Survivable Crashes Script by rafael09ed
Editing and Scripts

Rafael09ed released an updated version of his Survivable Crashes Script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This script allows the crew of a vehicle to survive it's destruction and escape with some damage taken. While designed for helicopters, any vehicle that would normally explode and kill all the crew members, would instead knock the players unconscious, eject them once next to the ground, deal some damage to the players, and then be woken up. Then in 60-120 seconds, the vehicle will explode if it had not already exploded on impact. Damage is added to players through ACE, making it a dependency. If there is interest in a non-ACE version, one could be made.

    • version 1.2:
        - Better crash impact
        - Fixed Autorotation Warning SFX
    • version 1.1 - dev:
        - No longer dependent on ACE 3
        - New Visual Effects
        - Some tweaking of variables
        - Some refactoring

Written on 2016-04-27 14:35 by Armaholic  

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