier to they won't change)
    Thanks to BOSS for the webbing. Osprey requires further work and a good UV map; same goes for helmet in the meantime take alook at this very early Work In progress.
    (my bulldozer dosen't work, any ideas? Extneral viewer unable to create viewer)

    4-british_forces_addon_1.jpg 4-british_forces_addon_2.jpg

    - Armaholic forums

* jamiedr weapons pack
    jamiedr released some information about a couple of new weapons he is working on in our forums.
    Quote jamiedr :
    Just thought I'd let the community know that I have started a project and will probably release a weapon pack.

    These are the weapons I intend to make and currently working on: At the moment I'm spending some time on the KRISS SuperV .45 cal submachine gun and hopefully I'll be in the position to make a realease of it very soon.

    - Armaholic forums

* Kandahar Afghanistan
    ProwlerWolf released a couple of screens (ingame as well as from bulldozer) in the BI forums.
    He has been working on this island for a few months already and first beta release should be soon.

    4-kandahar_afghanistan_1.jpg 4-kandahar_afghanistan_2.jpg 4-kandahar_afghanistan_3.jpg

    4-kandahar_afghanistan_4.jpg 4-kandahar_afghanistan_5.jpg

    - Armaholic forums
    - BIS Forums


Remember that you can check the progress of these and other addons/mods in our WIP Forums.
If you want to be sure your own project is covered in our WIP report post about it in our WIP fourms, it will then always be added!

Written on 2008-04-20 18:08 by Armaholic  

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