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Version: 0.1

Short description: armake is an open-source, cross-platform C implementation of the Arma modding tools for packing and binarizing PBOs.

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Date: 2016-05-06 22:00

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armake is an open-source, cross-platform C implementation of the Arma modding tools for packing and binarizing PBOs.
It is developed completely from scratch, meaning that it does not require the official tools, Steam or any other software.

At the moment, it is still work-in-progress. As Linux is the main development environment, most things don't work on Windows yet. The main focus at the moment is P3D conversion (MLOD -> ODOL) and RTMs. Config rapification and PBO packing is already done. So if you're looking for something to build your mod that consists only of scripts and configs on Linux, here you go.

Why you would want to use this:
Runs on Linux, enabling the use of services like Travis
A proper command line interface makes building automizable, whether it be for makefiles, nightly builds or continuous integration
Does not require a P-drive for absolute includes
Detailed and adjustable warnings and errors
Open-source, free and portable - allowing you to package it with your project

Installation / Usage:
From Source
$ make
# make install
There are no dependencies other than a C lib with an fts library (like glibc) on *nix systems.

Arch Linux


Example (using pacaur):

$ pacaur -S armake-git

See $ armake --help or src/usage.

Known issues:
Doesn't work properly on Windows yet
Doesn't do terrains
RTMs and complex P3Ds are not binarized correctly yet
Heavily work-in-progress - things might fall apart

Credits & Thanks:
Mikero for his great documentation of the various file formats used.
T_D for great documentation, lots of pointers and even some code contributions
jonpas for all kinds of help with development and testing
kju for some pointers and "PR work"

License / Disclaimer:
This isn't official BI software. As such, it may not compile certain addons correctly or lag behind BI when new file format versions are introduced. As stated in the GPL, this software is provided without any warranty, so use at your own risk.

- first release

Forum topic:
- BI forums

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